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Ladies and gentlemen, today we dive further into the story of Modern Warfare 3. As you know on the channel, that's what I like to do: dive into the story of Call of Duty breakdown characters, and today is no exception. Over the last couple of days, we got a couple of trailers for season 3, and inside them, we found out that Marov is returning.

Now I know what you're probably thinking: Marov was always here; he was a part of Modern Warfare 3, but not in particular. By the end of Modern Warfare 3. Marov arrives within the tunnel in London and kills Soap McTavish, or so we think, at least I made a article on that last week; it's an interesting one; it's very strange.

But for the sake of the article, Marov kills Soap McTavish, then runs off into the distance and completely disappears. But what's more interesting is that after the events of Modern Warfare 3, he is gone; he has completely disappeared. And that is what I wanted to talk about today: where does Marov go, and why is he coming back?

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Now that he is officially returning with season 3 and bringing along some comrades along the way, without further ado, let me dive in and show you exactly what I'm talking about. Marov's story begins essentially with veracity. Years before the events of Modern Warfare 3, he plans this attack on Verdansk but is captured by Captain Price, so McTavish, and all the time they are holding him captive, and McTavish wants to end him.

However, Captain Price tells him to hold the trigger, and they end up sending him to a Russian goog. Of course, McTavish would live or, I guess technically, die to regret it. At the airport, he pulled us off. Target you [__] son of a, b, and I'll blow your [__] brains. If you hear me, I swear to God, I'll do it.

Do it come on, shut your mouth. Let me finish him. John, we have him; he's in custody; he's not going anywhere. Stand down i shouldn't have stopped you; it was the right thing at the time, captain. Now, as we know in the story of Modern Warfare 3. Vladimir Macabov was working behind the scenes, planning all these attacks, and actually managed to plan his escape with the help of his right-hand man by the name of Nolan.

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He managed to escape that Russian goog and plan a whole bunch of new attacks. Now, the nature of these attacks does matter, but essentially what you need to know if we look at the main one, the one on the airplane, is that Ladimirmov plans on exploding this plane, but doing so by using someone who used to be in The Ekan.

Liberation Forces. Now, why, you may ask? Essentially, his plan was to commit these terror attacks, but Yorik stands for actually doing them, therefore turning the entire world against Urzikstan and causing a world war with him essentially behind it, leaving him as a power vacuum and taking control of the Russian army and military instead of just being a constant nationalist.

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But as we know from the story of Modern Warfare 3. Task Force 141 keeps thwarting these attempts, not necessarily stopping them, but at the very least stopping them enough to save The ukhan Liberation forces we'll come back to them in a second but eventually they end up capturing, the his right-hand man they capture Nolan and use his phone to get information on what Marov is actually doing now with that they are able to kind of get ahead of Marov and stop some of his attacks and eventually this leads them to London specifically a bomb a dirty bomb hidden within one of the London train tunnels they end up making their way to it and start diffusing it when Marov shows up however as he promised back in for dance he ends up getting his revenge on soap Mavish in a very brutal.


Way, take us to hell with you. Captain, never better your enemies. Alive now what's weird is as soon as we get up to go after marov he just disappears he completely runs away and disappears out of the train tunnel not to be seen again for the near future however in season 1 we got to see that somehow they didn't explain how Nolan was able to escape from Task Force 141, moving in on Yik stand following out makarov's plan instead of just framing them now they are attacking rikan, with no seeming reason as to why or what makarov's plan actually is don't worry we'll get to that still we don't know how Nolan escaped whether marov planned it or P just escaped himself to this day we have no idea then comes along season 2 and essentially in this cutscene there is little to know explanation, as to what is going on with makarov's plan where he is anything in between in fact the cut scene was mainly focused on ghost of all people but then in season 3 we see The Return of macarov.

Specifically, going to Rebirth Island now, the question is why return now and why return there, and it comes with the secret of Rebirth Island now. I feel like this is a article that I should dive into in a completely separate article talking about Rebirth Island and the story behind it, but as far as what you need to know in regards to Macaov.

Rebirth Island was an island used to create Nova 6 gas, and with everything that Macaov has planned. I would assume that he is going here to either get the recipe or start creating Nova 6 gas, and assumably, he is also going to use it to once again frame your exan and once again try to create that world war, but I think it goes a lot further than this.


Now this is a prediction. This is not any of the cut scenes, but I have a feeling that in the season 3 cinematic, when that comes out, we'll get more information, and of course I'll have a article on that. But a long time ago, I made a article saying that I believed Marov. Was actually Pereus the kind of new-age Pereus, if you will, and if we follow what Perseus has done in the past in the footsteps of Stitch in Call of Duty In Black Ops Cold War, he was one of the people who created Nova 6 gas on Rebirth Island, but not only that, he tried to kind of progress Keving's plans to use the numbers to brainwash people, and the rumor has been lately that not only we'd be getting Rebirth Island returning to the war zone but also Verdansk, and a way for them to do that story-wise would be for Marov to go to Verdance to once again initiate the number sequence, just like Stitch did on Verdance.

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Again, that is just a prediction, but story-wise, it would make a lot of sense assuming that Marov is indeed Pereus, as I mentioned. We are reaching for the stars, but we're making you who you are, and I wonder where you are

Today we dive into the story of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. In this video we look at the return of Vladimir Makarov in COD MW3. He is back with the start of Season 3 of Warzone and Modern Warfare 3. In this video we look at what happened to Makarov leading up into season 3.
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