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So it hasn't even been 24 hours since the last solo duplication. The method was patched within Modern Warfare 3 zombies, and we do now have a new method that has been found within the community, so the founder of this glitch that I'm going to be showing you is silent 9. But I will be showing you guys the new solo duplication method that you guys can all do in Modern Warfare 3 zombies.

So first things first, as always, make sure that you guys have everything in your backpack that you guys want to go ahead and duplicate, and then you're going to want to go ahead and get in game. Now, once you guys are in the game, there are two perks that you're going to want to make sure that you get.

That's obviously going to be the tombstone perk, which is obviously going to allow you guys to create a tombstone, and then you're also going to want to get stamina up because you're also going to need that to make this method work as well. Now that you guys have those two perks, you've got everything that you want to duplicate in your backpack, and you also have more than 1, 000.

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You guys are going to want to head over to the Act 4 portal. Now once you guys get over there, you're going to want to head into the hotel that's right next to the Act 4 portal. Go to the second floor. Once you guys get to the second floor, you'll see this portal that actually spawns. Now you guys need to emulate the code that I'm doing here on screen so shoot the exact code in the exact order that I do it and then this will pretty much prompt you guys to pay for the portal because this is a portal location that we're going to go to in order to do the next step for the duplication, method now you guys are going to want to go ahead and pay that 1, 000 Essence to activate, the portal but don't stand right next to the portal when you do it otherwise it will suck you in straight away you're going to want to activate it and then run off and go straight back to the act four portal now once you guys have done all of that now you're pretty much ready to go so what we need to do now is get your fists out you're going to walk through the act four portal you're going to activate, it and Sprint all the way to the other portal that we already activated.

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Now you do need to be quick when you're running, and that's why we made sure to drop our secondary gun, so you guys want to make sure that you do have stamina up and that you do have your fists out so you are running as fast as you possibly can because, as you guys can see in the left-hand side of our screen, the timer to vote is going down, and it's really important that we get to where we need to get to.

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Before that timer reaches two or three so as you guys can see it teleported, us to the top right hand side of the map so what you're going to want to do is as soon as you get out of that portal you're going to want to run out of bounds, now you're also going to want to pay attention to the vote timer for the ACT for portal on the left hand side now when that time I hits 2 or 3 seconds remaining you guys are going to want to go ahead and activate the portal, now before you actually, the chance to die out you'll actually start going through the animation for the Act 4 portal now as soon as you get to a black screen so as soon as you finish that warpin animation and you get to a black screen, you guys are going to want to close down your game completely if you're on PC, you're on o F4 if you're on Playstation Xbox you guys just need to close down your application.

And it's very important that you guys do it on the black screen. After the animation, if you guys do it at any other point, you will fail this, and it won't work correctly. But provided that you guys have done everything correctly, when you guys do load back up, everything that was in your backpack before you left the game will still be in your backpack.

You guys can go ahead and swap those things out with things in your stash or put them in your stash for whatever you guys want to do with them, and then when you guys load back into your next game, your Tombstone will still be there. Your tombstone will be at the graveyard, so as you guys can see, we went to the graveyard for the next game, and our tombstones are still there with everything that we had.

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We can just take those things, and we can pretty much just keep on rinsing and repeating this method now. As I said, guys, you guys are going to want to make sure that you do disconnect on the black screen. If you just do it before the black screen is completely black, it's not going to work, and if you just do it after, it's also not going to work, so make sure it's on the black screen because that's the only way to make this currently work.

This is going to be the new solo method for you guys to go ahead and duplicate any items that you guys want in the game, so definitely take advantage of it while it is currently here. And make sure that you guys are subscribed if you guys do want to be kept up to date with any of the glitches that do happen within Modern Warfare 3 zombies anyway.

That's it for me; it's been your boy's fur. I'm out,

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