News - I Mastered The. Sp-r 208. Warzone 2. Fastest Sniping Class

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We have once again mastered another sniper, this time the SP. The SPr was first added to Modern Warfare 2019 as a DLC gun. When they added that, that thing took over SPI Modern Warfare 2019. It came back in Modern Warfare 2, and everyone was saying it needed to be nerfed the whole year, despite the fact that the Sab was clearly better and not as many people were paying attention to it.

Now they've added the SPI to this game, and we've pretty much mastered it. We've got an all-calling card and the weapon jam, and yeah, we're just going to get into some game play, so yeah, guys, as always, if you like these articles, be sure to like and subscribe for more. I think the next article I'm going to do is the SA50.

With the SPr, it's way different from how you use it in Modern Warfare 2. We'll get the easy part out of the way: you obviously want the fire rate bolt; you want the best comb for ad speed; if you want better aim walking movement speed, use this one; the best ad stock is the best laser; and now in this next part, the damage range of this gun, as you can see, is 180, and the health in this game is 150.

modern warfare 2 fastest sniping class setup

You can only get one shot kills to the upper chest within the maximum damage range. I don't know how specifically it works, but I think it's the effective damage range. I think beyond 16 M, you can't get a one-shot kill to the upper chest. I don't know if that's right, but the damage range on this is not that good because of the 150.

Health: the guns are nowhere near as strong at longer ranges, taking effective fire. I don't know if you guys remember, but when you go into statistics here, it says upper T soul damage is 180 and the health is 150, so you can get one shot kills to the upper chest. You know, with a head shot, you see the effective damage range here, and the maximum damage range is 16.

I can't remember which one's like the max damage range you can get for one shot kills, but pretty much for one shot kills to the upper chair, you have to use this thing like a shotgun. That's always been the case with this, and because they are fast-firing, fast-ads speed-maximum rifles, the whole point of using them is to use them at close range.

modern warfare 2 spr 208 fastest ads sniping class setup

I do feel like it's a little bit more punishing, and a little bit has how bad the one-shot kill range actually is. I'm going to make a article of me mastering the SA. We're not exactly on a bigger map, but I wanted to get into a game on a map that wasn't a shipment on Stash House. I basically want to show the fact that you will get a lot of hit markers with this thing if you aren't playing on a small map or if you're playing on a big map and you just aren't playing aggressive.

I'm going to do this with the Sab and maybe the MK2 as well. Basically. I'm going to play a game on a small map showing you how good the gun actually is, and then I'm going to use the gun on a bigger map to basically show that even though these guns have a way lower damage range compared to all the other snipers, you can still do well with these guns on bigger maps and get one shot kills.

You've just got to play aggressively and maneuver your way around the map to get into close quarter situations, like Shoe House is the perfect example, on a basic level of showing how to use this. It's the same thing as using a shotgun; obviously, with shotguns, you can get hit-and-kill, and obviously, with maximum rifles, they have higher damage.

modern warfare 2 spr 208 sniping gameplay

Range as you can; see, I'm playing a map that isn't [__] a map that isn't the smallest map in the game, and I'm still managing to get into both squad gunfights and still get one shot kill. It's not rocket science; it's basic game knowledge. You apply the same method when using a shotgun. If I were to use a one-shot kill gun that didn't have a large damage range.

I wouldn't go here, because for that guy right there, the only way I'd be able to one-shot kill him is with a head shot, and as you just saw, it's a bit unrealistic trying to challenge that I'm using the max damage range bare. I can even put on a 10-round mag; it will decrease the damage range, meaning you won't get one shot kills as far, but it's not by a significant amount to the point where you're going to get hit markers all the time now without.

modern warfare 3 fastest sniping class setup

Speaking of the long ball. I'm going to make a article on the iron sight long B because the tiring hit for the long ball actually gives you an iron sight that's pretty much the same as this and the Sab, and pretty much you can build the long ball to basically be the same as the Sab when it was on Modern Warfare 2.

It's actually really freaking good. Instead, you could even put on the AB barrel. Okay, guys, that's it for today's article. I hope you guys enjoyed it.

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