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Ladies and gentlemen This is one of the best weapons to use in Modern Warfare 2. With the cast-off 762, this thing has an insane time to kill; it literally feels like you're consistently killing in two shots, plus there is absolutely no recoil.

Kastov 762 class setup

This thing is so easy to use, so the cast of the 762, otherwise known as the AK-47.

I believe this weapon is naturally a little bit slower, so we're going to go ahead and increase the overall mobility of the weapon, and a great way to do so is to add the cast on Rama. This is going to increase the sprint speed and the aim walking speed until you can strafe a little bit quicker, and then you can move around the map a little bit quicker before the tuning for the aim walking sentence.

best kastov 762 class

In the ads, speed increases when you are strafing, but with the weapon, the iron tides don't really bounce, so we don't need to increase that, so I'm just going to increase the ads' speed for the bottom bar. We are going to be running an attachment that's going to help out with the aiming stability a lot, so we don't really need to increase that value.

So we're going to increase the strafe speed for the next attachment. We are going to be switching to the rear grip, and previously. I was going to add the true tag grip just so we get more mobility, allowing us to rush a little bit more, but we are losing recoil control. And it's like very noticeable on this setup; I don't know why, but it is so noticeable when you add the true tag grip.

best kastov 762 class modern warfare 2

Instead, we are going to be adding the Ivanhoe St. 70 grip, which is going to add a lot of flinch resistance, making it a little bit easier to win the gunfights. For the tuning, I was going to reduce the horizontal recoil. The vertical recoil that is super easy to control is actually bringing down the horizontal recoil, and The Recoil is steady is when we increase that value, that's actually bringing down the horizontal recoil, and so the weapon is a little bit easier to use, but we are going to be using a muzzle that is severely reducing the recoil, so in this case we are going to be increasing the ads speed, making the weapon a little bit snappier, and then for the bottom bar you want to increase the sprint of fire speed.

For example, if I were to bring that slider all the way to the sprint of fire speed, we're not going to get more Sprinter virus food; we're actually going to get less, which means negative 0.18 is going to be the best value for the most amount of sprint to fire speed for the next attach, and we are going to be going over to the muzzle where we are going to severely reduce the recoil.

best kastov 762 class mw2

On the weapon just in general, there's not that much recoil, but there is a little bit of horizontal recoil, making the weapon a little bit hard to use at like long range, but if you add the lockshot kt85. This is going to severely reduce that recoil, allowing you to easily beam the enemies across the map before they tune it because, on the Ivanhoe, we increased the mobility of the weapon, and with this muzzle, we're going to reduce the recoil, so you want to increase the recoil stabilization, which is that horizontal recoil.

For that bottom bar, do you want to increase the gun kick control, which is going to lower the vertical recoil? Do not just stand still in your gunfight; you want to make sure you walk back and forth. Your gunfight gives you more aim assistance, so it's a lot easier to hit those back targets. With the next attachment, we are going to switch over to the optic.

This is a personal preference, but I found that the weapon is just so much easier to use with an optic. For strictly close-range weapons like the authentic, I don't really use the optic, but since we're going to be using this weapon at long range, the optic helps so much. With that said, the optic that I recommend you guys use is going to be the Corona Mini Pro.

best kastov 762 class setup

This is just a very clean Blue Dot sight for the tuning for me; I like to increase the foreigners. This is going to make the target smaller, but you are going to have less visual recoil, so I recommend trying it out at a distance, and if it's just a little bit too hard to hit the enemy. I would bring it down slowly until you find a comfortable value for the bar on the left because the speed is already pretty good.

We're going to increase the Flinch resistance, making it a little bit easier to win those gunfights. So now when we go into the firing range, you guys will see these sights are a little bit smaller, but when we do fire the weapon, we're actually staying on target. We did miss some shots, but it's because I wasn't strafing.

When you go straight for the weapon, it makes the weapon very easy to use. There's really not that much recoil on the weapon. We could add a lot more recoil control to the weapon, making it very easy to use, but then the mobility would be horrendous, and so this is like building with a lot of mobility but also a lot of recoil control for the last attachment, so this one is going to be a personal preference.

best kastov 762 class setup modern warfare 2

If you like running the lasers, then I would add the FSS Ole laser. This is what we're running in the gameplay. Just so you guys know, the enemies can see the laser. So yes, you do get a lot of benefits, like a lot of mobility and a lot of stability. This is going to add a lot of aiming stability, but there are actually going to be no cons, so it is a great attachment.

to run on the weapon, but you're not going to get as much mobility because the tuning on here is just to reduce that horizontal recoil. I'm going to increase the recoil stabilization on the same plane on the tiny maps where the recoil control doesn't matter as much. I'll probably go ahead and increase the speed at the bottom bar because these straight speeds are already pretty good on the weapon, and we're going to increase the aim and idle stability to make the weapon not sway at all, so here's the build with the shark for 90.

Here's the build, and I'll go through the tuning in case you guys want to take some screenshots. Just so you guys know the build I was running in the gameplay, I am not running the shark fin; I'm running the.

Mgb on hotel

Mgb on hotel

Ole laser, Yes, Sir Austin. I will i'm going to put double time on because I feel like I'm moving around so slowly. It's going to be weird not getting like over 100 kills a game because on shipping, you know, easy 150 kills, this thing kills so quick.

Do you guys see that damage range as okay? So I'm not going to push through there again because that's too predictable. I could also push up behind them then, and I kind of want them to still spawn over here. You know what? Yeah, let's push over here, and hopefully they don't come up behind me.

NEW 2 SHOT "KASTOV 762" SETUP is GAME BREAKING. Best KASTOV 762 Class Setup Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.
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