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We're going to start out with the newly buffed hogar (556). Through the VT7 spirit fire suppressor for being undetectable by the radar. Reco controls bullet velocity and damage range at the cost of aim downside speed, aim walking speed, and sprinting the fire speed next time on the 5.56. NATO HRA rounds now if you guys don't want these this is completely fine you can throw on anything else but this just gives it even more bullet velocity than it already had next put on the 40 round mag now in my opinion I don't really recommend 20 I don't think it's worth it but if you want to subset the vt7, spier suppressor.

Negatives then you can put this on next I put on a mark three of reflector but honestly you can put on anything that you guys want to it's completely personal preference and next the RB Addle assault stock for recoil control and gun K control at the cost of aim down sight speed this is honestly one of the easiest weapons to use in the game right now I would say it's actually better than MCW, especially after the buff this thing is absolutely busted, you're going to just you need to try this out it's absolutely ridiculous and if you want even less recoil like I said you can change it around but here is the entire class setup right here bt7.

High-grain rounds, 40 rounds, and a Mark 3 reflector, along with the RB atal assault. If you guys don't want the NATO High Grand rounds, then most likely you can throw on the Cheerios 6 match if you guys want to basically do the same as a war zone, but if you guys like this setup for multiplayer, then feel free to use this.

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Next is the brand new SOA subverter. You guys have to try this out throw on the shadow strike suppressor for being undetectable by the radar next throw on the 50-round drum. If you guys don't want this, you guys can use a 762 with 30 round mags, and honestly, you will have fewer negatives. I mean, it depends on what you think are enough bullets in multiplayer.

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I think 30 is enough but if you want to use 50 completely up to you next put on the tack Handler grip for Sprint of fire speed attack stance for at to ca of recoil control and Flinch resistance, last but not least the HRT low Precision stock for aiming out s firing aim stability and gun kick control at the cost of aim walking speed and movement speed in my opinion this gets the job done very easily it takes very little to no effort and if you guys want an even better build then you guys can get something for less recoil, or we can do better movement but I think overall this build right here is absolutely fantastic and just gets the job done so here's the entire class up right here make sure you guys take a picture screenshot or whatever you have to do the BP.

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Start out with the VT7. SP fire suppressor; it helps with being undetectable by radar. Recoil control bullet velocity and damage range at the cost of aim down sight speed aim walking stus Sprint to fire speed, now it's honestly not a big deal lower n heavy barrel this helps with bullet velocity and range gun kick control Reco control and firing aim stability at the cost of hit fire attack stand spread aim walking speed Sprint to fire speed and Sprint speed put on the Brun heavy support grip this helps with gun kick control, aiming out of sway horizontal recoil firing aim stability at the cost of vertical recoil and aim down sight speed 45 round M because I think this is just the optimal choice and last but not least the moot 40 stock for gun kick control aim downside speed aim walking speed and recoil control at the cost of firing aim stability Sprint to fire speed and Sprint speed with movement speed this thing is actually ridiculously, good and does not take much effort to use it's actually ridiculous how good this thing is.

It's an iron sight weapon that has practically no recoil, like I'm not even at 120 fov, so people that actually play at 120 fov, it's actually going to look even more insane than this, but you guys see, close range is amazing, medium range is amazing, and long range is amazing. This is actually the same class setup I use in War Zone, and it's because in solos, this thing is an absolute monster.

This is the only thing you actually need. So here's the entire class setup for the BP50. If you made it this far, I want you guys to comment. I saw that we're going to trick everybody who actually doesn't watch the entire article, and it's going to be really funny. Next is the ram 9, and this thing is absolutely.

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Incredible in multiplayer and war zones, I have something very special for you. On the ZON 35 compensated flash hider, this shortens radar pings, increases vertical and horizontal recoil control, and increases firing aim stability. Now you do lose some bullet velocity and aim downside speed, but it's not a big deal.

In fact, if you look, the bullet velocity reduction is not that much; it's only a 5% reduction. And honestly i think that you're not even going to notice it next I put on the dr6 hand stop for aim walking speed aim downside speed Sprint to fire speed and movement speed at the cost of him fire attack stce spread and aim walking steadiness put on a 40 round mag now if you want to put on 50 that's all the power to you I don't really think you need it I think that thing shreds fast enough so you can put on 40 and, most likely wipe out at least half the team before you have to reload I put on the retoric 90 grip tape for fing a stability gun control and recoil control at the cost of aiming at Sway, and last but not least I put on the HPS 3.4.

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Pad for gun kit control, aiming out, firing aim stability, and recoil control at the cost of movement speed, Sprint speed, aim walking speed, and Sprint to fire speed. Honestly, this thing is ridiculously easy to use; it's a super powerful weapon, and honestly, even at long range, if you just burst fire, it's like, look how fast that actually takes the enemy out; they're not even going to be able to react in time by the time you actually try to shoot them, so this is an overall fantastic weapon.

You burst fire for the long range, and you can continuously fire short to medium; honestly, I would say the best weapon in MW3. Right now, but, I mean, that's just my opinion. You guys can choose whatever you guys want as the best weapon, but here's the entire class setup right here, which I highly recommend.

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Screenshotting: this is using it at least once. I know you guys are going to do really well with it. You're going to be shocked at just how amazing it is. Next is something you have to really hear me out on, but it is absolutely insane. The KV inhibitor starts out with the shadow strike suppressor L, which is undetectable by the radar with absolutely no cons.

Modern Warfare 3 Top 5 BEST Class Setups AFTER UPDATE MW3 Best Class Setups.
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