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This is the updated version of Modern Warfare 3. So for those of you that don't know, most games didn't support PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4 controllers back in the day, so DS4 is a software that emulates your controller and allows you to play in most games, but it gives you full customization of your controller and allows you to tweak some things so you get a legal aimbot in game, and these are the new updated settings for MW3.

Before we start with the steps, just remember that this only works for PlayStation 4 and five controllers, and this only works on PC, so sorry console nerds, you guys are out of luck. So the first thing we're going to do is we're going to go over to Google, look up DS4, and then we're going to go over to the DS P4 website, and we're going to download the program, obviously.

So after guys' slow Ninja Turtle internet downloads the folder, what we're going to do is we're going to open that [__] up, we're going to open it up, extract it's going to be a zip file, we're going to go into the program, and we're going to get it running, nice. It's instantly going to recognize my controller because I already have the mandatory driver installed, but for you guys, once you open it the first time, we're going to have to install a driver, and that will connect your controller to the program.

best mw3 settings

So what we're actually going to do here is we're going to click on profiles, and then we're going to click on the default one, and we're going to edit this stuff, and this is where we get the Aimbot settings this where we get the straight hacks the straight cheese, so what we're going to want to do is you're going to want to put the dead zone for your left stick at zero and then the anti- dead zone for zero so all the dead zones you use in game will be the ones that are being used not this [ __ ] in a DS4, so turn these both to zero, and then for the left stick, the output curve we're going to use is linear.

You could try to enhance precision as well; that's the other one people use, but I feel like linear is just better in modern warfare games. Then we're going to move down to our right stick, and then on our right stick, this is the one we're going to use to enhance precision. Precision on it's going to turn on Aimbot, it's going to make your aim sticky, it's going to make you a [__] nerd, it's going to make you an absolute nerd.

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And then you're going to go over to your dead zone zero and anti-dead zone zero as well, so just keep those on zero so it doesn't clash with your in-game dead zones, and then so we can activate some more Aimbot, we're going to go to your L2, your R2, your triggers, and you're going to put these dead zones on zero as well 0.

And then we're going to put the output curve on enhanced precision for both of the triggers. And then your six axes are your X and your Z. Honestly, I don't know what this is like. I'm going to be completely honest, I'm lost in the sauce. But I didn't change the top dead zone because I just don't know what this is.

I don't know what the six axis is, but I just put it on enhanced precision just to activate more Aimbot because, as you know, you can never go wrong with more Aimbot, and after you copy all of these Aimbot settings, we're going to go over to the light bar. This actually doesn't matter, touchpad, so if you want to be able to use your touchpad, you're going to want to put this on pass through, so remember that people are always like.

best settings for legal aimbot in mw3

I can't use my touchpad. Put on pass through gyro settings don't matter at all, and then we're going to go over to the other; you're going to want to emulate the dual shock 4. You can emulate the Xbox 360 if you want. I don't recommend it, but I'd go with the Dual Shock 4. And then we're going to go over here to the DS4 B2 pull rate, and we're going to put it on 1 millisecond SL Max.

This, I guess, technically overclocks your controller within the program, but I overclock my controllers using a different program; it's the mouse one. You can look up a bunch of overclocking tutorials on YouTube, and they'll tell you how to do it. Overclocking your controller just means that your PlayStation controller will have zero input delay.

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If we go over to controller readings, it literally says I have zero millisecond input delay, like I have zero no input delay, but after copying all the settings, all you're going to want to do is apply and save. I've already had them, so I'm just going to save them, and then it'll be your default profile, and then now you'll have Aimbot legal.

Aimbot, it's going to be absolutely sweaty and nerdy, and here are the in-game settings, just so you guys know everything, so dead zones Make sure you have good dead zones. That's all personal preference, but what really matters is that your aim-response curve type is dynamic and that you have an assist.

You can use either default or Black Ops; it doesn't matter, and now, combined with DS4, you have Mega Aimbot. I appreciate you guys watching this segment of the article. Get your aimbot going, and now we're going to get into the game play just to prove that we get aimbot. I absolutely go cracked in the war mode

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