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Best unlimited XP Glitches You're going to be able to max out that new XP event in no time, so the first XP glitch we're getting into is this one that will make the xfill and chopper spawn five times more zombies and get you literally thousands upon thousands of XP. This will get you a weapon. XP rank and battle pass All you need is the scorcher, and it's recommended for you to pack and punch it, but you don't have to.

When you're done with that, you want to go over to any xfill. Chopper I use a tier 2 one, then you want to activate the xfill Cho Chopper, then wait until the chopper goes to you, which, depending on which one you're at, depends on how long it takes. Some take a lot, some don't, but basically, once you're there and you want to walk into the chopper to make it go away faster, then you are going to be looking at the chopper.

Use your Scorch or Fly ability to fly away when the chopper starts to fly away itself. Right there, that's when you guys want to do it. You guys can wait until you don't hear the chopper noise anymore. That way, it's just really annoying to do, and it's like not really having too much of a purpose behind it.

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You can just simply look at the actual chopper, and when it flies away, you guys will be able to boost and fly away. You want to fly away as far as possible, then you want to wait around 9 to 10 seconds. You want to go 1 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. You want to kind of do that, and then once you've done that, you want to fly back to the chopper.

What you're trying to do is time it to where when you go back to the chopper Green Smoke area you will see that green smoke come back to you know existing when you guys land just like see here then activate the chopper and you want to do the same thing over and over and over timing may be a bit different if you don't have the Pack-A-Punch scorcher, but that's the main thing is you want to fly away when the chopper flies away then come back when the Green Smoke appears and you want to be right next to the green smoke when it appears that's how the glitch works and what's going to happen is this is going to glitch out the zombie spawns and make 2 X or 3x amount of zombies spawn it may take around 2 to three tries of doing this but after two to three tries you will see zombies spawn in.

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Ridiculously, as you can see in the background, I did it on my first go, and I was getting a crazy amount of zombies, and it will keep on increasing and increasing the more you do this. Let's move on to the next one, which is with the Outlast. Contract, go to where it's at, activate it, and now stay inside the zone until it hits.

95%, then you want to cancel it. It's definitely best to be solo while doing this because if you're a co-op, then you're going to have to time it with everybody you know, canceling it at the same time, and that can be really annoying to do with randoms. Plus, solo, you'll just get more kills and more XP anyway, and once you cancel it at 95%, you will still see the crystals around you, and zombies will constantly spawn.

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This next one is going to be an under-map glitch, which you can set up next to an xfill. And get easy unlimited XP. All you need to do is head over to this cave on the south part of the map, then go into the cave. You want to go over to this light, look in this corner, and do a boost and push forward.

You're going to be on top of the light at this point. You want to look to your right, then you want to do another boost and move forward, then do another boost and move forward. You will see that you're going to be on top of the cave, and you have succeeded. Done the glitch at this point, you guys can follow me over to the chest, or if you don't want to do that, that's fine, it's just easy loot to get, and then you want to go ahead and simply follow me and go underneath the map you want to swim, all the way over to a xfill, there is an xfill all the way over here, and the way you get to it is by just swimming.

mw3 zombies best glitches

You want to swim while being underwater, then, to get air, just go right ahead and parachute to your left, then parachute back into the water, just like you see me. This is how you guys want to get to the Xill. At some points, you will have to cross the river, and the best way to do that is where there are, you know, narrow rivers.

Like right here, this is narrow, and you want to cross here because if you don't cross here, you may drown. So yeah, make sure you guys keep that in mind. The XFI does not spawn here every time, but it does spawn here a lot, and that is another way to get unlimited XP. Simply keep on activating the xfill while underneath the map, and then just keep on taking zombs.

You'll be able to literally take out zombies infinitely and get a ton of XP, so those are all of the zombies unlimited XP, methods, and glitches. And here are some multiplayer methods and War Zone methods, so if you are a War Zone player, you can go into lockdown and put a decoy on your class. If you want to take the decoy and Chuck the decoy into a group of players, you're going to get 200 XP per player.

mw3 zombies unlimited xp glitch

This right here is absolutely broken and these XP Glitches I'm showing you today will help you guys out with the new event so do these and complete the new event ASAP but at this point when you guys throw the decoys, like I said you're going to get the XP then you want to loot for a munition box which you can find that nine times out of 10 when you guys loot crates literally basically every crate has one then when you guys have that munition box you want to throw it refill your ammo and then throw more decoys at this point rinse and repeat this forever, and you will get a ton of XP by the end of the game and easily max out all of your stuff so that is the war zone way now the multiplayer way is simply going into meet 24/7.

mw3 zombies xp glitch

And now just have decoys, and then just throw decoys and get as many kills as you can. You can definitely play The Objective to get the most XP, so there is that, and that's it. These are all of the best unlimited XP glitches after patches for you guys to get, like I said, your rank and weapons. Drop a like if this article helps you guys out in any way, shape, or form.

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