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best kastov 762 class

We're going to be taking a look at the cast of 762 here in Model Fair 2, season 5. Now with this build, it is very easy to use, so if you're trying to get those high kill games, just increase that KD. Getting into my cast-off 762 build, guys, we're going to start with the laser, and we're going to be adding on the FSS OV laser.

This attachment here is going to help with a lot of handling. Now that I've got my class setup, I'm going to work on some accuracy, damage, recoil, control, and handling. That is my goal for this build, so we're going to start with this attachment here. We're getting more handling, we're aiming down sides faster, and we're shooting faster off a Sprint and with the AK-47.

Here, since it's such a good weapon up close, medium, and even far range, I want to work on that handling so this can be a good attachment to start off with our build here now. For our next attachment, we're going to the muzzle, and we're going over here until we get to the sack and tread 40. Now, I will say this right now: this is one of the best muzzles you can use for assault rifles, and next to being super easy to use, you're going to have full control of the build.

best kastov 762 class mw2

With just this one attachment, you're getting a lot of vertical and horizontal recoil control—like, I said, full control of the build. You're not going to have any problems. Now jump down to the underbarrel. We're going to be adding the Edge 47 grip. Now, I've said this a million times in my articles: this is by far the best underbarrel here in Modern Warfare 2 as of right now, until they buff another one.

Nerf, this attachment is something you want to take advantage of. You're getting a lot of recoil stabilization and still some aiming. Auto stability since you are running the iron sights is going to help out a lot since we are running the FSS OV laser. This and the OV laser are going to stack up, which can give us a lot of stability for our insides, but overall, here we're going to have full control of our weapon, and this weapon is going to be very smooth now, so make sure to have this on.

best kastov 762 class setup

Now for the ammunition type we're going to be adding on the overpress, rounds now 100, you have to have this attachment on for the AK-47. I do believe, and I don't know if anybody's tested this, but I do believe that the cast-off 762 gives out the most flinch out of all the assault rifles and battle rifles, so this is going to be a really good attachment to have.

You're already dealing with good flinching; why not add something on that's going to make it even more annoying to go against you when you're hitting your shots? You're being accurate with this build, so we're going to make it even better. You're going to make them flinch more; they can't hit you; they can't kill you, so you're going to go on a lot of kill streaks.

best kastov 762 class setup mw2

With just one attachment here now, for our final attachment, we're going to go to the stock here, and we're going to be adding on the cast of Rama stock now; it's going to help with aim blocky speed and sprint speed moving. Faster around the map getting into more engagements getting more kills and also we have a better Mobility while aimed down sides now the tunjet you don't want to use for this build we're gonna start with the edge 47 grip here now I have my aim block speed up 0.23, in my aim down size speed up 0.15 we have more Mobility while aim downside so if it's just strafing, or just moving in journal volume down sides kind of having that stalker feeling from Modern Warfare 3 and we're also in with downsides a little bit faster for any build that's going to be really good but if you have any trouble still with your recoil, control and you're not gonna be able to hit your shot still work on some recoil stabilization make the weapon a little bit more smoother and it should help a little bit more but for the second tread 40 we have our recall control at Point 16 and a recoil stabilization of 0.46.

best mw2 kastov 762 class

With these attachments, we have a three-recoil control, which is going to be really good for this build. The weapons are not going to move at all, and we're going to have full control of the build. This weapon is going to be really smooth. You guys will love it here. Now, for the OV laser, I have my aim down speed up to 0.19 or 19.74 and my sprint fire speed up to 0.23, just making that run and gun type of play style available to the AK-47.

We're being aggressive; we want those high kill games, so we'll help out a lot for the Rama stock. And today's gameplay, though we jump over 160 kills with this build, not even on shipment, you're going to enjoy it. What in the world are you doing, my man? Easy where else have we gotten them at all?

Well, no one's played objective yet, so that's kind of good. Let's get our tax money back. Lord, have mercy. I don't know where his soul is right now. I think the 545 is so much better than the 762. I don't know what it is, but I think the only thing that makes this weapon or the other weapon better is the mobility that the 545 has, and you can, you know, be aggressive with it.

best mw2 kastov class

The handling is a little bit better, but I will say the 762 is more powerful, but for me. I would rather take extra bullets into a gunfight than, you know. I would rather have better mobility and handling, but you know, the AK-47 casual 762 I'm sure that's what the weapon will be named from now on: the cast-off 762.

I don't think we'll go back to the AK-47 and all that because of copyright issues, which I don't know how that's a problem now, so I mean it. Call of Duty always amazes me somehow, but I never thought we would have to change the name of one of the most iconic weapons in weapon history, the AK-47. I don't know, but you have the M4.

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You have the M4A1 or the M4. All right, we're going to push. Come on two, mate, I got this. All right, we're on a 25, which is good. There we go; we should get a nuke here in a minute. Never mind; I jinxed myself. That's always good, and we have the X13, of which you already know the build. I don't even have tunes on it.


That's how good it is. Let's go ahead and call this advancing teammate We've got to turn around. I will say, though, that with this next Call of Duty, I'm just glad how fast we're going to be able to move, like being able to attack Sprint all the time. I feel like that's just going to be a great feature, and believe it or not, next September is our last full technically our last full month of Modern Warfare 2, if you technically, in a way, because October is technically our last full month of Call of Duty.

Mumford too, but we also get the Modern Warfare 3 beta for like 10 days of that, Tom, so was it Call of Duty? Modern Warfare 3 comes out literally at the beginning of November, so I got, Ah, well, I'll just take that all right, there we go. All right, I don't know with this build I try to make this build.

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