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Go Let's do this welcome call for Dut's War Zone 3: a free-to-play battle royale that might just make you want to rage. Quit is already starting to piss me off about classics taking place in a fictional country. You're Z you're taking place here. I'm not a smart man. You'll find yourself fighting against 96 other players in a battle of death.

The last team standing gets to make a wicked escape, just like they do in that movie. Cool description what makes it any different than War Zone 2 or one? Well, thanks for the attitude and the humor. You should ask if you haven't been living under a rock. Call of Duty dropped this nifty diagram of what to expect, and it goes as follows: a new map of yeah, that place, new go Lo with three variants, the return of Von Del and Nikica Island, a new POI-drivable train Cool.

It must be a Transformer's point of interest, idiot. Yeah, it's actually pretty cool, though there's a new buying station. A UAV and a control switch on the train can change directions or even stop it. All right, to get back on track, they now allow you to use your backup pistol while swimming and ladder climbing.

battle royal review

You can now decide when you want to put on your gas mask, which is annoying as hell. There are no more cell phones across the map; a new laptop system has started contracts; and they added horizontal zip lines to move. Horizontally, a new public event of flying by stations now has Amazon drones everywhere.

You're an idiot. There are new go-lo events, and I haven't seen one yet. There are new perks, shrouded, you can fart when you get down, radiated, if I'm saying that right helps you out while running from the gas If you can't find a two-plate vest, you can waste a perk spot with one and combat Scout; you're too lazy to Ping, so you let your bullets do it for you, along with new perks.

They also added new movements. You can now aim down your sight while sliding about 3 feet. There's a new tactic, which I'll let you know when I find it. Hey God, no, he turned it sideways. Kill Shot once you remember you can do that; you can also reload while running; steems give you an extra boost of speed; and every streamer's favorite, you can now cancel out of your slides again.


Yay! They also did bring back a few things that I thought were cool, like dedicated ammo slots, which are actually pretty convenient because they allow you to store all types of ammo without wasting a spot in your backpack. They also brought back the big game. Bounty is a high-risk, high-reward Bounty contract that doesn't just pick a player at random; instead, it chooses a player who is having a good game and wants you to ruin it for them.

Needless to say, you're going after a player who actually has kills in the game, hence the high risk. Well, that was long-winded, yeah, so if you haven't gotten the chance to play it yet, in my humble opinion, you aren't missing out on much. The sounds are still messed up, as in footsteps and zip lines, and literally, anything close to you is still non-existent.

But yet, you can hear the ambient sounds in your area perfectly. Metag guns are still a thing, and at this moment in the article, none of the Modern Warfare 2 guns are even close to the meta time to kill. They did take out the grot skin, thankfully. So that's at least one plus; the map really isn't that bad; it's smaller than Elazer.


But it's stocked up with tons of buildings and places to reposition or change the outcome of a fight, which could also be a negative as it takes time to get familiar with each place of interest. Other than that, they definitely catered to the movement back to their old ways to keep their streamers happy—no more casual gaming, so if you're anything like me and just had a long day at work, unless you're cracking a Red Bull, it's not really worth the aggravation.

The sweats are sweatier, and it takes some big brains to capitalize on most fights. There are still a lot of players out there that make you question if Ricochet even works or if they're just unwilling to add to their already low player count and finalize bands. Either way, the contract they paid Warren Cole must have been a doozy, as they overkill you with the same two lines in each pregame, and once you hear going to war zone 100 times, it drives you a little bonkers.

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But as my buddy Dynamo would say, it's a sexy game with not many brains behind it, so to recap my personal review, it's a free-to-play battle royale with a few flaws, but the key word is free. There's nothing else out there right now until Battlefield or Ghost Recon man up to create a competitive BR; there's always PG on that front.

So until next time, we'll.

its been one month so far with Call of Duty Warzone 3. This is my personal review on the game, along with what is new with it, and gameplay. Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Warzone 3 Review.
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