News - The Best Cod Snd Clutches (warzone 2 Edition)

1v4 clutch modern warfare 3

In today's episode, we'll be going over some of the best Search and Destroy moments from the CDL Major 1 qualifiers, featuring nasty clutches, Aces, and many more. Now, without further ado, let's go ahead and jump straight into the action. Down, At least a tra comes through real AR in hand, and being able to find another Nero opens up space through the mid-bomb, which is currently down 18 seconds on the clock.

Carolina is still trying to stay alive for what would be a reverse sweep of round 11 winners. Real tagged up still alive bomb collected Purge for the plant, clay with the Rival 9ine, can he catch timing, no going quickly. He doesn't see the initial attempts to hop this; Riel has to play bodyguard.

Stay down, Mr. President Pur he just tries to bait him with the door, and Clay says, Not so fast, young man. Ravens get us to round 11. Man, that's a vet where everything resets, but St's position has been throttled back in Carolina, now looking to make a move, but Standy shuts down good first blood.

That's also your bomb carrier; it's a big first blood out of Standy. He also gets some more information, just finessing with the movement around this middle tank. With only 40 seconds left, Carolina has to try to pick up this bomb. I don't know if Vegas Legion has the information that the bomb is going to be down towards bottom mid, but you see him slowly edging his way up, trying to find an angle.

abuzah 1v3

Sets up Glenn on a flank to find two; they have the man. Advantage 3v2 now, looking to go quickly, tries to slide, Meets him for the third, just down to attach for the 1 V2 bomb being planted, Godx is able to stay alive. Get out of Dodge, attached, defaulting back to the pistol, has plenty of time to let this reset, and catches a little bit of intel on the godx should know that Gwyn was last seen over through.

best clutches in cod history

Mid, and now the reset got her X caught Gwyn pokes over the top good damage but GW shuts it down and a reverse sweep for Caroline got to get that approach going window opens that's horrible timing and assault in the perfect spot does get traded for the 1 V one Damon gets the bomb down a km has gone the wrong way, assault a lucky round a skillful round a bit of magic and he's given Diamond con the chance to clutch and Diamond con my God they're going to run into each other the pistols they had no idea that kind of fight was on its way and kismi somehow comes out on top what a unbelievable, turn of events, going down now St four versus four no one throw the First Blood behind the smoke just tries to fly right on through he does it slides through one looking for three now is s got a chance to make the play Chance: potentially for the ace, there's three, bye-bye, simp with the ace in the 1 V2 clutch to shut it down in the round.


One and a half, what the hell trades teamwork? I don't know how they won either of those gunfights, but now there's a chance. But now it's One vs. One, the bulldog versus Big Brucey, with 13 seconds to go. Go, they saw him on the bomb; he got the info. Kizmit is there and he bails them out with the one V2 clutch after, the two and looking good so far 21 now dashy last up full health though chance to make a play next guy drops dashy 1 V one versil former, teammate just gun to, sleep my dashy with the beams with the reads he does it all the clutch and what a shot I mean the read onto abza he knows he's working the flank and IL go for the child not the bomb diff on the approach we'll find out in a minute an opening pick would have been nice send this is he's going for it the door shut, patience w my the damage Z.

That's a nail in the coughin kind of first blood too that was a perfect play from La just could not catch him my unkillable in this round Destiny is now the wind in his sails. Kismi eyes on 25 seconds. Diamond con gets it, trying to pull it back slowly, can't find another, one, s's called game for the ace, what a round from the New York sub all down to ghosty.

I just get a kill, yeah, thank you, get off the dutch cam, at least get something going. A 1v3 would be not a momentum shift but a big round for L to attempt to get back in this game, but with 15 seconds left on the clock and Gy just going to jump into both players, there's the freebie though; it's not Priesta, who's a little bit nervy, and he's going to give up the bot plan as well.

cdl best clutches

We even have an actual One V, one actual one. One's moving fast; there's tag damage dealt, but ghost, he is going to be there; it's an immediate hop on the bomb; is he going to diffuse? No, the check is G. It's unbelievable la thieves get on the board, Dam's heads are being removed, and Abuza is last up, able to take the fight.

Now it's a 1v3 with two left, though to complete that 1v3, Abuza has the lead against Dashy and Big Ken. Yeah, 30 second rounds, it's going off this way; they have just won all of these trades, all of these skirmishes look at for six rounds in a row, not planning the bomb. Yet, I mean, this is a timing thing.

If we get Daddy in play one, V2, they have to plant a bomb. What timing does he find? Can he make it a one-versus-one? Does he get there when they're in the plant? Does he give himself a one-V-one? He might, but it's not going to happen. They get the plant down safely. I like the trigger discipline here for my sister, Jebadiah.

cdl champs

He's going to yell for it, catch the timing tries to, it's done, he sticks it to the rookie, balls of steel. I think my favorite part about that is the camera. In the third-person camera, you just see both Kedy and Dashy mantle up. But here's the thing: we're going to check out a replay real quick.

And I mean, yeah, you just don't get a check; they think they're going to take the fight, but yeah, look, both of them just kind of pop up there, sort of flipped. We kind of talked about the timing of the last round. What's the timing going to be this round, and it's gone the way of the optic he was lurking?

He had been lurking for a long time, and patience Pace off now and recheck, dear Lord. God's body is there, but he's still able to get the kill. Abuza, again, why not have a chance to do it one-versus-two? Though they know his position, he is weak from a previous fight, so he's going to have to switch up his angle.

cdl clutch

He switches it; it's close, but he gets it now down to a one versus one The rookie is fearless. One player left spots him at the top. Shotsy back backed up the reow is in abuza gets away 20 seconds to go the Hunt is on one versus one here we go the timing could be worse He's got time to track back.

Shotsy takes it go go, good, map to optic. And the Bilo clutches. For his teammates to get here and take down inside, making it a 1 V2, but now positioning, a boy finds the trade onto slasher, the One V, and he's just going to stick it. Pros don't fake Pros don't fake, but not always. Checks, priest; that goes for the diffuse.

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