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Comprom this is the XRK bolt-action sniper rifle. It's new to Modern Warfare 3, and this is the LA 330, a ball-action sniper that's carried over from Modern Warfare 2, and today we're going to be comparing both of these snipers to see which one is better in Modern Warfare 3. Modern Warfare 3: We're doing another versus article; we're comparing the XRK, stalker, to the lab 330.

Both of these snipers are really good. The lab has actually gotten a lot better because the fire rate is way better. I think statistically, they both have the same fire rate, so it's actually both of these snipers that are really good. So yeah, we're just going to compare these two snipers to find out which one is better in Modern Warfare 3.

This is my XRK stalker class. I don't know why the menu is glitched like this. This is pretty much the class I always use. If you wanted to, you could take off the optic, the bolt for a rear grip for even more RS speed, or a magazine. Apart from that, that's pretty much it. This is my L.A. Class if you wanted to, you could take off the optic for the dock that increases ad speed or the stock that increases aim walking movement speed because this gun's got very slow aim walking movement speed.

modern warfare 3 lab 330 fastest sniping class setup

I think I was only using the VK scope for the sake of it in this article. I don't know why I've got the VK scope on; I was just using it for the sake of it, but if you wanted to, you could also take off the optic for the magazine. Definitely use the fire rate-increasing bolt; it makes it way better, but yeah, those are the classes.

Guys, these are the perks I was using. The main gear perks I use on this game are either the Mag Holster cold-blooded EOD or attack mask, and yeah, those are the classes, guys. I do hope they keep the Christmas version of Shipman and Highrise; it doesn't really make a difference for a map variety, but people would obviously feel more inclined to play maps like this if you got the chance to play different versions of it.

I honestly can't wait for this event in the new year. Yeah, we're using the stalker first. Obviously, Rel stands, so comparing this to the LA It's like I already said in my other versus articles: this is the fastest sniper in the game for fire rate. The ad speed is definitely better, but not by an extremely large margin.

modern warfare 3 lab 330 sniping gameplay

Compromising the lab is nowhere near as bad as it was on Modern Warfare 2U. I don't know if they secretly bought the LA when they transferred it over, but it does feel way better. Based on the damage, I feel like both are pretty much the same again. In the statistics menu, the lab is It seems more consistent in terms of.

As you can see, the fire rate isn't that bad compared to that. The fire rate is way better in this game. I don't know what it is about this gun. It's a combination of how the fire rate and the ads feel. It just feels so much better in this game compared to Modern Warfare 2. I definitely think it might be a fire.

modern warfare 3 season 1 xrk stalker fastest sniping class setup

Rable, one down quad feed missed the five H the times two. I've actually not hit a quad feed outside of Shipman with this thing on this game in a very long time. When I said this game when I say this game I meant Modern Warfare 2. Included. I think fire rate-wise, these guns or these snipers might genuinely be on the same level; the stats actually say it in the stats: the fire rate of this gun is the same as the SPX and the XRK stalkers, so fire rate-wise, they're both on the same level.

I think that's what they buff on this, Gun, so fire rate wise, they're both the same ads; speed wise, the XRK stalker just edges it; and damage wise, I actually believe this gun is more consistent. It's actually quite a bit more consistent. It's actually really rare that you get hit markers with this thing; statistically, this might genuinely be the same.

Level, it has the same clip potential. You can get an eight-round magazine on this thing instead of only a seven-round magazine. Like I said, the SPX scope is this gun's default scope SEC. You don't have to open an attachment slot to change your scope. The idol way feels pretty much the same. The one big thing about this specific gun is that it always As a disadvantage compared to every other sniper in the game was the fact that this gun's aim-walking movement speed is just really slow compared to all other snipers.

modern warfare 3 season 1 xrk stalker sniping gameplay

It's definitely really slow, so if you want my honest opinion, both guns are nearly identical on a statistical level. This one is more consistent in terms of damage, but I feel like you can be more agile and aggressive with the XRK stalker purely because of the aim walking movement speed, so in my honest opinion, the XRK is a little bit better statistically, but this gun is now an underrated gem of a sniper.

Yeah, in summary, the XRK stalker is better; it feels better, but this gun is a little bit more consistent in terms of one shot, guys. That was it for today's article. I hope you guys enjoyed it.

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