News - Get Unlimited Legendary Acquisitions & Insta Kill Stormcaller Warzone 2 Zombies (no Setup)

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Today we're back with another Modern Warfare 3 zombies article for you guys, and in today's article, I'm going to be showing you something completely insane. I'm going to be showing you how to instant kill the storm coer with no weapon at all. You guys are going to be able to use this method to farm him constantly, so you guys can do this over and over again in the same game and keep on getting loads of golden skulls, loads of rare acquisitions, and pretty much just loads of really good stuff from this one simple trick it's really easy to find, and the one that I said you guys are not going to need much in order to do this all you guys are going to actually need in order to do this is some form of vehicle, now you guys can find a vehicle anywhere around the map it's really easy to find there's loads of them and the one that I would suggest doing it with is the LTV.

But it works with any of the vehicle so once you guys have got your vehicle it's as simple as driving, into the storm, and then driving out of the storm, it's that simple the storm cooler is going to follow you out of the storm and then as long as he can't get back into the storm in enough time he will die so as you guys can see on screen we drove through the storm we activated the storm cooler so he started flying, after us we drove out of the storm he followed us out of the storm we drove further enough away from the storm where he wouldn't be able to get back in enough time and then when he was on his Retreat back into the storm he actually died, and that's how this method works it's really easy to do You guys can do it over and over again.

best loot mwz

Countless times in one game, the only thing that's going to mess this up for you is if you kill him with a gun or if another team comes and kills him with a gun. If you guys don't kill him with a gun and you only kill him by him coming out of the storm and dying that way, he will constantly be resawn.

Over and over again, so the storm caller gets his power from the storm when he's not in the storm; he's not as powerful, and obviously, when he's not in the storm for a long period of time, he will die, and that's how this is essentially working, and as you guys can see, this is a really quick way of getting rare acquisitions and stuff like that.

We've already done two storm coers so far in the article, and we've managed to get a large backpack; we've managed to get a free plate vest; and we've managed to get a level two pack-a-punch crystal monkey bomb. We've also managed to get a rare AA tool. I believe, and then we've got two golden skulls, which are worth 10,000 Essence, so we've already racked up a whole bunch of stuff, and we've only gone ahead and done this twice.

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You guys can constantly do this over and over again. Now, one thing to note is that if you are using a vehicle, that vehicle will get damaged. The more that you go in, the more zombies hit it and stuff like that, so you want to make sure that you are constantly going to one of the gas stations to refill.

Or if you guys have a vr11 that you've thrown in a tombstone or something like I have, then you can pack-a-punch that vr11. And shoot the car, and the vr11 will actually go ahead and heal the vehicle over and over again, so if you have a vr11, it's pretty much like having a walking gas station right in your hand, and it's also amazing for crowd control because you can just shoot some zombies and they will turn and distract all the other zombies.

So I really like the vr11, and it's really useful when doing this method, but as I said, you don't necessarily have to have this. You guys can just simply take some time out, go drive to a different vehicle that way, or just simply pick up a different vehicle that way, and then continue doing the method.

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Another thing to note, guys, is that when using this method, you can't drive the vehicle too close to the storm coerce. If you drive too close to him, what will happen is that he starts doing this animation on the spot, and then he won't chase you. You have to drive close enough to him to activate him, but not close enough for him to do that animation where he kind of just stays still, so just drive really fast past him and then drive straight out of the storm.

When you drive out of the storm, another thing to know is if you drive out of the storm slowly. Sometimes he won't come as far out of the storm, which means he'll have enough time to get back into the storm, so when you are driving, try to drive at maximum speed, and when you do come out of the storm, try to make sure that you do so continuously.

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Drive even if you can't see him straight away because then when he does come out, he'll be too far in order to get back in time, but if you drive out slowly, he will have enough time to get back, so I would estimate that you guys can get at least 10 or 11 storm coolers done in one game very easily, probably even more if you guys become really efficient at doing it in this game.

I was only able to do the storm cooler four times because, as you guys can see, when I came back to the storm cooler after going to Pack-A-Punch, the vr11. If you guys are literally just looking for Pack-a-Punch, tools, and stuff like that, this is probably going to be your best way to grind at the moment, as going into the Tier 3 Zone, those drops are absolutely terrible.

You get way better drops from this. As I said, you guys don't really need anything to set this up. If you do want to come in a little bit more powerful with a little bit more protection, then I would say make sure you have an AA blade so you can kind of do some crowd control on the zombies, also some decoy grenades so you can kind of distract them, and then have that VR1.

easy stormcaller kill mwz

As it works as a walking decco grenade, it will also help you guys when you need to regen the vehicle, but you definitely don't need those items; all you guys need is a car, and then you can get this done really easily. A quick shout out to bman, as I did see this first on his channel, so shout outs to him, and if you guys are actually wanting to kill the storm coer because you need to do your challenge or something like that, then you guys can always just go ahead and grab the TOA Pack-a-Punch, it, and go ahead and take him out that way.

One thing I wasn't able to test in that game, but I want one of you to test for me: when you are doing this method, bring him out of the storm, and whilst he's out of the storm and doesn't have enough time to get back into the storm, shoot a few bullets from your gun into him to see if he dies. Don't forget to like, share, and subscribe.

We have a really big community of people that love to help and love playing with each other, so definitely join if you guys are interested. Anyway, that's it for me. It's been your boy, F; I'm

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