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I'm just going to teach you all how to judge your tombstone. I see a lot of people in Discord and also on YouTube wondering how it's done, so I'm going to show you a step-by-step. Obviously, there are other articles that I can upload on how to create a tomb, but this is for the people that already have a tomb but don't know how to do it.

So basically, go into a game and make your way to your tomb. I'm going to speed this up. Just so it doesn't take too long, yeah, you have to make your way to your tomb. The easiest way to grab a vehicle depending on where your tomb is to let's move, and what this does is basically what you collect from your tomb you want to Stow it so everything that you collect from your tomb you stow it so then when you xill when you glitch it will save in your backpack, which you can then dup after.

Horrendous, and another tip as well is where I've put my tomb. This is a good spot as zombies don't come here; they can't; they can't get; here something blocks them from coming down into this area; it is in Tier 2, but it's probably the safest spot to have a tomb, so yeah, as you get to your tomb, just remember Stow.


Everything in my tomb at the moment is just set up for in-game play, so I want to activate my large backpack and have fun. We have other guys on Discord, which I will attach links to, for those who want to join that drop schematics, but for me. I just have it in game too, as you can see, so I want to activate my large backpack and my free.

Plate, work, and then I'm stowing everything. I'm not using anything; I'm just throwing the whole lot, as you can see, and then once that's done, this is for duping, obviously, so you make your way to an xfill. The important thing to remember is that the XFI that you go to has to be a mission act, so one with a star on it is LZ for extraction.

I avoid the dark hand for once because you don't get the helicopter for that, so Mission Acts one, two, or three are your safest. I bet you sped this part up because otherwise you'll be watching it all day. It's very important that you understand what you do here, so make your way to Xville once again.


Mission Act One to a Three with a Star: What you do is call a heli. When it comes down, obviously, you'd have to count down. You wait for that, obviously, to drop right the way down and recover. Dr J Then, as the heli goes up, you'll see that in a moment, as the heli goes up, it will get to the height that it's going to go to, and then it will tilt, so the helicopter tilts straight.

After that tilt, you'll get a black screen, and that's when you need to shut down, so if you're on a PC, it's Ult and F4. I repeat, there is an F4 that will shut the game down straight away, and if you're on Playstation Xbox, you just want to basically shut the game down. I don't know the exact way I do it on the Xbox and Playstation, but that's me just showing that I've got everything stored, so this is the important part so you don't lose your tomb, so as that goes down to one, you'll get a black, the heli will go up, it will tilt, and then as it tilts, you need to be ready to exit the game, basically disconnecting the game off.


As you will see in a moment, that's at full height now, and there's the black screen, so I've connected, and I've loaded back. Up, and then once the game's loaded back up, you go in, and you'll see that in my backpack I still have all the items that I just took from my. Tombstone, there you go so now what I'll show you is you have the options to either remove or I think it's called swap, so you click swap, you then go into this one, you go across one to these and you just swap it with one of those as you can see there once you've swapped it you then just remove it, and once again large backpacks and free plates you can't you can't duplicate because you can't take them into game same as the perks but anything else, you can just keep duplicating over and over again as long as you follow the instructions I've just explained, so like all these things here I can, duplicate so I'll go across and then remove that and you can just keep repeating over and over again and once you built up a load of each item you can just go into games and just have.

Fun I hope this explains everything. I will link to our Discord.

A quick video showing how to duplicate your tombstone. We have other videos and step by step instructions over on the discord, including a full step by step of setting up your tomb. we also do tomb drops schematic drops. the discord was created to eradicate the people trying to charge for tomb drops, we offer our service totally free and will never charge for what we do.
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