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I'm giving you guys the top 10 best-class setups in Modern Warfare 3, and we are going to start out with the fan favorite MCW, Dur on the 16.5. MCW Cyclone long barrel for bullet velocity and range aiming out way and firing aim stability 5.56 NATO High grain rounds for bullet velocity and damage range the cost some recoil control 60 round drum unless you're comfortable with the 40 either are completely fine you do get a little bit more cons with the 60 but I don't think it's that noticeable RB claw PSL grip for firing aim stability gun kick control and recoil control and last but not least the Mark 3 reflector this thing literally takes no effort to use it's the easiest weapon to use in Modern Warfare 3 and if you don't have this in Your Arsenal, even just you know as a just in case type weapon then you're doing it.

Wrong so this is the best class set up right here. Make sure you guys screenshot it. This is the best class for the MCW. Next is the SVA 545. This is a very sleeve-on but very powerful weapon. Go on the STV Precision barrel for aiming out of the sway bull of velocity and range, gun kick control, and recoil control (5.45).

Amazing an incredible low-recoil weapon that's very easy to use. Now I do have one alternative. If you guys don't like the cons of the BT7 spe fire suppressor and you guys just want the recoil control instead of the VT7 spirit fire suppressor throwing on the monolithic suppressor right here, so it'll give you no sprint to fire penalty, you can just get right into the action.

cod modern warfare 3 best class

It's completely your choice, though whichever one you want to use, you still get all the benefits of the recoil control without the penalty of the sprint to fire speed, so whichever one you want to throw on there, like I said, feel free. I just think that the previous choice was better. This is a fantastic alternative, though.

If you want to throw this on there, feel free to screenshot it if you guys don't want the monolithic. Vt7 spier suppressor if you don't want the vt7 spier suppressor throw on the monolithic suppressor the striker throwing the Sonic suppressor s for being undetectable by the radar bullet velocity and damage range at the cost of aim walking steadiness Sprint to fire speed and recoil control, now if you don't like this we can actually choose the alternative of the Shadow strike suppressor s if you don't want any cons you'll still be undetectable by the radar but the only thing is I mean you won't get the bullet velocity and damage range I don't really recommend the monolithic suppressor.

cod mw3

Or anything like this just because it already has low recoil, and you don't want to compromise your damage range with any of these other ones, so the Sonic compressor is just the overall best choice. On the striker, Recon long bar for bu of velocity and range and aiming out of sway at the cost of hit-fire intact stance spreads Sprint to fire speed and aim walking speed.

Now the beautiful thing about this is that with this entire loadout, I am going to be taking care of these cons. So it doesn't really matter that these cons are here for now. I see some people using the Striker Elite long barrel; the only downside to that is that it doesn't give much bullet velocity and range the way this does, and this does give aiming out S.

Plus, the addition of recoil control and gun kick control isn't necessary because it already has low recoil. These things are also unnecessary because the other things we're going to be adding to the attachments are just decreasing bullet velocity and range, which will make this basically a peashooter.

modern warfare 3

When this is very optimal, they're on the 0–45 Auto High grain rounds for no enemy skulls bullet velocity and damage, at the cost of recoil control. Now I don't really recommend any other alternative, just because one I don't really see one and two I just think that this is the best possible choice you do get a reduction of recoil control but it's something you won't notice because like I said this thing has very low recoil as it is 60 round drum now this one's kind of personal preference, you can use 48 and honestly the cons will actually be better and this is probably more of The Meta option, but I like using 60 round drum just as many bullets as possible and I don't really see, too much of a difference with this class setup, so if you want to use 48 or if you want to use 60 completely fine whichever one you choose and last but not least is no stock this helps to aim down sight speed Sprint to fire speed aim walking speed and hit fire attack stance spread.

modern warfare 3 best

Now the difference between this loadout and, say, a class set up in a war zone is that in a war zone. I use the RB Calis assault stock, which helps with gun kick control, aim-down sight speed, and sprint-to-fire speed. With this gun already having low recoil, you don't really need the addition of gun kit control, but it is something I like having overall for War Zone now with multiplayer.

I don't think it's as essential because it already does have low recoil as it is and it doesn't really take as many bullets to kill, so you're going to have low recoil in the initial amount of bullets, and then it may start jumping after maybe the 10th or 11th shot, but I don't really think it's necessary, so I'm going to show you both with no stock and the ARB Calis, so I put it on one plate just because that's the general idea of what the health is going to be like, so you guys see it doesn't have much recoil.

modern warfare 3 best ar

Even at long range, it is not that bad. I mean. I think that you'll have enough time to actually get the job done, and the like ads are actually pretty quick, so it's completely up to you whether you choose to use no stock or not, but I will show you what the catalis actually looks like. So with the catalis, it actually, as you guys see, has significantly less recoil, so it's actually a whole lot easier to control the recoil.

So some people may opt towards the ARB calus, but you do get a little bit less of the perks that you would get with the no stock, so it's something that you have to weigh your options on. So with all these said and done, if you guys want to screenshot this class up, feel free, but if you don't want to use the RB calus assault stock, then the not stock is, in my opinion, just as good, and this is the first class for The Meta Loadout.

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