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Today we're doing the Modern Warfare MP5 versus the Modern Warfare 2 lachman shroud. For those of you that don't know, in season five reloaded, you go to this new battle pass sector that's just unlocked. You must complete these four challenges: 15 kills with melee weapons, three kills without dying, 20 times 15 headshots with pistols, and 20 long shots, and then you've got to get 30 hit-fire kills with SMGs, and you unlock the new Ackman shroud.

From what I've heard, this gun is supposed to be the traditional Lachman sub. In the traditional MP5, it's meant to have a barrel called the nebula. Barrel: It's a barrel with an integrated suppressor. Now, what this reminds me of is the Cod 4 MP5. SD, from the campaign that has an integrated suppressor in it now, I don't know if I'm accurate with this or if this is even the truth.

I don't know; I don't have a lot of gun knowledge, but from what I've heard, that is what this gun is. It's crazy, but yeah, we're going to be comparing the Modern Warfare MP5 and the Modern Warfare 2 new MP5. The Lackman Shroud is going to talk about how Each gun is in its own game, and you know which one would be better and which one is better because you know we're going to find out which of these two guns will be better if they were in the same game because if Infinity Ward never made Wars on Two, this gun would have been put into Wars, or War, just like all the other Modern Warfare 2 ones.

modern warfare 2 how to unlock lachmann shroud

And this is the Lachman Shroud class. This is pretty much the best-class setup. I run a 50-round mag, and the ad speed isn't that bad either. If you want an even faster radio speed, you could take off the 50-round mag or the underbell and put on the rear grip, or you could put on the stock plus mod, which is meant to be like the collapse stock from Modern War 2019.

modern warfare 2 lachmann shroud best class setup no recoil

But yeah, this is the weapon tuning for the barrel. This is the weapon tuning for the laser. This is the weapon tuning for the underbarrel, and this is the weapon tuning for the start. Alright, so first up, we've got the Modern Warfare MP5 of the camera. This version of the MP5 it's still by fast effect, that was seen out of the past three cards to have the MP5a now whether or not it's better than the new MP5 inadequate season five it's just it's pure down to which one's better like time to kill wise It also comes down to which one actually feels you know because of the time to kill hierarchy, you know what, yeah, how many issues This game's got it; it feels so much better than modern warfare too, all right.

The big topical debate for Modern Warfare 2 is whether or not cancellation should be removed, but the thing is. Modern Warfare 2 is a game that needs side canceling because on this game we will actually do the slide cancel, which basically cancels out the actual spring fire time or the actual aliens after sliding and obviously jump-shot in as well.

You can tell there's a massive difference between modern warfare and modern war. Basically, what I'm trying to say is that this game was amazing because you actually had fast ad speed and Sprints fire times on most of the guns. On Modern Warfare 2, slide canceling would make a massive difference; that's basically what their main issue was with Modern Warfare 2.

modern warfare mp5 beta class setup no recoil

We never needed fire canceling as long as the ads speed and were princeified, but obviously, in modern warfare too, a damage range increase in battle and suppressors makes the ads speed of the guns on that game more forward than they do on this game. I mean, just look at that. If I had an ad speed like that on the MP5 of Modern Warfare 2, you know, the version that was in the game at one God would actually be very weak, but on this game, this is pretty much the meta class setup for the MP5.

This game would have been received way better, and if they just didn't put stuff in the game that basically made it easier for the bad PlayStations, they would have designed this game for the bad players. Well, how does this compare to the new version of the MP5 in Modern Warfare 2? Well, we're about to find out, so now we've got the Lakme shroud on Modern Warfare 2 on a new version of the MP5, which we just started this golden season five reloaded.

modern warfare mp5 vs modern warfare 2 lachmann shroud

I'm actually using the new camel you can unlock for it, called Good Night. Vibes camo. I know that I always cover the season-reloaded Mastery camels, but I'm actually going to start covering new DLC camos you can unlock through the DLC gun—the ones that actually look like this—the ones that actually look good like this because there's actually a few that they've added.

For the new DLC that actually looked pretty good, like little at the start of season five, there's a bioluminescence camel that actually doesn't look similar to it, but you know it is kind of a reference to the bioluminescence variant for the MP40 on Vanguard. You can switch it to semi or all, obviously, but who wants to do that with an SMG?

honestly, when was the last time we saw a burst of SMG in the card? I do have a good memory when it comes to certain guns; there was the Pharaoh in Black Ops 3. There's probably like a DLC going into Infinite Warfare or something like that; I'm not thinking of that, so as far as I'm concerned, I don't think there's been a burst SMG like after Modern Warfare.

mw mp5 vs mw2 lachmann shroud

I remember it was the one in Black Ops 4; I don't think there was one after Black Ops 3; I don't know. All I can say is that it's probably been a very long time since we've gotten one, and the weird thing is that it's for the MP5 New God, so what I said before season five reloaded was right. This gun is basically the nebula battle that was supposed to be an attachment on the Lackman saw.

They've put that on the Lackman saw as an integrated attachment and just labeled it as a new gun. It's the same thing they've done with the M13C, putting the blackout rounds on the M13 from Modern Warfare and just labeling that a new gold. It's probably the laziest pair of DLC guns they've made throughout this whole life cycle.

I mean, content is content, but at the same time, it is pretty much rehashed. Yeah, we're comparing the Modern Warfare 2019 MP5 and the World of Warfare 2 new MP5, the Lachman Shroud. Now, the fact that this is burst fire makes this matchup a bit weird. Now, as you can see, only you guys have been paying attention to the gameplay ball.

mw mp5 vs mw2 mp5

This thing is good. Like I said, this thing is basically the Wackman sub of Modern Warfare 2 or the Modern Warfare 2 MP5, just with the nebula battle that has an integrated suppressor. That's pretty much what this gun is, but yeah, despite the fact that these things burst fire, it's actually really powerful, just like the Modern Warfare 2 Ackman saw, but compared to the Modern Warfare 2019 MP5, is it better?

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