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Massive zombies content leaked

Massive zombies content leaked

Welcome back to a brand new article. In this one, we're going to talk about the massive zombie content update that is going to be arriving. Very soon, we're also going to talk about some future updates that they have planned for zombies.

Mwz season 1 reloaded zombies content

With that being said, let's go ahead and let's jump into it so we know that in the season 1 reloaded update, we're going to be getting brand new content added across all modes, including multiplayer, war zone, and zombies for zombies.

Unfortunately, the only thing that was mentioned in the blog post itself was that we were going to be getting a new warlord named Doabe, which is pretty much the character in the battle pass that we already have as an operator. She's going to be that warlord who uses technology to her advantage, so you have equipment such as breacher drones, killstreaks such as the Swarm, and you have a UAV.

Apparently, that's going to be utilized in some sort of way as well, and we did hear the voice lines. I did cover that in a past article. I will throw it in like the last minute of this article just to remind you guys, but you can hear from what she says what to expect from this fortress. You will need a key card to get in there and fight her now.

This is the only official warlord that has been revealed via a Call of Duty blog.

New warlord bosses & playable operators

New warlord bosses & playable operators

The good news is that leakers came in clutch and mentioned a whole bunch of other warlords that are going to be coming into the future of modern warfare zombies. So we have the chemist, who's going to be one of them. We saw him in the DMZ. The very interesting thing, and I'll talk about that in just a second, is that they might actually be playable operators this time around.

The next operator, we have these look completely brand new ones we have carries, and this is what they look like masked operators with like some sort of gas mask, and then you have another operator, the third one, this one is called the rain maker, and these look completely brand new. We don't have any existing operator skins or anything like that for them.

They sort of remind me of Fortnite. I'm going to guess you're probably going to get to see one warlord every season, so that will make a total of six, one being Doabe. Maybe next season we get Rainmaker, the chemist; another season after that, we'll keep continuing. Get these other characters, and as I mentioned, we might see them as playable operators, so the chemist was never a playable operator that you can unlock in Modern Warfare 2's DMZ.

Maybe this time around we'll see him in the battle pass. He may be rewarded for completing some sort of AC mission. As you can see from the photos, there's a great deal of detail that was added to the development of these skins.

Upcoming zombies perks

Upcoming zombies perks

It would be a shame for them to not make them playable operators other than brand new Warlords. Apparently there's some new perks that might be coming in now, according to a forward leak. He said Mu Kick is returning to Modern Warfare 3 zombies. What this perk does is allow you to carry three different weapons.

Currently, you are available to carry two. It makes it a little bit easier, especially for those of you guys trying to get that Camel grind going on, or maybe if you want to carry like a wonder weapon and two regular weapons when you're entering a Tier 3 zone or like the dark ether. I feel like this could be a very useful perk in many cases.

There is no release date as of right now for when we can expect this to be the next perk that was apparently revealed. This is by a poor guy, and I'm not sure if he's a reliable leaker or not this does is my first time using any of his information, so take it with a grain of salt but they did mention that electric char will also be another brand new perk that we can expect to see in the game what this does is whenever you reload, it will send a shock wave to nearby zombies, electrocuting and stopping them, which will help you when you're in those tight corners or you get caught up and stuck.

You can always just reload and save yourself. If these do end up getting added to the game, it's more than likely going to be around season 2 because so far nothing has been mentioned for season 1 reloaded, and there could be adjustments or updates to them to fit the brand new zombie mechanic.

Zombies exfil streaks & rewards

Zombies exfil streaks & rewards

Going on to the next new feature that we are expecting to see, this is going to be xfill, streak, so this is actually fully detailed in terms of the leaks and the information we have in the files, like they give you all the different rewards if you don't know what xfill streaks are.

This was introduced in the DMZ. The more times you xfill in a row, the better the rewards, the items, and the benefits that you unlock are for whenever you spawn in that next particular match. For example, it says xfi streak number one, so after xfi ones, you come back xfi. The second time you start with 500 Essence XFI Streak 2, you get five armor plates at the start.

The third one starts you with a 1,000 Essence XFI streak. 4 30% off the perk machine cost starts at $1,500. Therefore, increase your contract payout. Start with $2500. Essence 50% off Mystery Box starts with $5,000 Essence, and then 20% off Pack-a-Punch costs If it works the same exact way that it did with DMZ, which I do think it will, these rewards should stack on top of each other. Further proof is that this was a photo that was leaked that says to start a match with 500 Essence, and then at the top you see the little XFI streak logo, and it says that another new feature that could potentially come into the game is going to be the extra operator slots that we saw in DMZ.

Extra operator slots in zombies

Extra operator slots in zombies

This is a feature that I saw many people requesting.

6 player party queuing

Another potential feature that we could see in the game now is based solely on a glitch, so there is no evidence of it so far. You know, currently we have only three players per zombie match that you can queue for, so you can only play with two other friends.

This has actually glitched out for many players where they were able to party up with multiple other people, so up to six people in one party would showcase right here. You see it in the UI; it tells you which players are ready and which ones aren't. You can keep scrolling, so the UI has the capability of letting you have multiple players over three, but the game just would not start because of a glitch.

The fact that it's available in the UI tells you that there is capability for them to start something like this, and hopefully that could be introduced in the future. Maybe with future AC missions where they start getting a little bit more difficult, you might need to party up with more than three players to help you achieve the goal, defeat the boss, or whatever it may be, something else.

HUGE MW3 Zombies Content Update LEAKED! Warlord Operators, Act 5, . - Modern Warfare 3 Zombies.
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