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So this new encrypted boot camp event has just started. It started on Wednesday. I believe we covered looking at your camo on Thursday. I've tried to get this article done, but I'm probably not going to have gotten it uploaded in time, so you probably saw this on Saturday right now, but yeah, we're cover to looking at your camo, which you can unlock, and now we've done all these challenges, and we've got this crypted blueprint for the sidewinder.

It comes with the aftermarket, part for the side winder, so basically, how you do all these challenges is I know the UI is awkward; you can't even read some of these things, but you can get 20 kills with throwing knives. Literally, just 20 kills with throwing knives are as lethal as 51 kills with a sniper.

That's literally what it is. Just get 50 kills with a sniper rifle. 40 operat kills with the maximum rifle conversion after market part equipped while using the threat, identification, system, and stalker boots perk. Now this one was a pain in the ass to figure out, so what this is that you have to have a maximum rifle with a conversion kit.

modern warfare 3 cryptid bootcamp all rewards

I believe the only two in the game right now are for the MCW 6.8 and D m56. Basically, you just put one of these two guns on to equip the conversion kit, then you've got to put on the stalker boots perk, then you've got to put on the threat identification perk, and then you get to get 40 kills with it, so it's a maximum rifle, one of these two with the aftermarket part equipped and these two perks equipped, and then just get 40 kills.

From what I experienced in the game. I tried changing some attachments on this and the DM 56, and the kills weren't tracking, so I did this challenge with just a conversion kit and no attachments, and it did track The Kills, so basically what I'm trying to say is if the kills don't track for this challenge, for you do it with just a conversion kit and no attachment, two kills with a shotgun or melee weapon in one life 15 times, that's literally just getting two kills without dying 15 times with a shotgun or a knife very easy 75, kills with a suppressor equipped while using a ghost TV camo straightforward.

modern warfare 3 cryptid bootcamp sidewinder cryptid variant gameplay

Just use any gun and put a suppressor on it, and then have the ghost perk equipped to destroy 20 enemy equipment on kill streaks with the stormender. Literally what it says: just have the stormender unlocked and destroy kill streaks or equipment. The final two are to get 20 melee kills while in smoke and get 7–5 operated kills with the covert sneakers and black flashlight, so pretty much these last two put on a melee weapon.

Throw the smoke grenade and try to get kills as close to the smoke grenade as possible. You don't have to get kills while someone is literally in the smoke; they just have to be near it, and the last one is to get 75 kills while using CT sneakers and the black flashlight. Now a little bit of advice: try doing some of these challenges.

At the same time, for instance, I've got my sniper here, the XK stalker, for a 51-shot kill. I also have a suppressor on it, and obviously you have to have a ghost while using the suppressor. I also have throwing knives to do the throwing knife challenge, and I've got the storm ender, and if you wanted to, you could instead have a melee weapon with a smoke grenade.

modern warfare 3 how to unlock cryptid variant

You could either do challenges at the same time, like this, or you could do them all one by one. Yeah, we're going to get into some gameplay of this variant, and as always, guys, if you are new around there, be sure to like and subscribe for more. So this is the class I made around the variant. I've pretty much just changed the muzzle to the Jack BFB.

I mean, if you don't care about the aesthetic, take off the stock for, I guess, an optic or a laser. Towards the end of the article, I took off the RAR grip for an optic. Apart from that, that's pretty much it. So this is how the variant looks. Like, it's so beautiful on this map; it's probably the best map on the game in terms of aesthetics.

Like, it's so beautiful on this map; it's probably the best possible map to show this camo on. I don't know if this is GL in the dark, though in this variant. I think the camo is the looking at you camo is a thing, so as you can see, the fire rate on this G increases, and as I said in the intro, this variant comes with the Jack lmg.

modern warfare 3 season 2 cryptid bootcamp event

Thunder kit it's not that overpowered, but it's not that bad either. It starts off slow, like slow enough for you to get easily beaten, but you just have to hold down the trigger, something I've learned when going for these challenges. Use this; it's so incredibly easy to use. Taking out kill streaks with that is so easy.

I can't believe no one's caught on to how good it is. I don't see many people using that thing outside of the ship. It's funny how a fire rate-increasing gun like this works. The fire rate gets faster the more you shoot, so the more shots you miss, the more you get rewarded. You can kind of see that.

Kit, some of these after-market parts I don't make articles on everything you know in the weekly challenges; sometimes I don't have time to do it or I'm not fast enough, and sometimes I've just got no interest in doing it, like this new chainsaw after market. I wanted to make a article on it, but it hasn't really sped up my interest that much to be quiet.

modern warfare 3 season 2 new event

I've only played a few games on this map, but the map's actually pretty good. I like it. What do you guys think of this if you have it unlocked? I think it looks pretty good. I think it's worth it. I'll tell you, though these challenges have been awkward and a bit weird this time around, they're very random, like they don't match up.

I guess you could say there are some bizarre challenges, like having to get kills with the maximum rifle. While using two specific perks, they've seriously got to change the UI on how this stuff works because of the number of times I had to sit there in the menu trying to read it. Text, because it just kept scrolling back to the top.

It was annoying. Yeah, it takes quite a bit of time to take out some of these kill streaks, but it's good; it's effective. You don't have to use this thing with the iron sight; you can just swap out a different attachment for a teammate. It's a good variant, and it's a decent conversion kit. I advise checking it out if you've got the time to actually go and do the challenges.

Okay, guys, that's it for today's article. I hope you guys enjoyed it.

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