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All right guys, so today we're going to be having a look at everything in regards to news leaks, any kind of update, and information in regards to Modern Warfare 3 zombies. Now we haven't had much major updates or news for quite some time, and there's a lot of information that has been leaked and announced that's going to be coming in the near future of Modern Warfare 3 zombies.

Obviously, we've got some new acts to come, new Warlords, and all that good stuff, so make sure you stay tuned all the way till the end of the article so you can find out all that information. And just a quick mention of one of my partners, control freaks; make sure you do go ahead and check them out.

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But anyway, guys, let's jump right into today's article. First of all, in regards to season one reloaded, obviously we got a brand new multiplayer map with loads of stuff coming from multiplayer. And also for War Zone Plus, we've got the brand new boys event coming up as well; however, in regards to zombies, we didn't really see much in the blueprints on what's going to be happening on the road map.

mw3 exfil streak

You showed that you were going to be getting Doabe, which is a brand new warlord. Now the warlord does look pretty damn cool. Obviously, we got like Of Swarm and like the uavs and stuff that we will be able to use in Zombies as well, which is awesome. With that, doabe. I have actually got all the speech lines for her so I'll leave that right at the end of the article so if you want to hear them then feel free to watch all the way till the end I will leave them right at the end of the article so you guys can have a listen to all her lines that she will say in the game but then we've also got some new Warlords, coming as well now I don't know if this is going to be you know during the reload or if this is going to be in season 2 and that's the same with a lot of the content there's no confirmation dates on when we'll be seeing any of this coming up what I do discuss in today's article but we are going to be seeing the return of the chemist which is going to be a new Warlord in the game a usable warlord, as well but this was actually last seen in DMZ.

mw3 leaks

Obviously, like I said, there's going to be a lot of new warlords in the near future. I reckon a lot of them are going to have some form of mass attack, obviously with the infected, gas, etc. They don't want to get turned into zombies, but it's going to be interesting how they all fit into the story lines in the different acts and chapters that we're going to see in the near future.

Also, we are going to be getting some brand new upcoming perks. These perks have been in Call of Duty Zombies prior, and the ones we are going to be seeing are Widows Wine Mu Kick and Electric Cherry, which I really liked when that perk first came in pretty cool perk Some of these might not be added right away; they are just rumored at the moment, but they are looking closer and closer to coming in.

mw3 mule kick zombies

They are all rumored and are in the files, but we know what Call of Duty is like; they do put stuff in files, or they do put code names, and then it turns out we never see them. We've seen that previously with different weapons, even games like full-release games names changed, etc., but a little look at the images that we've seen before, like I said, these should be coming into play.

Modern Warfare 3 zombies, In the near future. Now we are also going to get some xville streaks, so obviously once you're xville, you get your XP, etc., and you get like a well-done sort of thing, but we are going to be seeing some brand new streaks, which were leaked by COD zombies news over on Twitter.

Now these are rumors of Xville streaks, which will include the following: So xville streak one will start with 500. Essence streak two, you'll start with five armor plates streak three, you'll start with 1, 000 Essence streak four, you'll get 30% off perk machine cost streak five, you also start with 1500 Essence streak six increases contract payout streak seven starts with 2,500.

mw3 new act 5 mission

Essence streak 8: 50% off Mystery Box cost streak N9: start with 5, 000 Essence and streak 10; you'll get 20%. Off Pack-a-Punch, cost So it's pretty cool what you can get, so if you fill in 10 times in a row, obviously you're going to be able to pack-and-punch your weapons with a discount. There's other stuff there; you will get like 30% off per machine, and all the additional Essence that you will get as well is pretty damn awesome, so this is quite a fair bit that you guys will get from these streaks.

Obviously, I feel like this was something we were always going to fetch at a later date. I was surprised there wasn't something right away with the launch of the game, but I do think it is very good and very rewarding. It's some additional rewards for people who only play zombies on a regular basis.

mw3 new perks

Now it doesn't state if this is over an x amount of time, so you have to do 10 in x amount of time, or if it just means, you could log on to play Zombies today and then not log on for a week and do it. I don't know how that will continue; obviously, it's just rumors and stuff that's in the files at the moment, so it is something that is exciting.

That is coming as well. Now that we've not really had much conversation about what's going on in regards to act five now Act 5, there's literally nothing out there apart from Recently, there was a little mention that Act Five is going to have Nazi zombies. Now, obviously, at five, we won't see that till season two.

I'll probably start getting some leaks, I would imagine, in the next week or two, once season one is reloaded. It has been released, so potentially we'll see something in regards to that in the near future. We've also got the likes on a PVP mode in zombies, potentially. I've seen a few people mention that it's going to be happening, or potentially happening.

mw3 season 1 content

I don't know if it's just a fan-made thing. I'm not certain in regards to that, but it does look pretty awesome if that were to happen. Well, that sounds pretty awesome. Should I say it would be pretty cool if it did fetch something along those lines into the game? But that is pretty much everything in regards to zombie updates that we know of so far.

And subscribe if you're new. Do you prefer war zones, or do you prefer multiplayer? With that being said, I am going to leave you with the docky B lines, so you guys can have a little listen to that. Like I said, if you have enjoyed it, drop a like. Also, don't forget, guys, to go check out Control Freaks, my partner.

NEW MW3 Zombies Content Update LEAKED! Warlord Operators, Act 5, . - MW3 Zombies.
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