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So here we are, once again, at that time of year when everyone is getting the game for Christmas. A bunch of new people are getting their hands on the game, and a lot of people are going to be playing Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 that hadn't prior to this point. This. Video I'm specifically going to be discussing War Zone 2, and I think that, despite the sad state that it is currently in.

Modern Warfare 2 has done a pretty good job of keeping the game fresh and giving you reasons to play. I think DMZ has done a pretty good job of that, and the raids are pretty interesting, and we're going to discuss all of that however. War zone 2 is really the thing that I personally have been a little bit disappointed for; it was the thing that I was most looking forward to in the new game, and I just don't think there's enough reason for people to continue playing it going forward, and I think that's going to cause a big problem for it, and I think there are two individual reasons for that need to be discussed and that need to be addressed moving forward if this game is going to go forward in the next couple years like War.


Zone One did, so that's what we're going to be discussing in this article. We're also going to compare sharing it to multiplayer and talk about new players getting their hands on the game, so I wanted to start this by going into multiplayer, because multiplayer is actually what I have been playing the most this year, and it's the most I've played multiplayer in a really long time in Call of Duty, and I think the main reason for that is that they give you a reason to come back and play more, and the main thing for that is the weapon challenges.

Getting up to gold polyatomic, all of that stuff, and getting Orion at the end of the day gives you a lot of replayability and challenges to complete things to do, and getting Orion at the end of the day gives you a lot of replayability and a lot of replayability and a lot of replayability and a lot of replayability, and getting Orion at the end of the day gives you a lot of replayability and a lot of challenges to complete.

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On top of that, I think it's a pretty well-put-together game, but there are definitely problems. Minimap time to kill things like that aren't quite what I like, but they have great replayability. is definitely there, even when we go ahead and look at the DMZ. There are so many challenges in that to keep players coming back and playing more and more, and the DMZ isn't my cup of tea.

I think with a few minor tweaks and adding in some sort of marketplace, I would definitely play the game more. However, it's not my cup of tea, but I definitely see a lot of players going back and replaying, completing the challenges, and things like that. Where we run into problems is when we look at Warzone 2 and the raid as well, and you'll see what I mean by that as we dive into it.

When it comes to Warzone 2. I think it has two predominant problems that need to be discussed, the first of which is that, in my opinion. Warzone 2 is actually a step backward from Warzone 1 throughout. In War Zone 1's life cycle, they had three years to perfect the game, add in updates, make quality of life changes, and just simply make the game better.

the sad state of warzone

If you didn't know this raven was working on the game, the majority of those three years were spent adding in updates that made the game better, like adding Rebirth Island, making all of those Resurgence modes, and things like that. We have Infinity Ward making War Zone 2, and because it's a different studio, a lot of those bugs that were fixed by Raven are back in the game, and the quality of life isn't there now.

They have made improvements and made the game better since it came out, but I still think it's a step behind Wars on One. People don't want to play the last-gen Call of Duty game; they want to play a newer, better one, and that isn't what War Zone was when it came out this year. On top of that, ask yourself if you are a constant War Zone 2 player: what is the reason to keep playing?

Some people would say that, back in War Zone 1, the reason to keep playing was to get more wins to have more wins than your friends, and you could see that within your combat record; maybe make your kill/death a little bit better. But as we know, the combat record in War Zone 2 is just not there; they said maybe it's coming with season 2, but as of right now, there is no word for that.

the sad state of warzone 2

Would you keep on playing if there were no challenges to complete? Now, I just wanted to interject here and point out something that I think Call of Duty as a whole needs to re-evaluate, and that is player leveling. Player leveling was originally put into Call of Duty so that you level up and, as you do so, you unlock more weapons and things like that, but it gave it almost an RPG element for a first-person shooter.

Isn't there really one where you can unlock calling cards? Yeah, can you unlock a weapon blueprint here or there? Yeah, but does anyone actually care about that? Not really; it doesn't change your gameplay experience, and as of right now in Warzone, the only reason to play more is to level up your character, which gives you nothing.

the sad state of warzone 2.0

So we can play the game all we want, but what are the solutions to this? First of all, quality of life changes need to happen in War Zone 2, and they need to happen quickly, and I will say they have done a pretty good job of getting on top of that and making the game better and better on that front, stopping crashes (I still have a lot of them), and other things along those lines.

It is getting better now. As far as keeping players and playing longer, this is where it's going to be difficult. First of all, they have to put in that combat record you have. You have to be able to see how you got there. You have to be able to see how you are compared to your friends and other players online.

That just needs to be in the game. But I also think they need to implement a way of completing more challenges that are reasonable to do if we once again look back at multiplayer. I think what they did so well with the weapon challenges is that all of them are very attainable except for some of the mastery ones, where you need thousands of kills, but to unlock the different camos, sometimes it's like getting 15 double kills.

the state of warzone

If you needed 500 double kills, one double kill isn't going to feel very rewarding there; there needs to be something in the war zone that, when you complete it, brings you closer and closer to attainable rewards that are good, like camos. This is where the raid comes in, and the problem I think they've had with the raid recently is that we've talked a lot about the raid on the channel, played through it, and talked about the story behind it.

This needs to be talked about. In this video we go over the current sad state of Call of Duty Warzone 2.
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