News - This 30,799,100 Xp Skin May Be The Rarest Warzone 2. Mil-sim Militant (shadow Company)



What you're looking at is the Cortac militant skin, and it may end up being one of the rarest skins to have in Modern Warfare 2. You unlock it by reaching master prestige, or the maximum level of 1,250. And you may be thinking that's not too hard to get; it's just a lot of grinding, and everyone can get it eventually.

That may not be the case; you might not have that long to get it; you might only have about a month from the time I'm uploading this article, and if you're at, say, level 700 or less, your odds of getting the skin aren't looking that good. I'll be getting into specifics about why later on in this article, so don't go anywhere.

I wanted to make this article as a PSA, and I also think it's the perfect time to chat a bit about Modern Warfare 3 and the direction they're going with MW3 and what's carrying over MW2, and all of that jazz, but I want to review this skin before we dive into all that so we're all on the same page because this is the ultimate endgame.

Skin showcase/comparison


Call of Duty skin; it's the equivalent of reaching master prestige. I'm not sure if that's what they call it in MW2, but it's what it is in other games. The militant skin is a standard milsum skin for the Cortac default operator; it's a shadow company skin from the campaign. If you guys have played the campaign, it's the one and only shadow company milsim skin for the CAC faction.

With its addition, we now have a shadow company for each action, and some people are really excited. For that, some people have been wanting this skin for the entire lifespan of the game, including myself. I mean, the skin's cool, but I don't really understand the obsession with Msum skins in this game.


I mean, some of them are cool; don't get me wrong. I actually really liked some of the milsum skins they did in Modern Warfare 2019, but for prestige, master skin, I mean. I'm expecting at least some Shadow Company black particles animated around this operator, like we've seen in some black cell skins or something along that line, like something more worthy of the Prestige Master status like we've seen in previous games, something that goes nice with the Orion.

Weapon camo, or something like that, something worth the 30 million XP you had to grind for this skin. Yes, I did the math. You have to specifically get 30 million. XP, to earn this skin, I mean to be Hon. To me, this skin is not much different than the spec Gru Shadow company skin that you unlocked, like it might be a default skin, you might have gotten it early on in the battle pass, or it might have been from spec op or something.

I don't know; I mean, it's cool skin, but I think for you, the level 1250 skin, we could have seen something a little bit better now. When I was jotting down ideas for this article, I couldn't help but think that there may be a strategy behind this skin and why they're putting this specific milsim skin in the 1250 slot.

When you take like the player base, the skin is gear GE towards, and the lack of Modern Warfare 3 details that are out right now, I think it adds up to something specific. Speaking of MW3 details, we have.

Mw3 level sync & militant skin availability

Mw3 level sync & militant skin availability

There are no details on how leveling or Prestige will work in Modern Warfare 3 at all, which is really surprising this close to release. We're almost exactly a month out from the release of Modern Warfare 3, and usually The Prestige and the leveling and seasonal Prestige All That Jazz have been big marketing talking points that they'll advertise.

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You know, in mid-to-late summer, the only thing confirmed for Modern Warfare 3 right now is that you can level up your season 6 battle pass in Modern Warfare 2 during season zero of Modern Warfare 3. There's no info on whether levels will sink across Modern Warfare 2 and Modern Warfare 3 if we're going to have Prestige or if Prestige is going to resetting anything along those points, so that's why if they use the same system they have been using since Modern Warfare 2019.


We can assume your Prestige and level reset upon season 1, and your Modern Warfare 2 levels will sync up with your Modern Warfare 3 level, which will be like level 55 at the time, or maybe you'll be Prestige to level 55 or something like that, and then you won't be able to unlock the militant skin anymore because you can't reach 1250 if you haven't already, and if I were a betting man, that's what I'd bet on happening with these games and with this skin, so if you really want this skin.

I recommend you get to grinding. On the other hand, the lack of Modern Warfare 3: Prestige information could mean they're working on something completely new. I mean, Modern Warfare 3 is kind of like an expansion pack for Modern Warfare 2; we haven't really seen anything like it before in Call of Duty.


You can use it near all the Modern Warfare 2 weapons operators, etc., in Modern Warfare 3 and not just in the war zone but in Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer, unless I'm misunderstanding something, so maybe there will be a new Prestige system where levels will carry over into Modern Warfare 3 and you'll still be able to earn the skin once that game comes out, or even better yet, maybe they'll do traditional prestige in Modern Warfare 3 and your level will never reset in Modern Warfare 2 so you have as much time as you want to earn the militant skin.

I mean, who knows? I find it really weird, though, that there's no information on multiplayer at all outside of the maps that carry forward, operators and bundles and all that stuff, and some core features they reveal in Cod NEX, as we've seen with the beta so far. I mean, one could also assume that the lack of information means it'll just be business as usual this year.

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Levels will reset and sync up between Modern Warfare 2 and Modern Warfare 3, and they're just keeping us in the dark because they don't want the negative press that will inevitably come from announcing a feature like that ahead of time. Everything you hear is speculation. At this point in time, specifically, anything can happen, so I just want to be clear and make sure everyone knows that if you want this skin, make sure you get it before the first second week of December, because who knows if it'll be available after that?

My skin/cod future theory.

My skin/cod future theory.

Now I want to close this article off with a little hypothesis and some food for thought that relates to this skin, so some may call it a conspiracy theory. If you've seen any of the trailers for Modern Warfare 3, it's pretty evident that they're grounding MW3 in arcade. Esthetic, oxymoronic words.

I know, but like the skins in the trailers, the movement, the audio, and the gun sounds, they're all more of like on the on the fun and creative side than the realistic. Milim, genre of gaming, and it looks and sounds like the game plays more like MW2 in 2009, when Cod was more arcadey than realistic and complicated.

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