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UAV this is the XRK stalker bolt action sniper rifle, and this is the Cat AMR bolt action sniper rifle. Both guns are new to Modern Warfare 3, and today we're going to be comparing them to find out which one is better. They then added the XRK and stalker in season 1. These are the only two Bol action snipers in this game that are new to Modern Warfare 3, so I figured it's finally time to start comparing the Bol action snipers to the XRK and Star Walker.

So yeah, we're going to compare these two guns and find out which one is better in Modern Warfare 3. So this is the class I made around a stalker; if you wanted to, you could take off the optic. The bolt or the stock, for a magazine, I think this class is perfectly fine. The way it is, you don't have to use this lens.

You could use the regular sculp and then use a magazine or the ads speed rear grip if you want to. If you want it to be more aggressive, you could use a lesser zoomed-in sculp, like these are all the best sculps that carried over from Modern Warfare, especially these two here, but yeah, that's my stalker class.

Same thing here for the catar. They actually nerfed this gun by taking off the bipod attachment, so you can't actually increase the ad speed by using a bipod. Using a lower zoomed-in scope is definitely better for this gun. You could just use one of these scopes that are on the bolt-action snipers.

modern warfare 3 season 1 how to unlock xrk stalker

I actually liked using the heat source scope at the same start of this game, but I was actually using the SPX scope in this article. Apart from that, those are the classes. I finally got gold for the XRK stalker, so yeah, comparing this to the cat, it's a bit of an interesting one because this gun has some very obvious rate, and it's definitely better in terms of ad speed.

As you can see, I'm not even using the fastest possible ad speed; I'm using the SPX scope. I can't remember if putting on a different reg scope was going to decrease the ad speed. I think it does, but only by a slight amount. It did it on Modern Warfare 2, albeit an inferior one. They both had the same ammo count per magazine, and they both got the same type of reload.

You know, you just reloaded the magazine. Damage-wise, the catr is definitely better, and damage-range-wise, the catr is definitely better. I think the cat is still the highest-damage sniper in the game. Right, I feel like the aiming stability is better on the X-ik stalker. You know, with the idols way, we got the gold cat as well.

modern warfare 3 season 1 katt amr fastest sniping class setup

I can't believe the gold article I made with this sniper. It's on i think it's on 1, 000 views now. Ad speed is abysmal. I don't even know if I've got the best ad speed class. I cannot stand the scope of this gun anymore. It's not bad, not by any means at all, but I just think some of these snipers have scopes that are too far zoomed in.

The XRK stalker is definitely better than this in both fire rate and speed. It's good at damage, but this is better at damage; it's the strongest sniper in the game. I believe, my Jesus, that could have been a quad. I'm never hitting a, quad there you, go Wu's sitting there with my teammate being oblivious.

modern warfare 3 season 1 xrk stalker fastest sniping class setup

I think with the best ad class, the XRK is better at maintaining stability. Like Michael was saying in the last game, the XRK stalker also has a 10-round mag, whereas this one doesn't, so that's actually a big advantage for getting clips or going on kill streaks. You know you are going to get hit markers a bunch of times with the XRK stalker, but it's not really inconsistent, whereas this is way more consistent; it's way more powerful.

To be honest, that's the only advantage this gun has over the XRK stalker, so statistically, the stalker is better in terms of follow-up potential hitting. Clips are going on kill streaks. The XRK stalker is definitely the better sniper to use. I feel like this gun would ideally be better in War Zone 3.

Two people are calling it War Zone 3 now for some weird reason, but in my honest opinion, I think the XRK is better. Stalker is better; it's easier to use. I like the way it feels. I think it's safe to say the XRK stalker is better than the cat. AMR holds that I wanted to make a article on it, but I don't think people want to watch people using Nerf snipers.

modern warfare 3 top 5 fastest snipers

I guess some people like watching it to see if it's still good, but they have Nerf this G because it no longer has a bipod attachment, which is why using lesser zoomed sculps like this is definitely better for it, so the fact that they removed the bipod attachment means you can't put on that bipod, which increases the ad speed by like 133%.

taking I missed the goddamn triple again. I still have yet to hit a triple in this game, but I'm definitely going to hit one at one point. I'm definitely going to hit. Using one of the lower zoomed-in guls like this is definitely better.

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