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556 icarus

Hey there, this is the one, and welcome to another informal Modern Warfare 2 weapon review. I probably should be holding off, but I don't want to. I want to talk about the Icarus 556. The reason is that I watched a Grantham article about the Fight Light belt-fed platform, and I just really wanted to talk about the Icarus in this game because, for that reason, it's based off of the real-life Fight Light; this is a belt-fed lmg built onto an AR lower receiver, and for that reason, it's pretty sexy looking, and the game translates this into it being the lightest LMG out of the bunch.

If you stay away from LMGs because you don't like how heavy they are or you don't like that to make them lighter, you have to ruin the recoil. The icarus is for you. If I had to take an LMG into the DMZ or onto an invasion or ground war with a larger map. I would mostly want the Icarus because I want to be able to traverse large areas without having to be completely bogged down by the weight of the heavier light machine guns.

Now, this is especially true for the DMZ. You might think that for the DMZ, you'd want a heavier damage level for the longer-range engagements, but I don't know, it's just my personal thing. I want to be able to move through open territory without having to switch to a secondary weapon. What I love about the Icarus is that I don't feel like I need a Sprint with a secondary when I have it equipped.

556 icarus build mw2

The Icarus does just fine. It's my own, and that is why I enjoy using it. If you're landing your upper-torso shots like you should be, or even mixing in some headshots, you have a four-shot kill weapon, and making another headshot in closer ranges will reduce your shots to kill to three, so if you're getting headshots in around 25-ish meters, you could be getting a three-shot kill, and, at the rate of fire this thing fires at, it's not bad.

It fires at 779 RPM, quite fast; it is the second fastest-firing OMG next to the wrap H, but of course with much higher mobility. Now the only problem is that you are going to burn through your 75-round magazine pretty quickly. With this gun's rate of fire. I hate to say it. Either you have to make a bunch of other, you know, changes around the gun that are going to hurt its performance in other ways, or you just might as well use a different machine gun if you're looking for huge volleys of fire.

556 icarus build mw2 warzone

That is likely a job for another LMG. You have to see the Icarus as an LMG/AR hybrid. You're not supposed to suppress people for a minute. You're supposed to have an AR that's a little heavier but packs a little bit more of a punch and will obviously put more rounds downrange. Arguably, though, you could just use a heavier-kitted M4 with a 60-round magazine, but we're not just talking about magazines here; this gun does kill faster and pack more of a punch.

You're going to be shaving 30 to 50 milliseconds off your time to kill by using the Icarus over just a large-mag M4, and on top of that, you're going to be able to do that over greater ranges, especially if you build the gun for that. Sort of a hybrid long-range aggressive play style, and I'm going to recommend that because this gun is more of a hybrid, it's more of a middle ground between, those heavier LMGs that have maybe more ammo, maybe a little bit more damage, but they're still heavier, it's a middle ground between those heavier machine gun platforms, and the AR category, and that's exactly why I would say build this gun for a mix of both, so you should be gunsmithing for that versatility, so what would that look like?

556 icarus mw2

Now, a lot of you are going to say go with a red dot or just use iron sights, but I kind of disagree. I feel like using the X10 angel or the S-type hollow point. A little bit more preferred is something that can read, arrange, or highlight an enemy; after all, this is an LMG, and a little bit of extra information could be kind of nice.

Also, a hybrid optic isn't a terrible choice in my experience with this weapon because, again, if you're playing ground war invasion or DMZ, the ability to mount this LMG on a wall and use a magnifier scope to shred people at a distance is a powerful tool. I know a lot of people don't like the aim-down sight speed reduction of using a lot of optics, but I would say get a little creative with your optics when you're sort of using a specialized weapon.

556 icarus review

In my opinion, the LMG is more of a utility tool than just another AR; it's not supposed to just be a versatile people killer; it's a utility tool. And what I'd recommend is using the armor-piercing rounds all the time when you're using an LMG. If you're going to be using an LMG, in my opinion, you should be able to shoot down streaks and disable vehicles.

makes up for the little bit of extra weight that you're carrying with your Icarus, and you're just going to be an asset to your team. You're going to be able to shoot down a UAV, disable a counter-UAV, disable an oncoming truck, or just tear up a wall with all 75 rounds of your magazine. Now, the class I am showing right here, I think, is pretty good for, again, ground war invasions in the DMZ.

556 icaurs

I would use this for the fact that the FSS OLED laser, of course, helps with our aim-down sight speed, our aiming stability, and our Sprinter fire speed, again giving us more versatility. The 16-inch barrel is going to give us really great damage range and bullet velocity increases, and the Broadhead 3DP is going to keep us accurate and reduce our firing profile a little bit, reducing vapor trails and reducing the overall just presence of our weapon as we're dumping rounds, and then of course armor-piercing rounds and a clever optic.

I think this is how I would run this gun in those larger map game modes. Another way I might run The weapon is a 100-round box magazine of armor-piercing ammunition with the F-tack Ripper 56, the F-tack Cold Forge barrel, and the canted Viber dot. You might wonder why I would use the canted dot on this gun, and the reason is that this is an anti-streak weapon; this is for shooting down V tools.

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UAVs versus counter-UAVs shooting Vehicles up where you don't really need to have any precision targeting turn the weapon into a total utility tool. You are a walking AA cannon with this, and it's quite fun if you're feeling a little bit sassier. If you just want to kind of force this gun into a full-on saw roll, then I would say use a bipod foregrip, a flash hider of your choice, the 100-round mag of armor-piercing ammo, and a sexy optic that you like, and just go ahead and have your fun with that.

best light machine gun modern warfare 2

I mean, honestly, this is a way to run an LMG, and it's not a bad one at that. I wouldn't laugh if I saw somebody using this online. Maybe in 6v6, this is a bit much, but I do think just in general, this is a fun time, and last but not least, I believe the other fun way you could run This weapon is just an AR hybrid.

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