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I know I say this pretty much every single time I get on this game, but this is probably going to be a mistake. It's rage, and welcome back to the original Modern Warfare 3 12 years later on the Plutonium client. We're not playing on Steam right now. If you're looking to play the original Modern Warfare 3 on PC, that's definitely going to be your best bet as opposed to the Steam counterpart.

I've mentioned this before, but in case you guys haven't seen everything you need to know for a Call of Duty PC 2024 article, I'll show you how it's done and how you get this installed. So here for today's article. I just wanted to jump back into the original MW3 and see how it is. Even though I pretty much already know how it's going to go on this.

I feel like it's kind of a retrospective, but not really retrospective-looking comparison to the old MW3, and comparing it to the new MW3. Which, that game's been out now for what three going on four months now? We're about a quarter of the way through its life cycle personally. I'm still really enjoying the new Modern Warfare 3.

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I just finished out the Grand Mastery grind on that game. I'm still kind of debating going through and really deciding if I want to server's full. okay, I've been lied to deciding if I really want to go ahead and get that zombies Grand Mastery done. Modern Warfare 3 here, but also the current Modern Warfare 3: where would each of those games rank for you on your own Call of Duty tier list?

For example, I feel like I've been pretty outspoken about this, but the new Modern Warfare 3 to me right now, I really do feel is one of, if not the best, Call of Duty multiplayer games. In the war zone era of COD that we've had, it might be second to Black Ops Cold War, but then again. I'm someone who absolutely adored Cold War, which I feel like is another popular opinion, especially in comparison to something like Modern Warfare 2019.

But we've also had like three going on four years now of Cold War under our belts and experiences, and with that. I've just been drop shotted, and I wasn't even looking at him again to me, though I really have been enjoying the new Modern Warfare 3 and still playing it just about every single day.

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Sniping on it is amazing, and he's throwing C4 too. I may have made a mistake. This man has not killed me on his feet once this game. Gendry Domingo, yo, this is his Lobby. It is my fault for being here yo six SP my fault for being here, counter. Good work i do love the feel of the MSR. This was always one of my favorites; I'm not even going to say one of them was my favorite sniper in this game.

To be fair, this game doesn't really get any better than the MSR. I mean, the L1's really good at 50, and the Barrett is a great semi-auto. I would say by far this game has the best Barrett, no doubt. This is something that I made a article on a couple of months ago leading up to the release of the new Modern Warfare 3, and I felt like the new one was going to pretty much be the exact same case as the original one was here.

I felt like I was experiencing a lot of deja vu in that regard because, again, with the original MW3, the argument could be made that this game didn't even need to exist if, for example, the falling out of Infinity Ward and Activision and everything like that didn't happen during the case of the original MWW's.

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Life cycle, like if the original MW2 actually did get Robert bowling's forgotten patch if the patch to the original MW2, came out where they did fix the noob tubes they did fix a lot of the problems with that game not just the noob tubes for example but you know just a lot of the bugs that really did plague that game and again the exact same thing goes with the new Modern Warfare 3 as well arguably that game would not need to exist and ideally we had the impression that it wasn't going to at first because it was rumored, again can't stress that enough it was rumored not actually confirmed by that Bloomberg article that had reported that Modern Warfare 22 was going to be a 2-year Call of Duty game we understand now that at some point in time plans had changed and they decided to make Modern Warfare 3 the new one its own full-blown release but now again though because we've had this game for a couple of months I feel like the parallels are just too similar to ignore it pretty much is the exact same thing that we went through 12, years ago with the original MW3.

modern warfare 3 12 years later

I really did like this game a lot, but I felt like the one thing that was kind of a downgrade in this game were the maps and the graphics. I mean, I feel like SE Toown here is a bit of a different example since there's so much yellow because of the sand, but with the original MW3. It just kind of feels like there's this grayish-green hue to everything, like in the original MW2.

It just had more color to it on a lot of maps. Now, I'm not saying that MW3 looks terrible or anything like that; it's just in comparison to the original MW2. You can tell the difference, and I also don't know if that's a super unpopular opinion, but I don't really care for a lot of the maps in the original MW3.

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I feel like I'd say there are a handful of very good maps in this game. I think that Setoown here is one of them. I'd probably rate this map at like a b or something like that. Se Town's pretty good. I like it for dominance. It was really good in the drop zone, too. BR got an osprey gun. I mean, against Ctown here, it's pretty good.

I would say resistance, bootleg, and arcaden. At least off the top of my head, those are the maps that I really do enjoy. The village is also pretty good. I know a lot of people speak very highly of Mission, and Mission's pretty okay. I personally got the most enjoyment out of Mission just by playing Drop Zone on that, and again.

Domination is pretty okay too, and I know that this was also a very hot topic of debate that after a short little while of playing pretty much all the Modern Warfare 2 remastered maps, this got a MOAB. Who's out here dropping nukes? I'm sorry, what a free for all nuke. I'm not even going to lie; that's madly impressive who did that, Maka.

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I really hope I'm saying that Right the that just drop shotted me with an ACR this guy is not [__]] around you know what jry, you know what it's your lobby dog go crazy you have fun with that as I was saying though I understand that a lot of people got really tired of all the Modern Warfare 2 remastered maps especially after a month or so and maybe to a lot of people the better move in hindsight would have been you know pick the best eight maps from the original MW2, and pick the best eight maps from the original MW3.

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