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I'm going to be giving you the top five best-class setups that you should be using right now. In Modern Warfare 3, at the time of my recording this, the game is currently free to play for the next few days. It's also discounted, so you can get it for less. Christmas is around the corner. I know there's going to be a bunch of brand new players, but the beauty of the class setup I'm giving you today is that it's not only good for new players; it's also very good for people who've been playing the entire time without wasting any more time.

Rong, and you'll be notified the next time I upload on this channel. We upload daily Modern Warfare 3 articles. I'm sure you guys will enjoy them, and then clicking that thumbs up button helps us out in the algorithm, and it helps grow the channel with all that being said. Let's get into the first-class semester.

We're starting off with the striker, which is the first SMG you unlock. It's, in my opinion, the easiest one to use and has very low recoil and amazing range. So here's the build: we got the 60-round drum so we can take out multiple enemies without having to reload. The worst thing in Call of Duty is having to reload, getting caught reloading, and then dying on your streak, so make sure you have this on so that doesn't happen.

best class setup mw3

I threw on the x10 Phantom 5 hand stop, the two most important. The perks of mobility are sprint to fire, meaning your weapon comes up quicker after sprinting, and aim down sight speed, so you can be quick and snappy and just ready to go. The most important ones are what this gives us, and a pretty good amount of it.

On top of that, we get better vertical and gun kick recoil control, so we're going to be landing a lot more of our shots. Awesome, beautiful attachment right here. I then threw on the L4R flash hider muzzle, and this really kind of just pushes you to the next point, so with this and our underbarrel, you are going to be landing every single shot, giving you a huge boost in recoil control once again.

I then threw in the striker stubby barrel, which is kind of a movement barrel, but the good thing about it is you don't lose out on too much of your range, and you'll notice that in game this was recently buffed in season one as well, which is very helpful, and then my final attachment here is the Lockman Mark 2 light stock.

best class setups mw3

You get movement speed and sprint speed, so you can get around the map a lot more quickly, get a lot more kills, and just overall be more aggressive. We could take this to the firing range, and you're going to see, so we're just kind of stocked up on it. Mobility, which is looking really good, and recoil control—you're going to see the range—are still unbelievable.

You're able to do this with an SMG. This is why it's in the top five. For classroom number two, we have the bass B, which I believe is the most dominant long-range weapon, and once we've headed to the fire range, you're going to see why we have the 45-round magazine, so we can take out multiple enemies without having to reload once again.

I ain't going to lie, there's times where I've run around the 30 and I'm a guy who loves a bigger magazine, but, seriously, it kills so quick you could take out more than you think with a 30 round, but again, personal preference. I swap between the two quite a bit. I have the high-grain rounds. I'm just making this thing more broken as it has a huge boost in bullet velocity and damage range, and this is going to extend those two shot kills to further ranges, which is very nice.

best gun season 1 mw3

I then throw in the bruan bassion angled grip, and this is just going to help me land a lot more of my shots with the weapon this strong. You do not want to be missing your bullets, or you're just going to you're just going to increase the ttk. And make it delayed, make it longer—that's never good, so make sure you have the sign so you're actually landing your shots by throwing an optic.

The iron sights aren't bad; they're just not super clean, in my opinion, so I like to throw on an optic. You could do the Slate reflector; this MW2 Optics is very good; they also have the Nidar, which is super open; and then the Marker reflector has a lot of good options. Just throw one on, and then my final attachment is the Ravage CS stock.

best guns season 1 mw3

Keep in mind this is a battle rifle; this isn't even an assault rifle, so the mobility is going to be a little bit lower than usual, so throw this on where you get movement speed, aim down sight speed, sprint speed, so once again, you can be more aggressive, be more quick and snappy with your shots, which is very useful, and then we could take this to the firing range, and you're just going to see.

What. The thing is just taken seriously. It is so op our third-class setup, we have an actual assault rifle, the MCW, aka the ACR, so I got the 60-round drum once again. I could take out so many enemies without having to reload, which was very helpful. I also threw in the spirit fire suppressor.

Off-the-radar enemies don't know where you're at; better recoil control you're Landing so many of your shots and increasing the bullet velocity range so it increases the power of the weapon at long-range gunfights gives you just a little bit of everything: power, recoil control, and stealthiness. With the suppressor, this is like my go-to muzzle when I want to throw on a suppressor like this one right here; it does it all.


It's great i then throw in the midnight barrel, and you get bullet velocity range once again, just increasing the power of the weapon at long ranges. And surprisingly enough, you get some movement speed and aim-down sight speed by putting this barrel on, which doesn't really happen usually, so that's very helpful.

I like to throw on an optic. The iron sights aren't even bad; actually, they're very clean, and they're very open. I just prefer an optic on this weapon, so I went with the Slate reflector. If you don't want an optic on it, you could probably go with this rear go-up right here. This one, like one of these two, is very good, but I usually just keep an optic on, and then my final attachment is the RB Regal heavy stock.

I'm going to be using this at very long ranges. I'm going to be sitting back, maybe just playing a lot more passive patrolling in one area, playing for some kill streak, so my gun Fe fights are going to be at longer ranges. I want to be accurate, so with this, I get recoil control and gun kick control.

cod mw3 best class

It's a very straightforward build, nothing too crazy to break down, and you're going to head into the firing range, and you're going to see a little bit on the slower side, which is okay; it's not too ridiculous. Slow, but the real power here is. Just like it, it's zero effort to use the weapon, like I could sit back here in the firing range.

Modern Warfare 3 - MW3 Best Class Setups Best Class Setups MW3! These Best Class MW3 have NO RECOIL and INSANE DAMAGE in Modern Warfare 3! Hope you enjoy these Modern Warfare 3 Best Guns Modern Warfare 3 Best Class Setups.
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