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This is DK Dynamite, and this morning we're going to be talking about the early season 2 reloaded war zone gameplay, some very important news about rebirth, and Battle Royale rank. Plus, we get plenty of tweets every single hour on Detonated.

Free twitch prime bundle in mw3!

Free twitch prime bundle in mw3!

Twitter As a quick reminder, there is a free Twitch Prime bundle that's available right now for season 2. It is the Saddle Upack, featuring a jabber operator skin. We also have a DG 56 assault rifle blueprint, a calling card sticker, and even a loading screen. You guys can redeem this until.

I believe, the very last week of March, so take advantage of that while you guys can if you guys do care about cosmetics, but like I always say, bundles are in the news. Sometimes, if you guys don't care about bundles, I totally respect that, but I figured I'd bring that up whenever I do a daily news report.

Rebirth is only getting these changes


Roundup: Now with that being said , we have a leaker out there who is claiming that apparently, as far as Rebirth Island goes for season 3 of War Zone here in MW3, the map itself won't be receiving any changes like what we saw for Fortune's Keep, other than the fact that you can swim on Rebirth now, which is going to be a first since you weren't able to swim at all during MW1 19's war zone life cycle or any war zone map for that matter that came out before Alaza.

So that'll be a big change, and then they'll apparently be adjusting some lighting, but like I always say with any rumor or leak out there, take everything with a grain of salt. I honestly wouldn't be stock though if we don't really get changes, point of interest-wise, on rebirth. I know Fortune keeps getting some really cool updates that I'm a big fan of, but I do hope what we do see similar to fortunes is that on day one of rebirths release, we have a bunch of quests and little Easter eggs we can find scattered around the map that would be phenomenal even if we don't get any new areas added to the map for a couple of seasons.

Now, I think it is worth questioning, though, what version of rebirth is going to drop. Was the version we saw at the end of Vanguard's life cycle called rebirth reinforced, or will it just be the version of rebirth we had during the Cold War life cycle during the integration in December of 2020? That's a good question to ask as of now, but either way, I think rebirth is pretty good as is, but I think the spice things up. I wouldn't mind if they did add in maybe one point of interest here and there while the map is still in the current war zone, but overall, they've done a beautiful job with Fortune Keep, so I'm really confident the rebirth will be handled just as well now for.

Battle royale ranked mode in 2024

Battle royale ranked mode in 2024

For those that are enjoying the ranked revival, hopefully you guys have hopped back on following all the servers.

I just went back online a couple of days ago for those that are wondering what's going on with the Battle Royale rank and why a Resurgence rank came out before a Battle Royale one. Well, it's something that we've been talking about a little bit on the podcast as of recently. I just think Resurgence is becoming more and more popular, and if it's not already, then we'll end up becoming more popular stat-wise than Battle Royale through War Zone, so I think that's probably why they went ahead and dropped that, and I wouldn't be shocked if Rebirth also gets support for rank at some point later in 2024.

fortunes keep mobile fortress

But a battle royale rank is still coming to this war zone; it's just unclear what map it's for, and when they mentioned 2024, the way they teased it kind of has me thinking that it might not be for Ukhan but may instead just be for what is rumored to be a return of rans with the Black Ops War Zone integration this fall.

I'm doubtful that that's the map because it doesn't really make sense, at least in my eyes right now, why they would add Verdansk in when they integrate Black Ops 2024. It seems like that's better saved for a March 2025 drop to celebrate the 5-year anniversary. But if they drop Verdansk early or with Black Ops, then I'm totally down for that too, but they figured because people were asking for a rank on Verdansk way back, they might as well save that experience for this winter coming up, and instead of adding a rank to Ukhan, they'll just save it for Veran, or we'll get both, which I'm also down for, so let's just wait and see what happens with that one.

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Sneak peek of the pds in s2 reloaded

Sneak peek of the pds in s2 reloaded

There is some gameplay going around from some of the usual leakers, and we have this footage coming in from Brian on Twitter of what looks like the PDS field upgrade finally coming into War Zone with season 2 reloaded. This is a very useful field upgrade that we saw during War Zone 1. For whatever random reason, something weird happened during MWW's.

Early gameplay of the new map update

So, look out for this with the launch of Reloaded on March 6th, but then we have the research vessel POI coming to Fortune's Keep, so this is actually depicted quite well in the recent season 2 trailer. You can get some pretty clear footage of somebody roaming their way to the research vessel, and it looks like it's going to be a lot of fun.

fortunes keep new map update

It's a mobile POI meaning that it'll move around Fortune's keep around the entire Island, while you're in game and based on the blog post there'll be a couple of secret to discover while inside of this new point of interest, and I'm sure they'll end up tying an Easter egg to it as well which I'm really looking forward to but I know one of the leakers recently did mention that they found some type of strings in the game's code suggesting that there would be a seventh Quest we have to complete on Fortune's keep, and as of right now there's only six so I think a seventh probably makes sense if it's for the research vessel which again is going to be coming with reloaded, but I'm just really in love with how many updates we got for Fortune's Keep with season 2 alone I mean the map launched.

There are a ton of quests and a ton of new changes to the map, and they're adding even more with midseason.

EARLY GAMEPLAY MW3 Season 2 Reloaded Preview NEW Map Update, Killstreak More.
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