News - New All The Best Nuke Skin Glitches After Patch Warzone. Easy Instant Champaions Quest Unlock

champion quest glitch

New glitch and an updated list of all the best working new reward glitches. I have a brand new way of getting completely underneath the map in War Zone and more, so make sure you guys stay tuned until the end to see all these awesome glitches that help you guys get the nuke skin in War Zone. So let's get right into the first one, which is the brand new one that I just found today.

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Then you want to find this vehicle right here. This probably works with other vehicles, probably not the only one, but this is the one I did it with, and you want to park your vehicle right here, so the back part of the vehicle is almost right up against the repellent. You don't want it inside the repellent to be where it's blocking the repellent.

nuke glitch

You just want it to be very close to it, then you want to go up the repellent. Ascent: Once you're on top of it, you're going to go down when you guys descend. Look towards the vehicle, move to your left, like you see me, kind of look to your left, then go PR. If you have done all that correctly, you should fall underneath the map and breach right through the ground.

If you want to go to the water, you'll be completely underneath the map. At this point, you can follow the water all the way along until the final circle, and you guys will be chilling. You guys can go underneath. The water is going to go to different parts of the water, so as you can see, I'm on this part of the water going to go under.

I'll be on the opposite side, then I can come over here and simply do the same thing to get in the center. Of the map and just go underneath the map, follow until the last circle, and you guys will be easy peasy to win now if you guys want to make it, so you have no chance of being banned because there is a small.

rebirth island nuke

If you guys want to do that, it's up to you how you guys use this glitch. Now there is another glitch on this map, which is all the way over at the tunnels you want to Simply head here, go prone, and then crawl backwards, wiggle back and forth, and you'll be underneath. The map is fine, but the reason why this isn't the best one is because you can't swim to water or fly to water because you'll die from the death barrier because if you go too low with any part of these two glitches, you do hit a death barrier, so be careful.

Don't go too low when you guys are traversing the map, but with this one, you can only be in this area. This is perfect if you want to avoid bounties or do Most Wanted contracts because you'll be able to get a ton of stuff for later games. Now those are the two glitches. To get underneath the map, and here's the last one, which is a way to drive underneath the map, you want to get yourself one of these large vehicles, then you want to drive off of the bridge into a spot of water that is deep.

urzikstan nuke

It will simply fall underneath the water, and it will not float to the top. This, like I said, only works with vehicles that are big like this one, and you'll be able to drive underneath the water. You can use this to maybe avoid bounties, Dy Drive, or do something, but be careful because you don't want to go too shallow.

Water because it could destroy the vehicle and mess everything up. If you guys want to get the vehicle back and land, you can just drive up ashore, but like I said, drive up; don't try to stop midway, because then if it's too shallow, it will destroy the vehicle, and that is really about it for this article.

They sadly patched a ton of glitches for the nuke skin, and there's no glitch working on rebirth. Alhamdulillah, and may Allah bless you

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