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Mw3 warhammer 40k event & operator bundles early showcase!

Mw3 warhammer 40k event & operator bundles early showcase!

Welcome back to a brand new article. We have the Warhammer 40K event starting this coming Wednesday, and we got an early look at the upcoming rewards you're going to be able to get early, like article showcasing. We also have the upcoming operator skins, the price, the dates of these operator bundles, and all the other details that you need to know in regards to this event.

Also, a quick reminder: I did post a article yesterday going over the new Hunger Pains operator anime skin. I'll show you guys how you're able to unlock her because she's not going to come in the standard way into the shop as a bundle; it's actually going to be a little bit more confusing than that, and I go ahead and talk about discussing that as well as showcasing some free operator skins and rewards that you're going to be able to get during the reloaded update, but anyway, Let's go ahead and jump into it.

Mw3 warhammer 40k event rewards early showcase

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The next live event we have in Modern Warfare 3 is going to be the crossover with Warhammer 40K. This starts on March 13th at 10 a.m. Pacific Standard time, which is going to be this coming Wednesday after this weekend. The crossover will have three different pieces of brand new content, the first of which is a new event.

This is going to be an XP-based event very similar to the Dune one that we have right now. You simply play the game and gain XP, and you'll be able to get rewards. The second one is going to be the brand new mode, which is called the Jugger Marsh LTM. The last thing that we get is a brand new store update that brings in three different operator skins.

Let's go ahead and talk about the event and the different rewards that you get. We got this short clip from Hey, I'm Alex. He showed early footage of what the rewards are, so the very first one is at 9,500 XP. By the way, I'm not sure if the XP amount is accurate; it could update and change. We get the No-Fear weapon sticker, and this is what it will look like.

cod mw3 warhammer

The next reward we have is called the March of McRae. I'm sorry if I said that wrong, but this is going to be a brand new calling card that you get at 21,500. The next reward that you get is a token-tier skip for the battle pass at 36,500. The fourth reward is a new weapon charm called righteous hatred that's going to be unlocked.

55, 66984 seal, which is a new weapon sticker unlocked at 79, 500 XP The following one is going to be a brand new emblem called the emperor, and this will be unlocked at 10 19, 700 XP. The next reward is going to be a new weapon blueprint, which is actually going to be for a tactical, and that's going to be the stun grenade called the psyched out, probably one of the coolest rewards you'll be able to get here from this event that's going to be unlocked at.

147,00 XP the reward after this one is called the Sons of Saulous. I'm sorry if I said that wrong, and that is going to be a calling card. It looks like it's also going to be animated. You'll need 195,00 XP for this one, and then the next reward is going to be an animated emblem. It says innocence proves nothing.

25, 9, 15 XP This is a brand new loading screen. I'm not even going to try to pronounce that, but you unlock that at 332, 000 XP. Following that, you get a 1-hour Double XP token at 427, 000, and then the final reward will be at. 5485 xp will unlock the New Righteous Storm weapon blueprint. The photo right here isn't very accurate, but here's just a little short clip of what the weapon blueprint will look like.

It's a gold-colored blueprint, and it's for the WS9. SMG has no trace-arounds or any effects like that, but these are all the rewards that you get from this event. Let's go ahead and showcase.

Warhammer 40k operator skins bundle early gameplay showcase

Warhammer 40k operator skins bundle early gameplay showcase

The brand new operator skins that are going to be released, A huge shout out to Austin 6 for this gameplay footage. If you want to see more like this, definitely check out his channel. The first bundle is called the Warhammer Space Marine Tracer Pack. This is going to cost you 3, 000 Cod points, and when you take a look at the bottom, it's sort of understandable why they're charging that much because first you have the Ultramarine.

Scout, which is going to be for scorch. You have the blue version, and then you have the next one, which is called the Blood Angel Scout, and that's the red version, and that's going to be for scorch as well. So pretty much the same skin, just different colors. And then here's where we jump into the other thing, so we have an Ultram Mars Vengeance, which is going to be a killstreak skin for the Juggernaut.

cod mw3 warhammer operators

You'll be able to use it for free during the Jugger Mar LTM. But then after that, it's going to go away permanently, and if you have this bundle, you'll be able to use it forever, and then you have the red version, that one's called Balls Wrath, and that's also the same exact thing, and then you have two different weapon blueprints that have Trace Surs.

The first one is called the courage and honor of the Sidewinder, a battle rifle. It does have both Tracer rounds and death effects, and this is a showcase of what that looks like, and I believe all the different weapon blueprints will have these Tracer rounds and effects on them. There's also the second version of this, and this is also going to be for The Sidewinder, called the Angels Fury, and this is just going to be like the Blood Marines version of it, with the same exact effects and all that good stuff, and then you have the chain swords, which are going to be coming in for the soul render melee weapon; they're called the teeth of Terra for the blue one; it only has a death effect; obviously, melee weapons don't get tracers.

cod warhammer event rewards

And this is what the effect will look like once you eliminate a player, and then you also have the red version, which is called the flesh tear; once again, the same exact thing for the weapon blueprint; and then you have the first ever riot shield weapon blueprint called the Aus imperialist. It doesn't look like it has a death effect or anything like that, but this is what the ratchi blueprint looks like, and it's probably one of the better blueprints that we've seen here, and then you have another weapon blueprint that is going to be for the hay maker called the contempt, and it has the same exact death effects and all that, so this is the first time I've ever seen them throw in five different weapon blueprints in one bundle, and then on top of that, there's also a brand new finishing move called the evisceration.

mw3 battle sisters bundle showcase

Which I did Showcase in the past before, but at the time it just wasn't finished yet, and that's pretty much with the chainsaws, and then going on, you got two different weapon charms, a blue version as well as a red version, and this is the entire bundle costing you $3, 000, and that is set to arrive on the 11th.

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