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Today I'm going to be showing you guys the top five guns here in Modern Warfare 3. These classes right here are guns that I've dropped MTB nukes with, and they're going to be guns that can help you guys get easy nukes as well. If you guys do enjoy and agree with my top five list, don't forget to drop a like.

Let's hop right into the top five. So the first gun we're going to cover is going to be the MCW. With this weapon, we have one of the most dominant guns in Modern Warfare 3; it's been the best gun ever since the beta, and it is the AR meta that they run in the pro scene as well. So for the class setup for this weapon, we have one, the VT7 suppressor, undetectable by radar recil control because of velocity and damage range.

This is like the best suppressor in all of Modern Warfare 3, in my personal opinion, and it just gives you everything you need in a suppressor, just in terms of the damage range and recoil control, so put this suppressor on I have on the 16.5. MCW the Cyclone long barrel gives you bullet velocity, range aiming ID, sway, and firing aiming stability.

modern warfare 3

One of the reasons why I consider this barrel to be the best barrel for the MCW is because it maximizes bullet velocity and range, so your bullets hit a lot faster no matter the range. I got the Big Boy 60 round drum mag just because we have a lot more bullets, and I personally do feel like this gun goes through ammo pretty quick, so the 60 is definitely clutch.

I have on the RB claw PSL grip to that fire aim stability gun kick control and recoil control. Obviously, this gun has no recoil already, but this grip right here just eliminates any sort of little recoil that this weapon could possibly have, and we have on the MCW iron back tactical stalk for that tack stand spread, hip fire spread, sight speed, and sprints of fire speed, giving us some mobility for this weapon.

I think this gun right here or this class right here gives you everything you need in terms of off-the-radar mobility and a lot of ammo, and it kills insanely quick as well. This is one of the most versatile guns built for the MCW. The next weap is going to be the WSP, Swarm. This is one of the fastest-killing SMGs at Point Blank ranges; it kills so quick up close, and it's like one of the most perfect guns for shipment as well.

modern warfare 3 best

The TK is literally insane on this build, and the fire rate on this thing makes it like one of the fastest-killing guns in the game. I think that's why it's so good, but for the class setup, this weapon is going to toss on the W SP. Reckless and long-barel, it gives you bullet velocity and range aiming with an idle sway gun.

K control and reco control. Obviously, when a gun shoots pretty quick, it has a lot of recoil, so those two gun kick controls and recoil controls definitely do come in clutch, especially with our bullets hitting a lot faster when it shoots so quick, as you have on the ftac, msp9. Hand stop for that aim walking speed, vertical recoil gun control, and movement speed.

modern warfare 3 best ar

This hand stop right here gives you the perfect balance of movement and the perfect balance of recoil control. We got on a big boy 100-round drum mag, which you would think makes the gun a lot slower, but actually, don't you still feel pretty quick with the unround? So we have that on also got on the mortar grip as well for that fire aim and stability, gun kick control, and recoil control, making a gun an absolute beam, and we have on the FSS, Rampage.

V, whatever number is tactical for that, and on S speed aiming, Idol Sway, and re and firing aim in stability, this is one of the most balanced wsp swarm classes you can ever use. It kills insanely quick up close, and this class is literally unbeatable. No matter the range, the next gun is going to be one of the most popular in one of the most popular guns in modare 3 since literally the beta that's going to be the striker.

The striker received a couple Nerfs and Buffs, but he was still one of the top SMGs in the game. In my personal opinion, it is definitely a top-two or top-one sub. Literally, no matter what. I'm surprised they don't honestly use this gun when it comes to the pro scene, but I guess the Rival 9 just zaps up close, but for the striker class right here, you want toss on the striker.

modern warfare 3 best assault rifle

Elite long barrel gives you aiming idle sway recoil control gun K control and bullet velocity and range. One of the most perfect barrels you can put on this Striker you have on the XRK, the hand stop right here gives you aim walking speed, movement speed, and exp fire speed. This hand stop just focuses only on mobility, which definitely does come in the clutch we have on the auto.

High-grain rounds for that no enemy skulls bullet velocity and damage range This right here boosts the ttk at further ranges and the ttk up close as well, because we get a lot more bullet velocity. We also have one big boy 60-round drum mag, and we have one tack grip for that attack stand to spread and sprint to fire speed.

modern warfare 3 best class

This is one of my favorite builds I've run. The striker has literally zero reco in the 60-round drum mag, which just fits. In my personal opinion, because you're not too slow with it, or you're not even slow at all with it, this is overall one of the most perfect builds for the striker. The next gun right here for the top five is going to be a gun that the pro players called the Ray Gun, which is going to be the Rival 9.

This thing kills insanely quick up close, especially when getting a head shot. I think this thing has like a crazy head shot multiplier for some odd reason, so I think that's why pro players call it the ray gun, but for the first attachment, going to toss on the Rival C clear shot barrel, it gives you aiming idle sway, buet velocity damage range, and recoil control.

This barrel is like the best barrel you can run on this thing in terms of just getting a lot more damage out of it because it gives you that insane amount of bullet velocity and gives you that insane amount of damage range as well. I have on the L4. R flash hder for that muzzle concealment, but mainly for that recoil control and gun take control.

modern warfare 3 best class setup

Once you put this on, this weapon will literally not move whatsoever. You have on the XRK, Edge hand stop again for that aim walking speed, movement speed, aim down sight speed, and sprint to fire speed, giving this gun a lot of mobility. Because we have the Big Boy 50 round drum mag, one thing about this gun It goes through bullets a lot, and it goes through bullets pretty fast, so the 50 is definitely a clutch thing to have.

In my personal opinion, we have on the Rival fa tactical stock that hit fire and Tack stand spread a walking speed, sprint fire speed, aimed speed, and movement speed. This thing right here is literally insane; it kills so quick up close that it has a crazy headshot multiplier, like I said, and just has no recoil as well.

NEW TOP 5 MUST USE GUNS in MW3 after Season 1 UPDATE! Modern Warfare 3 Best Class Setups.
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