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I'm just going to go over these challenges really quickly. It's hard to see it. 25 clean kills with a Kimbo attachment. Use any pistol and use it as a kimbo, so literally, just get 25 kills doing those 10 quick sculpt kills with the stalker boots. Perk that's easy; literally, just use the stalker boots, aim down, and start shooting people straight away.

It doesn't have to be a sniper just because it says quick-scope kills. 20 direct-impact launcher kills that speak for themselves. Use any launcher, and just shoot someone and have the grenade, the launcher, the projectile, Hit the enemy instead of hitting the FL and killing them with splash damage.

Hit 20 operators with tear gas with the task mask perk equipped. Just throw the tear gas grenade at people while wearing the tack mask. Now this one says to destroy four vehicles. You can't actually see all of the challenges for the different modes, but I did this one in Zombies: Multiplayer. The challenge for this sticker is to use the steem or battle rage tacticals 15 times now.

modern warfare 3 blaze up event all rewards

I don't know what the hell you've got to do. I don't know if you've got to take damage to the core or something. I'm using stems. I'm using battle rage, but I'm not making progress. Towards this sticker, I went into zombies, and I destroyed four vehicles. And again, that speaks for itself if the Steim Challenge isn't tracked in for you guys.

Do what I did: go into zombies, find your nearest vehicle, drive to other vehicles, blow them up, and just do that four times. It shouldn't take any longer than 10 minutes in a zombie game. Get four kills within 20 seconds of One Life. Do that two times. Play aggressive try to get as many kills as you can; basically, just get a four-kill streak in 20 seconds, or just get four kills.

10 operator-stuck grenade kills with the demolition vest, so for this one, you have to have the demolition vest on. Just use a Tex. I don't bother checking if drill charge or thermite counts towards this; this one's a little bit tricky because you've got to get kind of up close and personal and throw a grenade like the sech, and you've got to have it hit someone instead of landing on the floor while also having demolition.

modern warfare 3 blaze up event wsp swarm daymares variant gameplay

Vest on 20 kills while in smoke with Jack Purifier. This one's a little bit tricky, but we've got the small map playlist, so it's easy enough. Basically, just use any assault rifle. SMG lmg, that can have the Jack purifier attachment but a smoke grenade on throw the smoke grenade, and try to stay as close to the smoke grenade as possible while using the Jack purifier.

Because, basically, you don't have to be standing inside the smoke to actually get a kill with this and have it count towards it. Basically, you can stand inside the smoke or near it and just get a kill on someone. You're better off doing this one in hardcore because it's a one-to-two hit kill when you get someone within the damage range.

Use the inflatable decoy field upgrade 15 times with the engineer. This one's easy. Get the inflatable decoy and use the engineer vest. 25 kills with a cooked frag or thermal barrack grenade. Just use a frag grenade or a thermal barrack grenade and kill people with it. It's literally that you can't see what this one says, but it kills 40 kills with the dragon's breath attachment while sliding or crouting.

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This one didn't count for me on the Modern Warfare 2 shotgun, so you're better off using the Modern Warfare 3 shotgun and using the dragon's breath ammunition. And yeah, that's a lot of weirdly unique challenges. Again, if one of them isn't tracking, like the stem one, just do it in zombies or War Zone; it's better to do it in zombies.

So yeah, we're going to get into some gameplay, and as always, guys, if you are new around here, be sure to like and subscribe for more. This is the class I made around the variant. I can't even remember what the optic is, but it's the one that comes with the variant. It's not a bad skull. If you were to use the optic, basically just use this class, but take off the underbarrel and have the optic on.

modern warfare 3 season 3 new event

You don't have to use 100-round mags; you could use 50-round mags. That's what the magazine looks like normally, because this variant doesn't come with a magazine, but this thing flies through AMMO, so I use it. The recoil isn't perfect; if you wanted to, you could put on this underbarrel instead or this RAR grip, but apart from that, that's pretty much the class.

Guys, these are the perks I always use. You could use my holster instead of a TAC mask, you could use a scavenger or Commando, gloves instead of Maxman gloves, and you could use a tactical pad instead of a stalker. All right So this is what the variant looks like: Charli, It's animated, Which is nice; it's got this green part moving through it kind of like an exclusion zone; it reminds me of an exclusion zone.

I'm not using the scope of it. You know the optic; it's an okay red dot. It's just that I don't know; I'm just not a fan of it. I am using the 100-round mag and an SMG, and looking at adsb is not incredibly fast, but my God is it. I don't know why, but a few games ago, it felt like this thing was pretty weak.

modern warfare 3 season 3 new variant

I was trying to record the intro-game play. I really should put in more effort with the intro. I just like a bunch of it. No enemies are really going for it with the objectives. No, no what do you guys think of this variant? I love this thing. This is the best-looking event variant we've gotten.

In my honest opinion, we're getting cams a lot of the time, and it's about 50/50 on whether or not the camos will actually look good, but a lot of these variants that we do with events or that we get with events actually all look good that Turret is holding out, but yeah, we got more variant articles coming.

I double-uploaded on Saturday last week and then triple-uploaded on Sunday. It's because I only uploaded one article on Friday. I think I basically wanted to upload every single day of the season. Obviously, I couldn't do it on Wednesday, and I don't think I did on Thursday. I can freaking love this thing.

Basically, my philosophy right now is to try and double upload on weekends because those are the days where you know people watch articles the most on YouTube, or at least they watch my articles. Tom and all, but I'm starting to lose myself in the whole grind. Basically, I barely touched cards this week, from Monday until today.

modern warfare 3 wsp swarm best class setup no recoil

As of recording this Friday, I have barely been on this game; it's been editing and uploading all day outside of it. Hello, my friend, this gun feels so good, but yeah, I'll probably upload another article today if all goes according to plan. You guys will be seeing this at 600 p.m. on Saturday, and that's another thing.

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