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Welcome back to a brand new news article. Today we have a couple of interesting topics to go over and talk about, one of them being a potential Mortal Kombat and Call of Duty crossover. I have a brand new weapon vault, which I'll be showcasing and talking about in today's article. There's a new Easter egg that you can do in the war zone, and more information.

In regards to today's brand new update, speaking of the update. I did make a article earlier today going over all the patch notes and all the details that you need to know about it, such as the brand new features, new weapon balance changes, and the rest of the new content.


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New mw3 update 1.36 issues


Along with the brand new content that we got with today's update, there were also a couple of issues.

One of them is for those of you guys trying to access the free multiplayer. I wasn't allowing some players to download the packs that you needed in order to access them, and now it has been fixed and gone live for those of you guys on Steam. It says free access players on Steam; please ensure the required multiplayer pack is installed prior to launching the game; you can start this installation via the play for free prompt on the Steam Store page.

If you're having this issue on console, check your manage content game files and make sure you have this pack downloaded, or else you're not going to be able to access this free trial brand new mode that we should have gotten today. All or Nothing was actually disabled and removed shortly after the update, and for the reason that it says it has been temporarily disabled while we investigate, an issue preventing players from earning scores, so probably by the time you're watching this article it may end up coming back and being added within a playlist update, but if you don't see it, that's the reason why they had to remove it to fix this error for War Zone.

There's also a couple issues. They said the automatic resupply is causing lethal and tactical equipment loadout slots to resupply with the incorrect items rather than the stuff that you put on, so they are investigating and looking for an issue on that, and they also said they're investigating an issue causing enemy redeploy notifications.

We may get one more update next week with weapon balance changes and adjustments, but by then they may have already left. We more than likely will not receive a brand new update until after New Year's, when they come back from their holiday break.

New gg ez weapon vault showcase

New gg ez weapon vault showcase

Going on to the next topic, Apparently some players have noticed that they mentioned a bundle that is not yet released in the game, and they said this they said players who purchased the GG Easy Weapon Vault bundle will now be able to use the customizations. On the Hound ey integrated optic attachment, the thing is, no player has really purchased this because it has not come into the store yet.

As far as I'm concerned, the only bundles that ended up arriving early were the ones in the four upay, and those were only the operator skins, so this is a brand new weapon. The vault that we're going to get is going to have all the weapons for the hogers, and I'll go ahead and show you guys a little showcasing of it right now.

cod crossover event

The first weapon that you get is going to be the GG Easy Hoger, 556. The second weapon that you have is going to be the LMG, which is going to be the Hoger 26, and then the third one that you have is going to be the D M56. Which is going to be a marksman rifle, and the difference between a weapon vault as well as a blueprint is the fact that with blueprints, if you take the attachments off, it'll take the blueprint itself off as well, and then it will start making it look like a normal weapon, but with weapon vaults, as long as you keep changing the attachments, it will stay looking the same and it will stay completely looking like a weapon.

Vault, it doesn't seem like this one has any Tracer effects based on the showcasing and all that; it doesn't mention Tracer pack at all, but other than that, there's going to be other things that you get, for example, a brand new calling card, a weapon sticker, a weapon charm, an emblem, and then there's three 1-hour Double XP tokens, one for double weapon, one for double weapon, and then one for battle pass.

I am not entirely sure what the price is going to be, but probably around $2, 000 to $2,400. Cod points are my guess, but since they mentioned this in the patch notes, it's probably going to arrive within the next couple of days.

Cod mw3 x mortal kombat potential crossover

Cod mw3 x mortal kombat potential crossover

Now let's talk about the potential Call of Duty and Mortal Kombat crossover according to leaker forward leaks he posted, saying po potential Modern Warfare three times.

Mortal Kombat crossover soon, and then he provided this photo that says Fist O Fire, and then there's an emblem with a mass character holding out a hand that's filled with fire, indicating or teasing that this could potentially be a scorpion. The photo doesn't look 100% like Scorpion; it looks like maybe a reskinned or knockoff version that Call of Duty decided to remake of him.

The first thing that I thought of was the Horseman bundle that we have that's going to be coming in soon, and this is what the bundle looks like—everything that it contains—but one thing that it doesn't have is this emblem called The Fist of Fire. Scorpion there's just so many—the list goes on—and the fact that they also have finishing moves in Mortal Kombat with the fatalities that they have that they could bring into Call of Duty as well.

cod leaks

This could be a very big event that would work out in Call of Duty, but the real question is if it's actually going to happen or not. As of right now, this is the only photo that we have in regards to it. Apparently, there's no like strings in the files, no mentions of it, and there were a couple of mentions of Michonne being an operator with Rick Grimes for the Walking Dead event; there were some indicators.

Of the boys event way before the season 1 update took place so we knew about those and had a little bit of evidence on them but this one there's really no evidence or anything being revealed, have been multiple other events that have been sort of leaked in this way and they did end up coming in so I'm not entirely sure what to believe as of right now but take this with a grain of salt I just wanted to cover any Call of Duty news that we get and this is something that I've seen people talking about also saw some cod news articles for example gamerant.

NEW MW3 x MORTAL KOMBAT Crossover Event, SECRET Warzone Easter Egg MORE! Modern Warfare 3 Update.
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