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I'm giving you guys the top five best Modern Warfare 3 class setups now. This is going to be everything you need. It's going to be really easy to use any of these weapons. I would consider all of these overpowered and meta, so we're going to get right into it. The first thing I want to show you guys is the fjx Horus; they're on the Sonic suppressors for being undetectable by the radar bullet velocity and damage range at the cost of aim walking sadness.

Sprint to fire speed and recoil control. If you don't want this, considering it's multiplayer, you can actually use the shadow strike suppressors, and it'll be just as good. In my opinion, this just gives a little bit more bullet velocity and damage range, but if you don't need it, then feel free to put on the shadow strike suppressors next.

Put on the sin9, long barrel now. The big thing is, you actually won't be able to use muzzles in the first place unless you put this barrel on, so make sure you guys have this on there. It helps with bullet velocity and range, aiming out of range, and firing aim stability at the cost of fire attack stance spread, aim walking speed, and sprint to fire speed.

cod modern warfare 3 best class

I went over the other ones, and honestly. I think this is the best possible choice just because the recoil isn't that bad with this weapon and you're going to be using it at close to medium range overall anyway. So if you wanted to use it for long range, I guess you would put on the Marus heavy barrel, and we can go over that later on, but this is the optimal.

Barrel right here put on the Brun pivot vertical grip for gun kick control, vertical recoil, aiming idle s, and firing aim stability at the cost of horizontal recoil, aim down sight speed, and sprint to fire speed. This is the best possible choice. I went over every single one of these like big hitters right here, and this is just the best one, a 48-round mag.

Now, I mean, this is just a given. You guys need to put this on because 20 is not enough, five is not enough, and the base is not enough either, so 48 is definitely the sweet spot right here. Finally, the Lopper LXD stocks for aiming out of way reco control, gun kick control, and firing aim stability at the cost of aim downside speed, aim walking speed, and movement speed.

cod mw3

This weapon is honestly super easy to use, and it's actually pretty powerful, in my opinion. Now I would not use this long range. I'm going to be honest with you; I would not use it long-range, but you can actually get the job done. I just feel like I'm in this situation. It just bounces a little too much to use long range.

This is obviously optimal for super-close-range engagements, because that's where it's going to shine. But if you get into a long-range engagement, feel free to know that you're going to be in good hands. You will actually most likely win the gunfight, as long as you're a skilled player. But here's the entire class for the FJX.

Horus Make sure you guys take a screenshot or whatever you guys have to do if you made it this far into the article. I want you guys to comment. Next is the ram 9, and I think this weapon is absolutely deadly in Modern Warfare 3. I think it's actually one of the most powerful SMGs in the game. Throwing the Zone 35 compensated flash hider, which shortens the radar pings, helps with vertical recoil, horizontal recoil, and firing aim stability at the cost of aim-down sight speed and bullet velocity, which you will not notice because this is multiplayer.

modern warfare 3

Put on the Dr6 hand stop for aim-down sight speed, aim-walking speed, sprint-to-fire speed, and movement speed at the cost of hip-fire attack. Dan spreads and aims for walking steadiness. A 40-round mag is the best possible choice now. If we were playing War Zone, this might be a little bit different.

I would actually debate between the 40 and 50, but the 40 is the best possible choice considering people get taken out very quickly in multiplayer retort 90 grip take for firing aim stability gun kick control and reco control at the cost of aiming out sway. This is the best possible choice out of the three.

Last but not least, the HPS 3.4 pad is for gun control, aiming out, sway firing stability, and recoil control of movement speed. Sprint speed, aim walking speed, and sprint to fire speed—if you look over these other ones, I mean, this also helps with gun kick control. I just don't really think it's worth it.

modern warfare 3 best

I think the trade-off is kind of worse than just the HS 3.4 pad, where you lose a little bit of mobility. This weapon is absolutely incredible, does not take much effort to use, and you could even actually win long-range engagements with it in multiplayer. You have just the right amount of health, so this is perfect for every single range.

So here's the entire class setup right here. Make sure you guys take a screenshot of whatever you guys have to do, but this thing is basically the ultimate SMG. The Hogre 556 has always been one of my favorite assault rifles, and considering it's meta right now. I wanted to give you the best possible build for it: the VT7 Spirit Fire suppressor, which is undetectable by radar recoil control bullet velocity and range at the cost of aim down sight speed, aim walking stainless steel, and sprint to fire speed.

modern warfare 3 best ar

Now, if you guys don't want to use this, you can use the Cass as a break. I just expect you to want to stay off the mini map; we're on the 5.56 NATO. High-grain rounds for the velocity damage range at the cost of recoil control 40-round mag is the best choice just because. I mean, you don't want the base and you don't want less; it's just not worth it.

There's really no reason to have the 20-round mag unless you're trying to use this as a SMG, and I don't really think you should do that. Jack Glassless Optics is the best possible choice. I was using the Mark I reflector before, but the Jack Glass optic is basically the Mark III, but with firing aim stability.

Because this is multiplayer, make sure you put on the RB adult assault stock for recoil control and gun Ki control at the cost of in-sight speed; this is just a little less taxing than the pivot grip, which is. I mean, technically The Meta for War Zone, but because it's in multiplayer, this is just a lot easier to use and much quicker.

modern warfare 3 best assault rifle

Just show you guys how lethal this is. It takes no effort to actually use this weapon; it's super powerful, super strong, and gets the job done with very little recoil. So this is something that I highly recommend that anybody actually use, especially if you want to do well in multiplayer right now.

Here's the entire class set up right here. Take a screenshot. Whatever you guys have to do, this is definitely the best assault rifle, and I'd be shocked if you didn't use it. The WASP Swarm is a fan favorite, and I know a lot of people are still using it, so I have to give you guys a build that you will genuinely enjoy.

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