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The Maga holding could possibly turn the zombies meta on its head. This acquisition has the potential to turn previously underused guns into top-tier weapons, so let's see if we can find some good ones. A weapon that I've seen talked about that the Maga holding could improve a lot is the tack evolver, and that's because when Pack-a-Punch, your reserved ammo is 1,500.

Pack-a-Punch 3 with the Maga holding it wasn't that good. I have two other weapons that I want to test out. One of the weapons that I really wanted to see with the mage holding it is a Lockwood 300. Here, and this just isn't any Lockwood 300. This is the Lockwood 300 with the dual shot build, and speaking of build, here's the one I'm using for it.

So my thought behind this is that you can see that there's only two bullets in this, so once I pull the trigger, both of them are gone, and I'm going to have to reload every single time, but if we throw the mag a holding on here. I don't have to reload after every shot. Maybe this could be nice, but chances are I could be disappointed, and this weapon could be bad, so I brought in something a little bit better, and that's the shotgun's newest darling, the hay maker, and this is the build that I'm going to use them for, so we're going to find out real fast if this is any good with the Magle holding.

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Let's pack-a-punch it, let's throw on our legendary Aether tool, and let's throw on the Magle holding on to this. So now we have 94 rounds here, and we don't have to reload, so maybe. This could be good. These Tier 1 zombies sure aren't liking it, and let's do the same thing to our hay maker here.

Pack-a-Punch 2, rare rarity or legendary rarity, and our mag of holding Wait, what's already on there? What happened did I just dup a MAG of holding somehow, or did I bring in more than I thought because it's now on both of my guns, and I don't think I put it on both of them? You know what? I'm not going to ask too many questions.

If it works and I get to keep another acquisition, I'm going to go ahead and keep it, but let's give this a test run on some poor tier. 2 Bounty, all right, what's our Bounty going to be a disciple? Perfect, all-right moment of truth, disciple, how are you liking this? So far, it's not bad; it shoots actually kind of quick too, and I took them out pretty quick all right.

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Let's see if this Lockwood can handle taking on a horde of zombies at a time from this Outlast. Let's throw a decoy, get them all grouped together, and can I just take out this whole group and a few shots? I've taken out almost all of them so far, Lockwood. Kind of impressive. I'm not going to lie; I wasn't expecting a whole lot from it, and if you have a keen eye, you might have noticed that I didn't put slugs in the lockwood here, and that's because slugs are very hit or miss in a lot of shotguns.

It's only recently that the slugs started working properly on our hay maker, so I didn't want to come in here and, you know, waste all my good loot on a gun with an attachment that I didn't even know if it would. Work, but so far with this it's doing pretty good, and I'm just going to keep doing these tier 2 bounty any contract I can get my hands on until I get enough to get pack three, and we'll take this over the tier three zone and see what's going on there with it.

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The Wonder World. I ain't using you, though. Look at these mercs just getting handled by these mimics! Hold on, let's watch the show. Actually, you know what that guy can do. Go get him sick, not me. These guys, right here, go ahead, eat their asses all right, whatever mimics yours, Funeral. I was going to let you just eat these dudes, but no, you had to be a dick and try to kill me.

I will say, though, that one weapon I know for sure that doesn't work is the crossbow. I already went and tried it when I went into the dark one of the first times, and when I threw it on there, it literally just disappeared, and I still had to reload the crossbow after every shot, which was kind of disappointing because that would have been busted, but I guess it leaves more opportunity for some other guns to shine because the crossbow is already good on its own time to see your true potential.


Lockwood Let's get you pack three. Are there any contracts in Tier 3? No. I don't know what it is because Tombstone Glitch has been around for a while, just a bunch of different iterations of it, but ever since season 2 reload Ed Tier 3 has been packed. I've seen multiple teams of six roaming around at the same time.

It seems like the only way to get any contracts done in Tier 3 now is if you request to join somebody else's group, which on one hand I don't like very much because I love playing solo, but on the other hand there is one of those zombies. Mastery Calling Cards, where you need to complete contracts in a team of six, and I guess the community part of it is fun too.

But, for now. I'm going to take on this Mega Abomination while it's all alone so I can test out this weapon, and we already got to half health with one broken vase, and as much as I'm liking this Lockwood One thing bad that I will say about it is that I still seem to run out of ammo pretty frequently with it, so I need you zombies to drop me some and did they Nerf the hay maker It seems like it's doing a little bit less damage this time around.


You hear that? I just got so used to the flamethrower attachment that seeing anything die in more than 4 seconds is bad. It's time for you to die, pal. Why don't you go shoot another laser? Why don't you try that out? Go ahead; there you are. Go, like, about that pretty face of yours gone. Sleep one more, and he's gone; he's done.

This lockwood is actually really nice. I'm glad we're finally adding some new shotguns to The Meta, and there's a bounty contract. I got to it before anybody else did. There's some vultures here that come here to mimic what's this doing against you. Still pretty good; it's not like two-shot kill damage, but it ain't bad.

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Let Aether shroud us so we don't die here out of ammo. All right, we'll finish you off with the haymaker. How's that sound, mimic? Okay, did the haymaker get nerfed? That seemed like a long time. That was a lot of bullets to kill one. I know what it is; I'm an idiot. My brain got nerfed. This is still P too, so the haymaker is actually still really good if it was actually able to kill things here in Tier 3 of that pack too, and if nobody's going to take these bounties from me.

I'm going to keep doing them; give me that what they really need to do is give me something that's going to drop me an Aether Rift or a Sigil for one. I mean, so what do you say, disciple? You want to help me out with that? Never mind out of ammo, this is starting to become a problem with the Lockwood.

We try look into weapons that could be good with the new mag of holding item in zombies and I think we found the next best shotgun.
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