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ak is a menace

762 the cast-off 762 was a solid weapon to use for the first half of Modern Warfare 2, however, with the game having such a low ttk, this weapon just couldn't keep up with faster-firing ARS such as the temp his Razer back and other similar weapons that are added to the game over time. Fortunately, the 762 is easier to use in Modern Warfare 3 with the changes that Hammer has made and is fairly competitive.

What does bring down the 762, though, is its lower rate of fire. It won't be an easy task to fight SMGs at close range, so you will want to adjust your play style to be a little more cautious to get the most out of this weapon. Damage Wise It's on par with Monover 3 ARs, with 46 damage for a head shot and 39 damage anywhere else up to 28 M.

When they're without head shots, it will take four shots against enemies within 28 M and take on one extra shot for anything further.



Let's stick to the actual build for this weapon and what options you could try out. I like to run suppressors, so the Shadow Strikers might go now. The cast-off does have some good iron sights, so if you want to run a close-range build, you can save an attachment slot that way. I don't really recommend it, though as a keyboard and mouse player.

I did find the iron sights to be almost useless; there's still too much muscle smoke and visual recoil that makes it worthless at any range. Fortunately, the big stats for the 762 are not bad at all for ad times. Sprint to Fire and reloading ad movement speeds, on the other hand, are not that great, so you may want to equip a perk or attachment to help with that.

ak returns

We'll add the peq, box for laser side for FAS RS time for the in barrel r on the reliable FTAC SP10, and angle grip. This will lower the outsway and horizontal recoil of the weapon; it does add some vertical recoil as well, but that's to be expected with an AK build. The next attachment to add is a demo X2 grip for adding a gun kick and recoil control, with the only penalty being the idol sway.

With the changes made to how these weapons work. Idol sway is impactful unless you're aiming downsides for a long time, and for these Modern Warfare 2 weapons, there's already work that has to be done to keep their movement and ad speeds as close to their base stats as possible while lowering their gun kick recoil.

Granted, we should be doing that for every weapon regardless, but it's even more important with these weapons in particular. For alternate attachment options, you could drop the suppressor for the ELR black fire compensator. It does lower your effective range to 22.6 mm and has slightly slower bullet velocity; however, it does lower both horizontal and vertical recoil by 18%.

I also tried to run this weapon with a prolly 3 stock, but I had inconsistent results with it, so use that at your own risk. As expected, there's not a lot of good variety to choose from for the stocks or barrels, as the negatives are just too severe. This was not an issue with the crime-era build, so give that a look if you want to see what I feel is an overall better weapon of choice. Now let's get into a quick match and see how much damage we can deal with the cast-off 762.

Game 1.

Game 1.

All right, we're going to jump into an ironic quick play. Hopefully, we can get this in the first game and then call it a article, but we'll see. See, we shall. See, right, put us into a match midgame, and it's house.

Enem, okay, so that was a rather uneventful round of that house, but at least you get to see a little bit of close range combat. I guess some small gameplay, gameplay so we will have to drop into a different map. I may not even be able to use much or anything from here, so we'll get into another match and see what happens, hopefully with a bigger map. I'm on quick play.

Game 2.

Game 2.

By the way, all right Pella We should get some decent-range kills in here, and we're also going loud. We're not using the suppressor this time just for the sake of variety; all right, somehow we already did a spawn. Often, I was just trying to hold my distance, and doing so got me a really good round.

That was technically the second game I played today, so I'm happy with that. I'm glad it wasn't just like the SPL lobby after the spit lobby, but at least I got to see what this gun looks like. Add range, which I think is a little bit more important with this one in particular, and yeah, we'll be rolling into What else is there to talk about for this weapon, and if there's anything else that would need to be done with it, the only thing holding back to 762 outside of the annoying visual recoil is its slower rate of fire of 600 RPM.

More info.11:46

More info.11:46

Even with the potential for damage in the future, the SOA subverter will still be the better choice if we were to grab a hard-hitting Modern Warfare 3 rifle. It has a far better recoil control rate for fire and damage than the 762 and is more versatile because of it. I know there are some people out there who are all about using a case no matter what, so hopefully this build does help you out and gives you as best a chance as possible to fight against other Modern Warfare 3 weapons.

Let's see if there's any way to make this weapon even better. It hasn't been easy to get back into these weapons, as some of them do require you to really mix up your play style. We're still looking for those SS in the rough, and the 762 is not quite it, at least for me until then, Mr.

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