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All right, homies Welcome to the first episode in my Modern Warfare 3 weapon breakdown series. In this episode, we'll be covering the SVA 545, a very strange-looking version of the Russian A94. The SBAA 545 is a moderate-damage weapon, at least compared to its peers in the assault rifle class chambered in 5.45.

By 39 mm, it deals 33 damage to the Torso and 42 to the head, which means in its first damage range, you'll need no more than five bullets to kill in close quarters or four head shots courtesy of the damage multiplier to the head. The rate of fire is moderate, at around. 681 rounds per minute, which is average for most assault rifles.

Nothing too quick, but it does also feature a hyperburst function, which allows the first two bullets when you pull the trigger to come out much faster than the rest, very similar to the A94. In real life, the hipfire and tactical stance spread are nothing to write home about. pretty much average for the assault rifle class.

best sva 545 class mw3

You could attempt to make a HTI fire or attack stance build in the gunsmith, but I don't think it's the most consistent way of using this weapon, so you're better off just using it normally. Moving into handling the recoil for most players is going to be very moderate. It pretty much goes up to the left and is very easy to control once you actually get it down.

Our ad speed is around 230 milliseconds, and our Sprint fire speed is around. 190 the mobility for this weapon is honestly pretty solid, and if you throw a lot of heavy attachments, you won't feel that slowdown. Really, all too much magazine capacity is at the standard 30 rounds, with extended mags granting you 45 or 60 rounds.

The reload time is fairly average, taking 2.6 seconds to complete, and if you fire all the shots in the magazine, it's only going to take you slightly longer, at 2.9 seconds, to complete a reload. Now, while using this gun, I found two very fun ways to build it, with my first one being a SMG build.

This was the most fun I had with the SVA 545. The movement speed and the handling are just absolutely insane, especially for an assault rifle. Even with us having on that no stock The recoil is still pretty manageable, and if you can't control it, you can obviously switch it to a two-round burst.

best sva 545 class setup

It might feel a little bit uncomfortable, especially if you're getting into a lot of close-range fights, and obviously you are going to want to have pretty good aim if you use it like that, but you can keep this thing a full auto just fly around the map. Obviously, the one drawback is the 30-round mag.

You might burn through ammo a little bit, especially if you try to push that range. You know it's not going to be as easy to hit your shots, but as long as you're playing aggressive, you're just getting up close and in everyone's face. Man, this is a super fun way to play the gun, but let's say you know you don't want to have as much fun; you just want to go into pubs.

Open up Pandora's Box, stomp some lobbies, and get some high kill streaks. This is probably the way you're going to want to go; this is my hyper-burst build. With this, we're going to be switching the gun into that two-round burst mode, and every attachment is focused on increasing the damage over range and the bull velocity just as much as we possibly can.

best sva 545 class setup mw3

Since we're going to be playing a little bit slower and a lot more methodically, we can throw on that 60-round mag just to make sure we have as much ammo as possible, and then for the final attachment, it can be really whatever you want. I'm going to throw on an optic just so my iron sights aren't obstructing anything, and I just got a clear sight picture of what I'm shooting at right here, which is by far the best way to use the gun.

the great thing about using it in that your rate of fire is pretty much dead unless you can pull the trigger, and since we have such a high bullet velocity to match it those two shots are pretty much going to be right on top of each other and if you're aiming for the head it's only going to take two bursts to put somebody down, now it's obviously not as forgiving as full auto because if you miss that first burst or even your second burst you're pretty much dead unless you can you know duck to cover super quick but if your shots are landing and you're just on point you're kind of in that flow state.

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Yeah, you're going to make some people think you're cheating. But if you really want to optimize these builds and use them to the best of their abilities, you have to have the right perks and gear to go with them now. Moving back to the SMG build, I want to focus on stealth and mobility as much as possible.

Our first selection is the infantry vest, which allows us to increase our attack. Sprint duration reduces our refresh time, allowing us to run around the map as fast as possible, much longer, and much more often for our lethal and tactical equipment. I decide to go with the throwing knife and the stem to lean even more into, like that speed and stealth combo that I was going for.

You can use the throwing knife and a pinch, you know, if you're not expecting somebody to throw it; that's really quick to get that one hit kill, and then with the stem if you're in low health. Obviously, it heals you back up, but you also get a refresh on your tag sprint, allowing you to move around even faster.

darth ninja modern warfare 3

For the field upgrade, you could go with something like the portable radar. I just ended up going with the Munitions box just in case we're running a little bit low on ammo and maybe we just need a refresh on our equipment. Now for the gloves, we're going to opt in to use the Commando gloves. This allows us to reload while sprinting, basically meaning that even in the downtime of a reload, we can keep that pace super high, move around the map still super fast, and get into our next gunfight much faster.

For the boots, I think that this is pretty obvious, but we're going to opt in to use the covert sneakers. You don't want to sound like an elephant running around the jungle, and this helps you stay nice and quiet, allowing you to move around freely. And then for the gear, to make sure that we're absolutely off the radar, we're going to be using the ghost TV camo.

darth ninja mw3

This means that while moving, we're not going to be detected by UAVs portable radars and heartbeat sensors, so basically, no matter what, unless they get an advanced UAV, they're not going to know we're coming. Now, moving back to the hyper burst build for this class setup. I was basically trying to focus on staying alive as much as possible while also having the ability to know where enemies are coming from a lot easier.

Today I'm going over the SVA 545, a Russian assault rifle based on the real life AN-94. We're gonna go over everything in detail, from damage to mobility, with the best possible class setups to go with it. Watch in 4K, 1440p, or 1080p for the best viewing experience.
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