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modern warfare 3 hush

SCS is here, activating ether shroud, activating EMP, activating ice, activating monkey bomb, and activating suppression mine. Affirmative bring it air strike here, air support marked, and air drop marked. All that gear but no awareness, alpat thre terminated, ammo box destroyed ammo box here Ammo Depot here ammo here Amo almost dry Amo running low another squad's attacking.

The area has been ransacked. Nothing but scraps left armor box here armor box is set armor box over here armor plates here armor pouch here armored board marked ask my enemies how forgiving I am assault rifle here ATM marked attack Target Bravo attacking at this location ATV marked balloons are ready up battle rage here ah been needing that better than ever big one dusted, bike marked bird marked black sight marked block the tactical Insertion boat destroyed bomb drone is deployed bounty hunt contract available breach a drone here breacher drones inbound buckle up buy me back we need to cover each.

modern warfare 3 hush voicelines

C4 look out C4, watch it calling in a drone swarm calling in a load out cancel last I can't open this without a crowbar Captain's Quarters that way careful areas hot cargo Hilo marked cargo LZ marked let's move changing mag changing mag check out this Intel yes, close to earning a Recon X field cluster mind set come on get back up come scramblers friendly come station that way components with me copy balloon copy by station copy eyes on the Drone copy eyes on the load out crit copy eyes on the vehicle copy I see the ATM, copy I see the UAV Tower copy I'll take the ammo copy let's get out of here copy on the loot cash copy that copy that copy that eyes on safe copy visual on the Sam site copy visual on the Target Copy warlord confirm Counter UAV neutralized.

modern warfare 3 season 3

Counter UAV online cover deploy crowbar over here custom weapon here cut off the head DS here DS is running dead drop lockers this way Dead Silence here Decon station dropping. Decon station over here decoy grenade out decoy mine here decoy mine set defend ground station contract identified. Defend the objective defibrillator, here diffuse the charge, deliver cargo contract, here deployable cover, here deploy the guardian, deploying a decoy, deploying a bomb drone, deploying an electric field, deploying gravity grenades, deploying mines, deploying portable B, deploying a centry, deploying a smoke wall, and destroying that target, destroy the suppression mine, destroy the IMs.

modern warfare 3 season 3 operator hush

Destroy their loest, destroy their Medbox. Dg2, here discharging for blast disregard. Dr charge get back drill charge incoming drill in sight drone swam here drop point set Drop Zone marked send it drop the sniper dropping ammo dropping cover dusted him dizzy marked air drop inbound elimination Target marked enemies marked enemy SCS spotted enemy Advanced UAV marked enemy air drop marked enemy air support marked enemy air strike incoming, enemy APC here enemy armed boat here enemy ATV destroyed enemy ATV here enemy bike marked enemy bird down enemy bird marked enemy black site here enemy boat here enemy camera destroyed enemy car marked enemy cluster mine destroyed enemy Convoy marked enemy Counter UAV marked enemy cover down enemy decoy is down enemy deploying mines enemy dog tag here enemy drone destroy enemy drone is down enemy field upgrade is active enemy garage packed with vehicles, enemy Guardian destroyed, enemy gunships down enemy Hilo destroyed enemy jltv.

Down enemy jltv, marked enemy J Recon spotted enemy Juggernaut is down enemy kill streak in action here enemy kill streak active here enemy lethal equipment here enemy lethal here watch yourself enemy Medbox in the area enemy mosquito kill enemy mosquito marked enemy operator, enemy Recon drone destroyed enemy Recon overhead enemy remote turret down enemy remote turret marked enemy riot shield marked enemy Sam turret spotted enemy Sentry destroyed enemy shock stick enemy sighted enemy stronghold enemy suppression mind destroyed enemy SV here enemy tack insert offline enemy tack Rover here enemy tactical gear here enemy tank marked, enemy tank neutralized.

modern warfare 3 season 3 operator hush all voicelines

Enemy transport Hilo destroyed, enemy transport Hilo marked enemy trophy system active enemy trophy system destroyed enemy truck down enemy truck Mar enemy UAV enemy UAV offline enemy vehicle enemy vehicle Mar enemy vitol coming down enemy work Runner destroyed enemy work Runner here enemy wison disabled energy mine placed engage Target Alpha engage Target Delta engaging.

Engaging here escort ACV contract spotted xpill bird marked xill Birds inbound X SP hatch over here extract balloon out extraction balloon here eyes on a black site eyes on a redeploy pack eyes on a vault stronghold eyes on an IMS eyes on enemy breacher, eyes on red weapon stash contract eyes up enemy field upgrade marked fall back that vehicle could blow fallen behind me thank get us out of here we got what we needed, field upgrade is mine find cover finish this one would be a mercy flanking here flash incoming flash out flash Shield your ice flashbang grenade here follow me stay close.

modern warfare 3 tier 100 operator hush

Found a component, found a Counter UAV here found a diffuse kit found a juggernaut Recon found a motor strike found a mosquito drone found a mystery box found a phone found a portable buy found a Recon tablet here found a riot shield found a Sam turret found the Cent found a sport control contract found an advanced UAV found an air drop kill streak found an elimination, contract found an sa e strike found an upgrade here found gared found some butterflies, found the barracks found us an infield Point [ __ ] out preer over here priny guard going friendly SCS here friendly air drop inbound, friendly armor box this way friendly breacher drone here friendly drone swarm in the AO friendly EMP at our location friendly J Recon Online eyes on your radar friendly jugernaut Recon marked friendly killstreak here friendly lethal here friendly Medbox here friendly mosquito, here friendly Recon overhead friendly remote turret is now online, friendly Sam turret here friendly tactical gear gas grenade.

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