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I'm going to be giving you the top five best-class setups to be using in Modern Warfare 3, right now, to not only increase your KD and overall combat record but to also help you guys get a lot more. MGB nukes and high-kill games play quickly. If you guys are brand new and you love Modern Warfare 3, you're in the right spot because we upload daily Modern Warfare 3 articles.

Make sure you guys subscribe and ring that bell icon. You'll be notified the next time we upload, and clicking the thumbs up button helps out in the algorithm and helps grow the channel. With all that being said, let's get into the first-class setup. We start off with what I think is the number one weapon in the entire game, the WSP.

Swarm has a high fire rate; it is incredibly dominant up close and at range, so my first attachment here is the 100-round drum. It has the highest fire rate out of any weapon in this game. You're going to be burning it through ammo, so throw that 100-round drum on, and you very rarely have to reload.

The 50 is what I used to use, but I ain't going to lie; the 100 just changes everything for me personally. My second attachment here is a WSP, an optic long barrel. Like I said, it has a high fire rate, so the recoil is going to be all over the place to make it more manageable. Throw the sign, and you get better recoil control and gun kick control.

best class setup mw3

My next attachment here is an optic because the iron sights aren't that good and I prefer the Nar model; it is the only weapon I actually use. I have tried it out on other weapons, but I just feel like it works incredibly well, specifically. On the wsp Swarm. I then thrw on the FSS Fortress heavy stock, increasing my gun kick and recoil control once again because, like, that fire rate is ridiculous, that barrel can't do it all, so we got to help it out a little bit by throwing a stock on like this, and my final attachment is a Marauder grip, where you get more gun kick control and recoil control, and there's the build, and you're going to see, like, it shouldn't be this.

best class setups mw3

Dominant. That's an G. Why am I even able to do that with a fire that high? These two are easy to take out, but this is down here. It shouldn't be possible, but it is our second-class setup. We have the Core 45, which looks like an ordinary pistol, but by the end of us building this, it's going to be a full-blown SMG, and I have to include it in this because it's by far the best secondary weapon in the entire game.

First attachment, the conversion kit This is what turns into an SMG. In the XRK ipv2 conversion kit, there are going to be brand new attachments that open up to you when you throw this on, so you could really build into an SMG. You get to increase the fire rate, so it's like a full-auto SMG. You can increase in bullet velocity and range, so you could actually use this at medium- to long-range gunfights and find success, so we're going to go ahead and put that on since the fire rates increase.

We're going to be flying through ammo and throwing the 40-round drum on so you're not reloading after every single kill, which can get really obnoxious and annoying. The recoil on it is really absurd, so if you throw on this Chimira, the Cura rhino 3 vertical grip increases your accuracy, increases your recoil control, and makes it a total laser beam.

cod mw3 best class

It is unreal. I don't like the iron sights on it; you guys can kind of see them right there; they're not the best, so I like to throw an optic on, that being the Slate reflector, so I could just see so much better, and then my final attachment here is the XRK dynamic precision stock, like I said, going back to that recoil control.

It's a little shaky, so we have the underbarrel, and then we also have the stock on, and it literally shoots straight as a laser; it is unreal. We can quickly take this thing into the firing range and keep in mind that it was a full-blown pistol to begin with, and now we literally have a little L SMG here.

It's like automatic, with all this range on it. Yeah, this is why it's in the top five in our third-class setup; we have the MCW, which is my personal favorite assault rifle in the game. It's just accurate, super easy to use, and very powerful. So my first attachment here is a 60-round drop drum, so once again, we could just take out multiple enemies without having to reload.


It's just very practical. I then threw on the ammunition and high-grain rounds, and with this. I got an increase in bullet velocity and damage range, which just allowed us to kill a little bit more quickly and have a more powerful MCW at those longer-range engagements. We have the most underrated muzzle in the entire game, and it's so underrated.

It's all the way at the end here; not many people know about it, and that is the x10 ported 290. You get a massive increase in vertical recoil control, gun kick control, and horizontal recoil control. I have to favor this thing; it is, in my opinion, the best muzzle in the game. The barrel I have on is the MCW Cyclone long barrel, and you just get a huge boost in your bullet velocity and range so you can kill enemies.

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Very quickly at those long-range gunfights, and then my final attachment is an optic, that being the slate reflector. Iron sights aren't terrible. I just like having an opag on because I can see so much better and more clearly, so that's why we have that on. Take this to the firing range. very straightforward build we just used this the other day in our metal Loadout article rightfully so though I mean the thing again, probably the easiest weapon in this entire game to use if you don't have an MGB or a, you don't haven't broken your kill record in a while throw this sign and I bet you will our fourth weapon here we have the bass B, which I am a idiot if I don't include this in a top five because it is just so good it has to be included and talked about even if the setup's the same or not so my first attach here's a 45 round magazine.

Which honestly is more than enough; you can get away with a 30 because it just drops enemies so quickly. I then threw on the Nano High-Grain rounds once again, and this gives us more bullet velocity and damage range, so we can kill enemies a lot more quickly at any given range, and it increases the fire rate with that bullet velocity, so again, enemies drop even quicker when you have this on.

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I then went ahead and threw on the bruan Venom long barrel. The main reason I threw the signos for that bullet velocity in range is so I can kill in one less bullet at longer ranges, which is an absolute game changer, but on top of that, you do get better recoil control and G-gun kick control, which we definitely are going to need.

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