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Modern warfare 3 top 10 class setups for season 2!

Modern warfare 3 top 10 class setups for season 2!

Ladies and gentlemen. The Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer meta did get updated quite a bit when it comes to season 2, and so with that, today I wanted to break down the new top 10 best weapons and class setups you want to be running for multiplayer, specifically , so first things first, let's talk about gear, our secondary, and our equipment because this is the same on every single one of my setups here today, so initially for a secondary.

Best modern warfare 3 gear (perks), & equipment explained

I'm pretty much always running the Retti conversion kit, usually in multiplayer. It's so easy to find a decent build off the ground when you take somebody out that you can just drop this for, like, sort of an Overkill-style setup if you're running a rifle and you kill somebody who's got an SMG. You pick that up, and you're good to go, right?

best class setup mw3

This is a solid secondary until you can replace it initially. I go for the doomed laser; better ads, better Sprint than Fire just speeds it up a little bit here. I don't really find the need for a muzzle, an underbarrel, or a stock in a lot of this, so I just go for the hollow point ammo; it does slow you down if you hit them in the legs; it's nice.

To stop that Sprint, it can be useful, but you could always swap that out if you really value something else more than just the ammo type here. If you really want an underbarrel for some reason or you really want a stock or even an optic, feel free to swap that out. The 24R mag is totally sufficient for multiplayer.

I go for the Eclipser rear grip for better movement speed and sprint to fire in general, and of course we've got the carbine kit on there as well, which actually has much better mobility in the Postseason 2 update, so that's a nice little bonus on there as far as gear goes. I am using the infantry vest, so I obviously have the better tax Sprint duration and the faster tax Sprint refresh that's obviously clutch for movement there, and then on that.

I basically end up getting all the offerings for equipment and field upgrades and everything like that, so it's super powerful, very effective, and straightforward. Z texes are great frags are great knives are great just depends on what you value the most there there's no real wrong answer between those three I like the Munitions box for field upgrades just for going on like long streaks it's easy to replenish ammo really consistent nades as well it can be really clutch for that then for my actual gear here Commando gloves so I can Sprint and reload at the same time tack pads so I have that better slide cancel property, and obviously bone conduction headset so I can hear footsteps and in-game audio a little bit better like I said all of that's the same on every single load out here today, let's focus on weapons for the remainder of the article first up here is my main primary bass b a phenomenal Choice here caught some slight Nerfs with season 2 but the thing still rips in multiplayer.

Modern warfare 3 best bas-b class setup in season 2

Modern warfare 3 best bas-b class setup in season 2

It just absolutely shreds through everyone and everything when you land shots, and this setup is going to help you land shots a lot, initially. I got the Zen MN35. Compensator helps out vertical and horizontal control with some stability, and it actually shortens your ping on the radar, which is a nice added bonus.

It hurts your velocity a little bit, but that's still really good for multiplayer. All Things Considered ruin Venom's long barrel, and better range velocity and control make this gun a lot more predictable. I actually used the choke-angled grip in this case, which really focuses on some mobility and horizontal control, and I use this a lot in multiplayer because only hurting your vertical control and a little bit of ad speed is not a huge deal.

That's an incredibly predictable thing to counter just by yourself, so really nice addition there with some mobility and some horizontal control. Being added, the 30-round mag is totally sufficient for multiplayer, but 45 is a little too slow for my liking. Last but not least, I go for the elos site, the MK3 reflector, nice optics, and a 2.5.

Times would be viable. You know, a slate reflector, a night art—there's a lot of good optics that are really good for multiplayer, so if you have one that you're more comfortable with, always go for that.

Mw3 best bp50 class setup

Mw3 best bp50 class setup

Next up, we got one of our brand new weapons for season 2, the BP50. I actually really like the feel of this thing for multiplayer.

It's an aggressive rifle, it is so easy to use, and I just love the overall feel of this thing. It kills pretty quickly as well, so initially, I'm going for the Cassis break compensator. It really only focuses on horizontal control, but it makes patterns so predictable. That said obviously other compensators that we've used before are also very good as well there's a lot of good options in the category in general so if there's one that you prefer a little bit more because of it's Pros with a gun kick or vertical controler, lesser UAV pings whatever the case is definitely go for your level of comfortability, there as well I do use the hand stop on here it's Mobility based but this gun so easy to use that it's nice to get some Mobility benefits here where necessary obviously in multiplayer if you can make guns more aggressive and still usable, that's a huge W to Come Away with there is a really fast fire rate on this thing and to me the 45 round mag is almost necessary just because if you're trying to play a little bit more aggressive and you don't end up just frying with your initial magazine which you know players move you're going to miss some shots that's natural, you could be left hanging there with an awkward reload so 45 is just that added safety net again we got the reflector set on there then the moat 40 stock gives you control.

And some Mobility better ad speed and better general movement speed; really nice to have that on there, so this is an aggressive Snappy and strong rifle setup, and like I said.

Modern warfare iii best mcw class setup for season 2

Modern warfare iii best mcw class setup for season 2

I really love the feel of this now, no surprise here but the MCW. Is still in the multiplayer, meta. It's been like the number one meta rifle since launch. It's still great here; it's even been nerfed a couple of times, including with season 2, but this thing is just a laser beam; it's the ACR.

It's got to be good right now. I'm not complaining. I love this thing. It's a fantastic-feeling rifle, and it's one of my all-time favorites, with the ACR being the closest resemblance. I'll take it for sure again. I got the Cassis break on here, great choice as mentioned, choke-angled grip yet again for all the same reasons as before.

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