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Season 3 reloaded zombies update!

Season 3 reloaded zombies update!

Welcome back to a brand new article, and in this one we're going to talk about the season 3 Reloaded update for zombies. We're going to go over everything that they've confirmed to be releasing, as well as some of the things that were found in the files, what to expect from them, and so much more.

Also, don't forget to check out yesterday; we uploaded a article going over the season 3 Reloaded early gameplay, so if you want to see some of the updates, pretty much early access early gameplay of some of the weapons, and all that good stuff.

Zombies mangler operator bundle

Anyway, let's go ahead and get into it. I got the brand new zombie bundle.

This one is called the zombies. Mangler brings a new operator skin for gas called the MIM, and it says to tear them apart and leave them mangled. This is what the operator's skin will look like. The bundle also has two different weapon blueprints; the first one is for the RPK called Transfusion.

It doesn't have trace-arounds or effects, which is a little disappointing because it cost $2, 000. There's a second weapon blueprint; this one is for the Riveter, called the Oxidize. And yeah, it looks exactly the same and doesn't have any tracer or effects. You also get a new zombie acquisition, which is Wonder World DG2, and then the rest of the bundle will contain a large decal called Eye Hunger and a new weapon sticker called Infected.

More new act missions & new dark aether rift location

More new act missions & new dark aether rift location

act 4 missions zombies

And finally, a weapon charm called Slade and a decade other than that let's go ahead let's talk about the actual reloaded content coming in they mentioned that the dark ether story will continue with this update and the goal of this mission is to save Dr Jansen and it says an unknown force of disturbing power has its psychic tendrils wrapped tightly around Dr Ava Jensen, the doctor has been lured unto a new region of the dark ether under this malignant influence strike teams from operation dead bull have converged to assist Raven off as he attempts to locate and rescue Dr Jensen from the unknown your expertise surviving and escaping the dark ether is required, this time it has come to explore a new part of the dark ether and rescue Dr Jansen and readying up for another dark ether gate hunt and here's what it is so this is the location that's going to be available It's going to be Zarqua Hydro Electric; they pretty much remake them and take them from Al Mazra, and then they turn them into this zombified.

Change the color correction. The little Sky Box that they got going on is very similar to some of the dark ether Rifts that we've seen in the past, as mentioned right here. You can expect a series of unlock objectives focusing on finding and attuning several relics, allowing access through the gate.

Complete these tasks to step into the Ethereal Void, escape, and face terrifying horrors lurking within, claiming valuable rewards. If you survive, squat up and help Operation Dead Bull continue to contain the onslaught of the undead. Naturally, you're also here to complete activities and contracts.

Discover arcane secrets and secure some highly classified schematics, which I'll showcase in just a second. In the news, a leaker actually mentioned this about it, and he said the Zara hydroelectric. The dark ether map is rumored to have special items that affect your speed, your damage, and your vision.

They don't really mention that in the patches, but I'm assuming it's like those special zombie power-ups that we saw in War Zone.

New challenges & schematic rewards showcase

New challenges & schematic rewards showcase

They're probably going to do that and add that here just to give it a twist and make it a little bit different than some of the other dark ether areas that we've seen in the past, and then going on to the new challenges and the schematics that they go over, so it says unlock new Prestige calling cards at each level Prestige reach and select up to five challenges to track, including any from across the game.

The rewards really aren't that good; they're just really calling cards, and then they go over the C challenges, which I don't think is new content at all; it's just basically camos that you can do in the zombie version. Then, say, in addition, some highly classified schematics are located in deviously secretive locations, all available depending on your success during the rift, so they're all going to be available in the dark ether Rift, and the first one is called Dead wire Detonator schematic, and it says that if you're still shocked at the impressive electrical damage the dead wire ammo inflicts, then you might want to employ the dead wire detonator and attach it to all your explosive weapons, including lethals and launchers.

And then there's the second one called the golden mask filter schematic, a prize schematic with a shiny hue and an impressive long-lasting effect on self-regenerating. Gas mask for the rest of the match; this comes in extremely handy for surviving zombie strongholds and any surprises in the Rifts, and then you have the Sergeant's beam schematic.

It says your outcomes no longer need to be terminal when dealing with Zak's hired guns; simply on the Sergeant's beret and disguise yourself among the mer and summon the trusty mercenary bodyguard, who shadows you until the end, so it's very similar to that DMZ disguise that we saw except this one will give you the addition of a bodyguard.

New warlord rainmaker

New warlord rainmaker

This could be pretty interesting to use, and then We also have the brand new warlord, which is called the Rain Maker, and they give a little paragraph about him, but this is what the operator will look like. It says additional caution is advised when operating in the southeastern part of the Y exclusion zone, as the warlord rainmaker has been commandeered and heavily upgraded.

The defenses of his fortress on Raha Island across the water from Shaheen matter; as his codename suggests, this warlord is an artillery and demolitions expert, and though his island compound is relatively easy to reach, stepping foot on the island with your limbs still attached may be more of a challenge.

act 5 missions

Expect morar rounds and RPG fire to descend on your squad with assault. Maneuvers are made even more difficult due to the water surrounding the rainmaker layer. Fast transport is recommended, and once you disembark, try to ignore the chaos and focus on the fortress. The rainmaker's forces are expendable, and he almost enjoys sacrificing his own men to take out intruders.

With the Fortress breach, slow your progress as the compound is brimming with trip wires and traps. Stepping on a m at this point would be unfortunate, so prepare to change your game plan once you finally corner the rainmaker. He's capable of some nasty surprises you won't be expecting. One thing that I noticed about this warlord that's different from the others is that this is the only one that has not appeared in the battle pass as of right now.

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