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This is DK Dynamite, and today we're going to be talking about the early release date of Rebirth Island, some new discoveries in War Zone, and even more. Drop a like, and also as a reminder, we got plenty of brand new content going up over on {526}, with even more on the way. We have additional coverage of multiplayer war zones and even zombies, plus plenty of tweets every single hour on detonated Twitter now a couple of days ago.

The new cursed skull easter egg

The new cursed skull easter egg

I posted a compilation of every single Easter egg plus reward that had been found thus far on the brand new fortunes keep experience. Now one other Easter egg did get discovered, however, which doesn't really give you a reward in regards to a calling card emblem or blueprint.

Universal camo, but still something I wanted to mention here in this article, and that is the cursed skull. Easter egg, so if you head over to the Overlook Tower section of Fortune's Keep and you go right up this tower, you'll see something that you can blow up with explosives. Towards the middle of this tower, right as you're climbing the ladder, you'll see it throw a C4 throw a seex.


I think even a thermite would work, and then make your way back down while it explodes. Make your way back up, and inside this room will be a cursed skull and a bunch of notes telling you not to touch it. Upon grabbing the cursed skull, it'll immediately teleport you into the air, and your parachute actually won't work, but you won't die upon falling to the ground.

And what you want to do with this curse call while it's in your possession is get five kills to break the curse. Now the thing is, it'll be marked on the tack map for other people to see there's like this aura. That's pink and purplish, and that'll be behind your operator, behind your person, as you're holding the curse skull, so you're pretty vulnerable.

So if you're with a team, that's probably the best way to go about it. Solo could be a bit difficult, but if someone were to kill you and take that cursed skull, they could actually continue where you left off in terms of those five kills, so if you got three to four kills and somebody picked up the skull, they'd only have to get one to two more kills to break the curse, so it's pretty cool with the way it works, but upon getting all five kills, it'll mark a special reward cast for you on the map, which will end up containing a Wonder Woman.

I also made a article a couple of days ago talking about how to get a wonder weapon fast and easily in Fortune Keep. This isn't exactly a fast and easy method unless you can get those five kills while holding on to the skull, but if there are any other Easter eggs on Fortunes Keep. I will be breaking those down in a future article and covering additional rewards that you can also unlock.

Now, before we continue, I just wanted to remind you about Mitch {526}, where you can get assistance grinding camos nukes, schematics, and MW3. These guys do not use unlock tools or any banable methods and will actually help you play the game. Cactus is also supported by Trustpilot, with over 10,000 Bari reviews.

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Secret zombie lab in urzikstan

Secret zombie lab in urzikstan

We also have a map update for Ukhan in which they went ahead and opened up bunker 5, which is located towards the center of the map near Oldtown. So for whatever reason, there's a good 10ish bunkers on Zikan that are all locked, and during the launch of season 2, they ended up opening one of them without the need for a key card without the need for a quest, and if you head into this bunker, you'll see a bunch of zombies, frozen in tubes.

There's some testing going on in this laboratory, and it's unclear what this is exactly hinting at, but there could be another zombie type of event that happens in Ukraine later on in the year. There could be something going on where we have to go into these bunkers, and it may be zombie-related, but as of now, it's all one big question mark.

mw3 fortunes keep

We'll have to wait and see what this is going to end up amounting to, but as of now, it's kind of sad that Zstan doesn't really have any real Easter eggs yet we have that drone one, which is painful in terms of RNG. We have the unsolved, Mr. Peie EG, which I get asked about pretty often, and other than that, that's really it, so hopefully we get some more love from Zakhan in terms of quests throughout 2024.

Early rebirth island release date

But now I want to jump into something that just got discovered following the launch of our second season, and that is the fact that rebirth is reportedly tied to season 3. As of now, it looks like we have new information that has been added to MW3 and War Zone's files that references rebirth as a season 3 launch experience, and it appears there's new cutscenes such as the Infel and Xville.

There are references to certain quests and areas of rebirth that weren't there before the launch of the Season 2 patch. As of now, season 3 is currently scheduled for April. The second, while reloaded, could be either the very end of April or maybe the very first week of May, so I'm going to say that right now, it feels like rebirth makes more sense to release in season 3.

Reloaded, unless they want to drop the map that soon at the beginning of April, that means we would get a new war zone map at the launch of seasons 2 and 3, which I definitely never expected. I mean, the original Cod's next announcement was that fortune keep was coming in early 2024 or rebirth was coming in mid-2024.

Now I would have assumed that they would have followed maybe the MW2 war zone schedule from last year, where we get a new map in seasons 2 and 4, respectively. If they want to drop Rebirth early, I'm not opposed to it at all. I just would have expected them to maybe drop it closer to the summer, when some real marketing kicks off for Black Ops 2024. That could have even dropped the map as a way to maybe initiate a live event in game that sets up the next Black Ops experience, that's what I would have thought, but if Rebirth is coming as soon as season 3, then this would make sense considering the recent image that Raven teased us with in regards to specialist perk packages.

The season 3 rebirth specialist update

The season 3 rebirth specialist update

For whatever reason, they tease the specialist perk package in an area on Rebirth Island; it's actually right in front of the prison, and they could have maybe teased that perk package anywhere; they could have maybe threw the perk package on Ersan. Fortune's Keep any other map really to tease that is a feature that was coming, but maybe this makes sense since specialist perk packages have also been leaked by data miners to be a season 3 feature, so now things are lining up and season 3 could be a big one when it comes to the return of rebirth.

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