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This is the Moos sniper rifle that's new to Modern Warfare 3, and this is the XRK stalker sniper rifle in Modern Warfare 3, and today we're going to be comparing both of these guns to find out which one is better. The two best snipers in this game are, arguably, the mo sniper that's brand new to this game and the xrk stalker.

The stalker was the first new sniper in this game; it was added in season one, and now in season 3, they've added the Moors. Both of these snipers are just so good on this game, as if we aren't going to compare the two. We compared the stalker to every ball action sniper in the game, and we're obviously going to be doing the same with the MOs, but today we're going to find out which of these two guns is better in this game.

I'll let you guys know which one I think is better right at the end of the article, so stick around all the way to the end, and yeah, guys, as always, if you are new around, be sure to like and subscribe for more. Okay, so first up, we've got the MOs class. This is the fastest ad-speed class. Now, the aiming stability can be a bit bad with this thing you've obviously got attachment, which increases ad speed but decreases aim walking steadiness.

modern warfare 3 mors fastest ads sniping class

And they make the Flinch worse; they make the idle sway worse. You've obviously got attachments that can make the idle sway better, but whether or not you want to change certain attachments out, that's up to your choice. This is the fastest ad-speed class. If you were using a different scope, I'd take off the rear grip for one like the MS Dot site or something like that.

Don't use the photonic; charge Barrel. It's the best bar for ad speed, but it just doesn't work. It's horrible, but apart from that, that's pretty much the class, and on this sniper, use the mic holster. This gun fires one bullet and then reloads every time, so using the mic holster increases the reload speed, which increases the fire rate, and obviously, you've got the standard XRC stalker class.

If you're trying to, you could use the R scope and put on the RAR grip, and again, if you're trying to go for like long-range kills or something or you just can't handle the idol way, put on certain attachments. That would increase it, and obviously, you could put on a magazine instead of the sculp or an attachment, but yeah, apart from that, that's pretty much it.

modern warfare 3 season 3 battlepass

These are the perks. So first up, we've got the MS; we've got gold on it. Already. I say already. I could have gotten it within the first day of it being out, so these are the two best snipers in the game, and arguably, as of right now, we've been seeing the leaks on Twitter again. I don't know if it's going to be season 4 or season 5, but I think just before or just after the season 3 update, they added a bunch of guns to the file; one of them is the K98k, so just as a little bit of a sniper update, we car another new sniper.

It's meant to be the Modern Warfare 2019 version, so it's going to be a maximum rifle reliable source for leaks on the guns, and all the content for this game he made a cryptic tweet saying, k98 with a cross next to the number five and then a pick emoi whatever it is next to the number 10, so people are thinking it's going to be 10 attachments on the k8k.

modern warfare 3 season 3 blackcell

I think it's going to be 10 rounds. I think it's been leaked in the files that there's going to be extended mags for the car8, so we could get a 10-round mag with it. By far the most unique and best part about this gun compared to pretty much any sniper in card history is that it's a single-firing sniper; there is no magazine; it fires one shot, and you just reload the one shot.

I don't think there's been any other sniper in card history that has that. You've obviously got the B action, the semi-weird one of snip, like the P06 from Black Ops 3, but we've never had a sniper that just shoots one bullet and reloads. It's basically an infinite amp, but when you shoot and then ad, it's slower.

modern warfare 3 season 3 mors beta class setup

That's because when you're aiming downside after you shoot, it doesn't allow you to on this, like with every sniper, you can constantly aim down s side while you're chambering for every shot, but with this, when you shoot, you can't aim downside while you're rechambering; you can only aim downside after it's done, so the only downside to this is that the time in between shots is ever so slightly increased because you have to aim downside after you rechamber.

I can't remember if this was a thing on Advanced Warfare for so long. Ago, we're going to move on to the XRK stalk. Con X I didn't really compare the two in this game, but we're going to talk more about it in the next game. Obviously, all is right, and now we're on the XRK. Storm, everyone's been obsessed with the Soer since it first came out, and now that the MS has come back for the first time in 10 years, everyone just loves that gun now too, so yeah, which of these two snipers is better on Modern Warfare?

ways, I'm going to be honest, both of these classes I've made with these guns aren't good for alien stability. These are the fastest ad speed classes, so these are more, you know, quick SC classes, but obviously if you've got a good aim and you know use common sense holds your breath, you know you can get long range kills pretty easily, but obviously the alternative is to sacrifice ad speed and attachments so you can have better aiming stability and fewer idles.

modern warfare 3 season 3 xrk stalker best class setup

So with both of these classes that I've made, I've checked the stats. This one's around about 450 milliseconds for ad speed, and with the fastest ad speed on both snipers, the MOS is ever so slightly faster, but that's not considering the fact that I'm using the SPX scope on this, so I'm not using all ad attachments.

If I take it off and put on the rear grip, it goes down to 442, so with the fastest ad speed class on both snipers, the MOS is faster, but despite the fact that the MOs have a faster ad speed, this does have a faster fire rate, and like I was just saying, the aiming stability is a little bit better on this.

Using the fastest ad attachments on the MOs, it makes the aiming stability pretty bad—not horrendously bad, but it's pretty bad. The fire rate question is a bit of a weird one. The MS has a faster fire rate when you hit fire; when you shoot and then aim down, the fire rate is a little bit slower.

modern warfare 3 xrk stalker fastest ads sniping class

I do still think regardless of whether you use the ball or the mle or whatever you do to make the stalker faster, the stalker is faster, but just a little bit, there's other small factors like aim walking movement speed, and you know what attachments you can actually use because the stalker does have eye contact, and that kind of gives it an advantage at close.

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