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We are currently at 55 to 60 on kill confirm and 10v 10 with the time running out. Welcome to Modern Warfare 3. If this is the experience you're looking for, golly, this is what you're going to get. 10/10, yeah, we didn't even get halfway. Most of y'all have seen me on stream and in articles rocking the last generation of A50s.

Well, now they have the new A5X headset with an improved microphone and audio experience. Thank you again. Logitech G for sponsoring this article, where I brought up the idea that in 10 vs. Not knowing that they don't watch the streams for those of you who do watch my streams you would have known that I just finished grinding out the ram getting it gilded and I switched over to the sniper and we were just having very slow games all night long now the gameplay you're going to see on screen, we went into 10 V10 once again we got Invasion just like that short you just watch it's kill confirmed once again and I decided that me and my team are going to sit here and rush and try to get into the spawns move around the map as much as possible, try to end this game as fast as possible and you're going to see, you're going to watch, us not even get 75% of the way through the score I believe we get around 56 to 60% of the score when the time limit ends.

10v10 mw3

This has been confirmed. Now we had some TDM matches that we did hit the score limit, but with like a minute left on the clock, it's taken us nine minutes. But you're going to see throughout this game that the reason we don't hit the score limit is because, typically, one team is pushing and the other team is camping.

And not just like your standard camp, we can take them out with breachers and drill charges and stuff like that. I'm talking about hardcore heads glitching; you can barely see the tip of their heads, like hiding behind boxes, not wanting to move, waiting for you to come to like them. That's their entire motive.

And this, I guess, is a two-part problem. We have the player base, which they're not wanting to move, but I believe that they're not wanting to remove because it's reactive. This game has a time to kill and a time to die issue; they're not equal, so if you say go, rush across the entire map to try to kill a player.

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It's going to take you forever to kill them with the bullets if it doesn't feel like they're hitting accurately. Like the damage profile, aren't there a lot of people complaining about 150 Health being the cause of this? I think it's servers; I think it's bullet velocities—all the types of issues, especially with the not-consistent recoil.


To me, it feels like I have ghost bullets that just don't hit. This happens all the time; you might be able to experience it. But then you get across the map you've rushed it's taking you know 20 30 seconds to get where you need to be you're about to start slaying and then you get blown up like you blink and you die fast they don't even have to necessarily be using a sniper, they could actually be using one of the worst guns in the game but because they have some sort of bullet stack damage stack issue you just get blown up and if that happens to you enough, even over a span of like two or three games you're done you don't want to move anymore and I've experienced this as well we're like I'll be rushing and rushing and then I just get tired so I try to pick a spot and then just slay move around a little bit but I get I get tired of getting blown up, and especially like on maps like derail.

Especially like the kill confirmed. You spawn in the back corner of the map and have to run across the entire map if the enemy team is not moving. Now we're not even spawn trapping; we're not spawn killing. The enemy team is just not wanting to leave their base, and I will sometimes run into the exact same player in the exact same spot.


Every time he dies, he will go about 20 feet or 20 steps out of a spawn back to the same spot, and you might see this a handful of times in this game played alone. But I wanted to post that short, and that Tik Tok because it was just it was a burst of agitation in that moment so I just I wanted to get it up but it was also in my head a little bit of a bait to see how people react, and it was mainly people going okay you're the problem but they're not realizing like this is a common occurrence and I wanted to see how many people are playing 10 V10 and running into this now hardpoint is not as big of an issue because people will poorly spawn all over the place on top of one another it was happening all night with this last session, people just spawning on top of one another so the game play feels fast, and you may or may not hit the time limit hardpoint may go by faster.

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So, especially on rundown like you'll spawn in the back corner and you can mantle over the wall get into the river and immediately go up it's not forcing you to move around rush around get where you need to go when you can just avoid all the fights and kind of like skirt the edges and get just get to the place you want to be it throws off the momentum, so I think the main issue that's causing these 10 B10 matches to either be slow or just dying because we've had lobbies where you know half the team leaves right in the beginning and there's just no way you're going to reach that score limit is because these maps for the most part are not made for the mechanics of this engine, bullet velocities, time to kills server.

Issues, and just like the mantling, these maps should not be here, and it's weird because in 10v10 all the maps aren't in there. I felt like back in 2009 we had most of the maps in ground war, and in 9v9 there may have been one or two, but looking at it right now, I can't remember the last time I saw Afghan come up.

Some of these maps come up like once every 2 and a half hours. I think we played on Wasteland, maybe once we got invasion, maybe twice terminal once, like there's supposed to be like what 18 maps in this game at this point and there's only a handful in 10 being 10, which is disappointing. Hell, let's make it super chaotic and put shipment in it.

modern warfare 3 10v10

6v6 because, in my opinion it does like if I hop in standard 6v6, it seems like people are more or less rushing around, to a degree, to play The Objective. But when you go into 10 vs. 10, it's almost like the new war game mode. I know they have war in the game, but it feels like it's kind of on that same parody where a lot of people in there might also just be going for camo challenges and do not feel the need to move at all because it's not going to help them get their camos.

10v10 in Modern Warfare is actually very painful to play as we are constantly hitting the time limit instead of the score limited. Astro A50X 10 Discount using "JHUB10".
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