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Today we're checking out the Walking Contradiction variant for the BP50. I'm going to go off on a rant in today's article about door bundles, so sorry for that. I went on quite a bit of a rant today. This is the class I made around the variant. I took the stock off. You can't see it from a first-person perspective anyway.

I kept the barrel on; it's a good barrel. I obviously put on the BFB, the underbarrel, and the rear grip. If you wanted the magazine for extra around, take off the rear grip, the underbarrel, or maybe even the optic for it. If you want extra speed again, take off the rear grip, the underbarrel, or the muzzle for a laser.

But apart from that, that's pretty much the class. All right, so this is what the variant looks like. Like, again, it's another good-looking. I've got phases where I say stupid [__] like that. Yeah, what do you guys think of this variant? I know some of you might be getting bored of seeing this in the subbox.

There are quite a few variants that have the same design. It's a shame that we haven't got any reactive variants like we had in season, like those magma variants that would react every time you shot like that stuff right there that store bundle level stuff. Hello, I can't believe I bought the black cell, and I'm not even using the Sno dog skin.

modern warfare 3 bp50 walking contradiction

It ain't even worth it, man. I don't get why people care so much about these skins. I wish they could just revolutionize how we buy stuff in this game. I wish we could have an option to buy a specific part of a bundle, like, say, there's a 2,400 bundle that has stickers, charms, and calling card emblems.

It's got a weapon variant and an operator skin, a standard bundle. Let's say I only wanted to buy the operator skin. Now, because the operator skins are obviously the most expensive part of the bundle, they are the most expensive thing to make. You don't even need to know how much money they spend making this stuff to know that, so let's.

Say, I only wanted to buy this variant here that was in a 2400 Cod Point bundle. They would give me the option to buy an individual item from the bundle; they price each item in the bundle at its own price, so say, if it's 2,400 and they've got seven or eight items, the weapon variant can be worth 1, 000 Cod Points.

modern warfare 3 season 3 battlepass

The operator skin can be worth 1, 000 Cod points. That's 2, 000 Cod points out of the 2,400 bundle, and then the rest of the stuff like the colon card, the emblem, the stickers, and all the other stuff that can all add up to being worth 400 card points, so what I'm trying to say is what if they change the system to buy the whole bundle for 2,400 or you could buy an individual.

Item out of the bundle and say you like the weapon variant and the way it looks. You buy the weapon variant for 1, 000 Cod points out of the bundle. You've now only got the variant out of the bundle. You're thinking okay; I do want to get the rest of the stuff in the bundle because you've already bought this for 1, 000 kaka.

Points out of a 2,400 card point bundle, the price of that bundle now changes to 1,400, and if you want to buy the bundle and everything else in it that's left, you have to buy a thing for it. 1, 400 I'd love for them to do that sort of thing, but chances are if they were to ever do that, they'd copy it from Fortnite.

modern warfare 3 season 3 blackcell

We're more likely to see Fortnite do that first and then have cards copy it. That's what I'm trying to say: we can stick to the same system we've had since Modern Warfare 2019. You know money is their priority; profit is their priority. That's why these games keep getting made on crunch time, and that's why making the bundles as flashy and appealing as possible and ignoring the realism is a priority for them, so instead of being able to buy a bundle for 2, 400 or 3, 600, whatever.

modern warfare 3 season 3 bp50 best class setup no recoil

Let us buy an individual item out of it, and then if we want to buy the whole thing. Bundle, we've got to pay the rest of the price in order to get the rest of the items cuz imagine if there was some crappy bundle, and a sticker was really flashy and really cool and the only good thing about it if people had the option to only buy that sticker out of a bundle that's not selling well chances are they could make a lot more money, off of people spending that tiny little amount that's all I'm saying basically the reason why I'm saying it is because this is a first person shooter game third person, was put into modern Warfare 2 last year the last Cod to do that was Modern Warfare 3 the original or Modern Warfare 2 the original, that's the only way in multiplayer, you're going to be able to see an operator skin The fact that this is a first-person shooter franchise devalues Operator skins in so many ways, and obviously, people will defend this in the war zone, saying you can see the skin when you die, you can see the skin when you're parachuting when you're driving; what's the point you're paying money so you can see a glimpse of something just for a split second?

I mean, why would I buy a skin just to sit here in the menus and look at it with the variance? You can see it at all times, so I'd rather be able to buy an individual item out of a bundle instead of paying the whole thing the whole price just to use the one item. That's what I'm trying to say. I'm sorry for the rant.

Okay, guys, that's it for today's article. I hope you guys enjoyed it.

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