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I'm giving you guys the top seven best-class setups in Modern Warfare 3, and this is everything that is all going to be meta-no-recoil and very easy to use. One of the first things I actually want to show you is the DG58. Because this thing is insane, easy to use, and a beautiful weapon. You do not want to use the Brun heavy support grip for this one because the kick is vertical; it's not horizontal when put on the 40-round mag.

I don't really suggest the 60; it's just too many cons, and I just don't think it's worth it. 40 is a sweet spot in my opinion, more than enough; in fact, I actually got a nuke consar and destroy with this build right here. Just show you guys how easy this thing is to use; like, the two bursts are absolutely crazy, and then there are three bursts at long range.

This is the setup that I got from Nucleus Search and Destroy. You guys have to try it out, like, try it out one time, and I know you guys are absolutely going to love it. It's just really that easy of a weapon to use, Striker, because this is a fan favorite. You start out with the Sonic suppressors for being undetectable by radar bullet velocity and damage range at the cost of aim walking steadiness, sprint to fire speed, and recoil control.

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Next, we're going to throw on a Recon long barrel for the barrel, and this is for bullet velocity and range aiming out of sway. Now you get a reduction of hip fire intact stance spread. Sprint to fire speed at walking speed, but that's not a big deal. This is my personal preference right here, but I think you should use the 45 auto-high grain rounds for no enemy skull bullet velocity and damage range at the cost of some recoil control, which you will not notice.

I ran the 60-round jump because this is multiplayer, but if you guys want to run the 48 feel free just for faster aim down sight speed aim walking and all that stuff, you do get a significant reduction. With the 60-round drum, but I do have something that's going to offset that, so wait before you make this final decision.

The last thing is the no stock, which helps with aim downside speed, sprint fire speed, aim walking speed, and hip fire attack stance spread at the cost of gun kick control, aiming out of Flinch resistance, and recoil control. I know you see all those cons, but with this entire setup right here, I'm going to show you guys just how deadly this is.

cod mw3

So just going into a game right now, you start out with one plate, because that's what it basically is. Look how fast that absolutely kills, and it basically feels like it has no recoil. Now, long range, there is a little bit more recoil, but as you guys see, you actually still have really good movement and really good recoil control, and super long range is really the only con, so please give this a chance.

I guarantee you guys will absolutely love this. Start out with the L-Force flash hider for muzzle flash concealment, recoil control, and gun kick control at the cost of aim-down sight speed, which is not a big deal. Throwing the 9mm high grain rounds for bu of velocity and damage range at the cost of recoil control, now you guys need this to make this an actual meta weapon; without this, it kind of feels like a peashooter, but with this, it just changes the entire game.

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40-round mag now, but I don't recommend 50 because. You guys may think that in this aspect it's not really going to change much, but it just feels way slower and way clunkier than with the 40, so stick with the 40. 40 is more than enough; if you want to try 50, that's my guess, but I don't think you're going to have a good experience.

Rival vice assault grip for gun kick control, firing aim stability, and recoil control comes at the cost of aiming out of sway, which is not a big deal. I don't think the alternatives are really worth it; they don't really have many pros. And the last thing is the MTZ Marauder stock for gun kick control, aiming out of sway, and firing aim stability at the cost of aim walking speed, movement speed, hit-fire attack, stand spread, and sprint to fire speed.

It's so crazy how easy this gun is to actually use. The only downside is that, for me, I have stick drift, so long range is not great for me, but for somebody without stick drift, it just melts long range. Short range and medium range are just absolutely optimal, so please try this gun out; it's absolutely insane.

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If you guys want to, feel free to take a screenshot right now because Rival 9 is honestly the best SMG you can use in Modern Warfare 3. I can't think of a better one that you would actually want to use next than the fan favorite, MCW. Now this is the overall best assault rifle. Now there are assault rifles that, you know, have better damage or are a little bit faster, but overall, this is fantastic.

Start out with the 16.5. MCW, Cyclone long barrel for bullet velocity and range aiming out of sway, and firing aim stability at the cost of attack stand spread, HIIT fire spread, and aim walking speed on the 5.56. NATO High-grain rounds for bullet velocity and damage range at the cost of recoil control, which you will not notice in the 60-round drum Now this is an example of a weapon that I don't really see the difference between the 40 and the 60 in regards to the cons, so this is something that I highly recommend just sticking with the 60-round drum RB claw.

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PSL, grip for firing aim stability, gun kick control, and reco control at the cost of aiming out of sway, which is not something that's going to be noticeable with this gun, and last but not least, my personal preference, but I put on the Mark II reflector. If you want to use anything else, feel free, but I just like using this; it feels way easier to use this gun with this and show you guys how amazing this is.

It takes no effort to actually use this gun, and as you guys see, it literally has no recoil, so you guys see the reload is actually really good. I'm going to show you guys the Sprint fire speed. Very easy it's just an overall very easy weapon for anybody to use, whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or pro.

I do have something that's a little bit more difficult, has a little bit more recoil, but has a bit more damage, but before we get into that, feel free to screenshot this, take a picture, or just put the class set up right now if you guys want to. This setup is absolutely amazing, and I recommend anybody watching this to try it out if you guys made it this far into the article comment.

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MCW, my snipers out there, you guys know I have to give you guys love with the longbow. This is honestly one of the best weapons you can use overall. It's a very spammy weapon, but the thing is, you can take just about any shot. Distance As long as you get a head shot, start with the FSS OV laser for aiming stability, aim-down sight speed, and sprit-to-fire speed.

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