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I've had a lot of people ask me what this even does, so today I'm going to break it down, explain exactly how it works, why it's so bad, and what I would like to see done to it to make it at least a little bit more viable and not just a waste of space on our perk list.

How the l/r detector works

How the l/r detector works

So let's dive into it, and we're going to start this off with the description.

It says that it warns of hostile laser and radiation sources, and that is an extremely vague description. However, if you look really closely, the little perk icon that you can see there is the high alert perk icon. So back in the beta, when I was trying to figure this out. I thought okay, this must be high alert, but then I put it on and realized nothing was happening, and it definitely wasn't working like high alert did, so let's have a look at what it actually does in the game with this.

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Depending on what the enemy is using, as far as attachments go, you can get a high alert-like indicator on your screen, but unlike high alert, there's no directional data whatsoever; it's just a little red glow on the bottom of your screen as well as a little beeping sound that you'll hear. Hear and unlike high alert, it actually doesn't matter if the enemy is in front of you or behind you; if they're in your field of view or not, it will always pop up as long as they are using a particular attachment.

Whereas with high alert, this would only work if they were outside of your field of view; if they were right in front of you and looking at you, high alert wouldn't be doing anything for you. That's not the case with the LR detector. In saying that, though, like I said, the enemy has to be using a specific type of attachment, and this type of attachment can be any one of the lasers.

Any thermal optic or any optic that has a rangefinder on it, and taking a little bit of a deeper look here when it comes to the lasers. It doesn't matter which one of the lasers you use, whether it says that it's visible to enemy players or not, even the ones that don't have a visible laser beam that will end up triggering the LR detector when you aim at an enemy player that's using this, and on top of that, it doesn't matter if you're aiming down sight or not, so let's just say you have one of those lasers that only turns on when you aim down sight.

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Well, when it comes to this one, even if you aren't aiming down sight, as long as you're looking in the direction of that enemy player, it will still activate this LR detector indicator for them. When it comes to those optics again, this covers any one of the optics that has a thermal target indicator as well as any of the optics that have a rangefinder on them, and once again, just like with lasers, it doesn't actually matter if you're down sight or hip firing, so just the act of having that laser on your gun that's in your hand will trigger this LR detector for enemies.

Now, just to clarify, if it's in your secondary weapon slot and the primary weapon that's in your hands doesn't have a laser or thermal optic, then you still won't be triggering this for them; the only attachments that matter are the ones that are on the gun that's in your hand. And that's pretty much it.

I guess I should also mention that this has a range of 100 m, so anything beyond 100 m won't trigger at all regardless of what optic or laser you have on there, and you also you do have to be aiming at least reasonably close to the enemy player in order to trigger that for them.

Other elements i tested

Other elements i tested

I also want to mention that I did a bunch of testing with various kill streaks and whether that kill streak is AI-controlled or player-controlled. If it is player-controlled. I tried it with the thermal setting and the non-thermal setting, and based on my testing, none of the streaks had any interaction with this whatsoever, so if you're targeting a player while looking through the view of a streak, it will not activate the LR detector even if it's a thermal indicator.

How would i balance the l/r detector

How would i balance the l/r detector

And then I'd say to introduce some counterplay I think it should be countered by the hijacked if strobe so if you're using that perk then you won't trigger any indicator for the LR detector and that's exactly how cold blooded and high alert interacted together in the past and honestly I think that would be a just fine way to balance the LR detector you still wouldn't get that directional indicator it still would be a nerfed version of high alert but it wouldn't be a completely useless version of high alert, at least it would almost always tell you when somebody is looking at you and that would at least give it some utility in the game and like I said I think that's the simplest and probably the best thing that they could do with the allr detector.


However. I also wanted to point out that I wouldn't necessarily be entirely opposed to just bringing this back as the standard high alert perk and then having it countered by hijacked if strobe, just like we've seen in recent years with Call of Duty. I want to explain myself a little bit here because I've never actually been the biggest fan of high alert in Call of Duty, since I feel it does replace much of the need for having proper map awareness and ensuring that you're controlling your angles and controlling the map appropriately.

In saying that. I do think high alert can bring a little bit more interesting variety into play when it comes to perk balancing, and when I look at the big picture. I've always considered high alert to be sort of like a noob trap because it's one of those perks where if you have really good map awareness, then it won't really do much extra for you because you've got good map awareness, so it's one of those perks that you can kind of grow out of, but for those players that don't have good map awareness and rely on high alert, that means they're going to be sacrificing that valuable tier slot in order to always use high alert, and that means those players may be vulnerable to explosives.

Or AI targeting systems because they're not using hijacked strobes or maybe even the UAV if they're not using the Assassin vest combined with that LR detector, so while I think my first suggestion would be just fine I honestly wouldn't be opposed to them just bringing this back as the proper high alert perk, the same high alert perk that we've seen in recent years, just make sure that it's countered by hijacked ifs strobe or something else if they wanted to as well and I think that would fit just fine in the gear slot that would make it quite a competitive choice for those that lack in map awareness and want that little bit of extra, and while I personally wouldn't end up using it very oftewouldall.

The LR Detector Gear in Modern Warfare III is a perk that not many people understand due to its vague description so today, I wanted to share exactly how it works, why it's the most useless perk in the entire game, and how I feel it should be balanced to make it more viable.
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