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Honorable mention

Honorable mention

These are the top five best guns with the best classes that you need to be using right now, with the honorable mention going towards the MCW. I wasn't going to include this on the list, but it is the most consistent. Most reliable gun in the game, every single player that hops on this game will pop off with the MCW, so I had it included in the list, and then for the secondary, we do have the corit on here just so he can run around the map a little bit quicker, and then if you tie in this with the infantry vest, you can tax friend a lot longer, and you actually get a lot of kills at the crit since there is, insane Lune, it's a very broken secondary in this game, then we got the stem in case we're about to die, we can pop these stems.

best class mw3

In my opinion, I think the Semex is going to be the most lethal, so that's why I threw it onto the MCW. Got the Munitions box on here just because we're not going to really ever be dying so to have extra ammo we got the Munitions box although, if you do die a lot then the DS is a very good one for the gloves I do recommend you guys to run the Marksman gloves because this is going to reduce the amount of flinch you take when the enemies shoot at you plus you're going to have less sway so then you'll have more of like a predictable, regular recoil pattern on your gun got the covert sneaker so you can run around with without the enemies here in your footsteps then we got the E so we don't really have to worry about nades although Ghost and the mag holster bone conduction are also pretty good basically it's all personal preference now for the MCW, build so this one is going to have absolutely no recoil very clean sight and just overall it's going to be the best one for pubs with the blooded break this one will eliminate all the vertical recoil.

best class setup mw3

Yes, we are losing a little bit of our damage range, but that's okay because we have the Cyclone Barrel to bring that back up. Yes, we are losing some mobility, but this gun already has a lot of mobility. You're not going to really notice that, so for the iron sights, this is a personal preference.

If you are going to swap out anything, I would take off the optic. If you take off the optic, try adding the Regal Heavy; you're going to notice you have zero recoil. Or, you could even go down to the ammunition and add the high-ground rounds, which are going to increase the effective damage range by 15%.

So now you are going to be able to get that three-shot kill up to 35.3. M instead of 30.7. M, which is honestly the biggest downside of the MCW, is that it just doesn't have the best damage range, so that's a pretty good variation. And then we got the 40 round mag on here just so we don't have to worry about reloading as much in this game it takes a lot more shots to kill the enemy so the 40 round mag is going to help you out a lot then for the last attachment on this build we got the claw, grip this one is going to add a lot of firing aim stability so now your gun isn't going to sway in the middle of a gunfight it's going to be very stable plus we get a lot of recoil control with this rear grip overall this build right here is a very balanced one and just remember you could take off the optic for that stock you can maybe add the hand stop if you want a lot more Mobility on the gun you can add a laser or you can add the high grain rounds, honestly for me this is like one of my favorite builds in the game but that is going to wrap it up for the MCW, now let's get into the next gun this is going to be the DG 56.

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Best dg-56 class setup

Best dg-56 class setup

best class setups mw3

This is a very dominant weapon within multiplayer, and in War Zone, it does not matter the mode you're playing. This is a great weapon in a great class for the secondary; we do have the retti. This is going to be my favorite retti in the game we got no recoil a lot of range super easy to use you guys will definitely be popping off with that so on here we got the Infantry vest again for the same reasons, got the stun and the Semex, again doesn't really matter what you're rocking in these areas got the munus box marks and gloves cover sakers and the EOD padding so for the DG 56 build since this gun has a little bit of vertical recoil and it has a one burst kill potential so that means we need to hit all the shots on the enemy with every burst if we want to maximize that time to kill so to make that a little bit easier, we are adding the beded break you're going to notice you get so many one burst kills with the beded break, and then for the barrel we are going to be adding the DG 56 Barrel this one's going to increase that damage range increasing that one burst kill potential.


Up to 38.8. M which if we look at the headshot damage it has a damage of 56, make sure you get one to two head shot in the burst if you want to get that one burst kill this is also going to be adding a little bit of recoil control overall making this weapon a lot more consistent, and then just so we can spam out a lot of shots we got the 40 round mag although this 40 round mag will be the personal preference part of the ability you can add whatever you want in place of the 40 if you don't really want the 40 same reasons could go for the optic for me I don't really like the iron sights I do a lot better with this build when I do have the mark iiii reflector although the ner model 2023, and then the Slate reflector are pretty good Cronin is a very good optic because it builds in a laser to your optic so you kind of have like two in one although for me I don't really like to run a laser on my build, if I were to take off the 40 round mag or an optic honestly I would go over to the rear grip and then I would add the.

Venia steady grip i think that's how you say this one's going to add a lot of firing aiming stability overall, making this gun not sway at all, and you just have a very clean, precise burst. And then what you guys could also do is even increase the grain. You could add the high-grain rounds to increase the damage range, which is going to increase the burst potential.

This is another very good build, so now we can get one burst up to 44.7. M, although for me I would rather run a magazine with an optic and then for the other barrel just to bring up the mobility, we do have the hand stop on there. You could run something else like the x10 Phantom if you want more recoil control and mobility, but for me, since you know I found that there was already enough recoil control.

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