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Mw3 multiplayer update 1.39 patch notes

Mw3 multiplayer update 1.39 patch notes

Welcome back to a brand new article. Today we got a new surprise update in Call of Duty. This was an update that required a download over on Steam; it was only 1 GB; maybe on Playstation or Xbox it might be a little bit larger; it shouldn't be larger than like 3 GB. There really wasn't all that much going on with this, but let's talk about all the new changes.

First off, this is from multiplayer. They said the global stability and performance addressed a crash that occurred during offline play while selecting a weapon or an operator, and then for the multiplayer, specific UI, the bug fixes resolved various issues causing players to be unexpectedly kicked back to the menu when viewing Prestige calling cards.

cod mw3 patch notes 1.39

Filtering locked operator challenges and removing options from the Quick Settings previewing weapon completionist rewards will no longer cause the menu to become inoperable. To address an issue preventing the activate Armory unlock prompt for controller inputs from functioning, they replaced the placeholder name for the Imigo Ram 9 SMG gun camo with a placeholder reward image in the Horde Hunt event, and then for the gameplay, bug fixes: Aikimbo weapons will now be displayed properly after infiltrating maps via an elevator.

To address an issue preventing hybrid optics from being toggled while a com attachment is equipped on the BP50 ARR, we did some progressional updates. Increase the XP earned for the first challenge in week 1 from 1, 000 to 2, 500. XP I believe if you already completed that, you should get the XP difference right away.

They increased the bonus XP per match for using a featured operator skin during an event from 1, 000 XP to 2, 500 XP per match. They also removed the ad site requirement for the Ram 7 AR Forge Camo Challenge, so now it's 10 operator kills while sliding with the Ram 7 for the map changes. They only did one for Operation Tinman, which is in war mode.

cod update

Players can now respawn at tactical insertions placed in the South Lookout area for the Mo's hord. Point dying while an instakill PowerUp is active will no longer cause it to deactivate; zombies will now prioritize operators over kill streaks and field upgrades; stun grenades will now temporarily stun the zombies; and for the team gun game, performing a finishing move will now deduct a score from the enemy team.

Melee kills and setbacks are now properly tracked on the after-action market report, and then for the private match-adjusted game rules to align with the competitive setting rule set while a CDL game mode is selected. Dynamic map elements Global and then the next zone reveal time in hardpoint, we got a couple of weapon balance changes.

This one is specifically for striker 9, and this is only for MW2. I'll talk about the war zone in just a second, but Striker 9 increased enemy name plate revealed distance from 33 to 38 and decreased hiire spread while firing by 6%. Decrease The recoil gun kicked from 54.9.° to 35°, increased horizontal recoil from 9.7° to 16.17°, and that was a 67% jump.

cod weapon meta

Increased vertical recoil control from 40.652248. The ability to aim down while sliding increases bullet velocity from 540 to 560, increases maximum damage from 29 to 32, and increases near-medium damage from 25 to 28. decrease the minimum damage from 20 to 18. increase the maximum damage range from 10.7 to 14.

decrease the medium damage range from 22.9 to 20.3, and decrease the near medium damage range from 35.6 to 27.9. The recoil pattern of the striker 9 has been significantly adjusted, resulting in increased control while firing. The changes do seem confusing, but overall, it seems like the striker 9 was buffed.

But the next thing that we have is for the LMGS, the attack evolver. They did the same thing; it looks like they increased the movement speed, decreased the rate of fire, and increased the maximum damage. increased the maximum damage range, increased the medium damage range, and then increased the head damage multiplier.

cod weapon update

Increased neck, upper torso, upper arm, and lower arm damage multipliers, increased the target Flint, and then they also did the max for the 5.56, belt increased movement speed benefit, and added 40% heat spread reduction. Increased sight-time movement speed added to the rate of fire benefit. decrease the maximum damage.

decrease medium damage and increase the head, neck, and upper torso damage multipliers, So it looks like these got a pretty big buff. They said our primary goal for these changes is to better differentiate the two ammunition types of the tack: the 7.62, which is a slow yet accurate long-range competitor, and the 5.56, which favors aggression and is built for run and gun play.

meta update

The 7.62 rewards accuracy and sees an increase to Target Flint, allowing it to better compete with sniper rifles at range and the 5.56. Sports a significantly faster fire rate that is both easier to handle and consistent with locational damage multipliers, and then you have the snipers, so Longbow the Jack Tyron 762, kit they decrease the ads sight time increase the aim down movement speed and added 30% hipfire spread reduction benefit for the hand guns wsp Stinger increases recoil gun kicks by 87%, decreases horizontal recoil rec coil by 34%, increases vertical recoil control by five, and increases maximum damage.

21 increase in near-medium damage, increase medium damage from 18 to 20, and increase the minimum damage from 15 to 18 with these changes. The wsp Stinger has reduced recoil, which is also easier to control, pairing it well with its increased damage, and then for the attachments, no stock removed hip fire.

Crosshair sway for the purse assassin invest resolved an issue preventing lethal equipment from being equipped and for field upgrades Loadout drops permanently disable the ability to equip loadouts due to their limited use and often being utilized to reach exploitable locations. The loadout drop is no longer available in multiplayer D. They just removed that, and then Kill streaks for the Wilson zombies can now be run over and killed in Hordo, and then going on to the NW3 ring play gameplay, maps, and mode CDL, or subbase hardpoint, has been temporarily removed from ring play, and then content restrictions All sniper rifles have been restricted.

Mw3 zombies update 1.39 patch notes

Mw3 zombies update 1.39 patch notes

For zombies, we got a super tiny update that says GameP Playay Perk. Coca-Cola's PhD Flopper, addressed an issue that prevented PhD Flo proper from protecting players against various damag sources: kill streaks. The Sentry turn adjusted the number of active Sentry turns players can place at a single time to three to improve server stability.

And finally, stability added various crash and stability fixes.

NEW MW3 SURPRISE Update 1. 39 Patch Notes! New Content, Gameplay, Weapon Buffs - Modern Warfare 3.
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