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Video: Now I like the fact that instead of him chasing up the staircase and falling into a potential bait or a 1 V2 plus, he decides to bait it and see if anyone else comes back down before he decides what to do next, which is probably going to be reload and re-engage. Away, and he's able to, of course, grab some more cover and work his way up the stairs, increasing the gap between him and the enemy, which gives him time to play, and I love that play too little sticky grenade to stop the push no matter what map you're playing on.

If you're getting pressured, if you're being pushed, and you don't have the plates or ammunition to fight it, throwing a simx down to stop the enemy's momentum is a game changer. I love the fact that he did. That's all right, so I Falcon went for melee right there, but what I didn't like about your boy was the fact that he didn't peek over; he just jumped over it's insta volted.

If he had just played that, he could have just shot down on us, and on top of that, he didn't even try to shoot us; he just instantly went in for melee. Granted, he's got that weapon, but nonetheless, if you're going to rock it, you better use it, and using a little bit of momentum, he's able to avoid the melee and survive the gunfight.

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I love that his team's literally just pinging [__] I don't. I don't think they're doing it. Anything, and again, when it comes to this game, man, if you guys just want to have fun and get better and are tired of getting [__] on, you've got to just go ahead and put yourself in positions like he is right here of just soloing.

The world you may get [__] on you, you're probably going to get [__] on, especially in your first few weeks of doing it, but once you guys are doing it more and more and more, you will get better, and you'll go from having dark eyes and mkot to your boy ey. Falcon is all right, scoping out real quick.

Everyone does have to come to him, but there's a lot of time on the timer right now, so see how he does this. There's a fight going on by the B station that we can push, and that's exactly what he's going to do. Think, all right, his Claymore went off, so he's going to go double back over there. There's a lot of back and forth going on right now.

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All right, so right now we're going down and we're losing elevation. I don't like this. I don't want to take this fight, not to mention these other buildings that have visuals on us. We have no hard cover, just a couple railings, and that's it. If we play this, or if we back up and play the hard wall on top of the roof, we have a lot more to work with on top of that.

If we do get, you know, clustered or whatever the case, we can run right back in downstairs and then Peak once it's safe. Precision comes in; it's probably why he moved, but again. I don't like the low ground; we're really vulnerable right here, and this enemy has the leverage. The high ground has the leverage, not to mention the other people around.

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He gets a good crack on the enemy, but again, of course, third parties. When you guys are fighting, you have to be aware of your surroundings. You want to have as much hard cover around you as possible for third party situations like that, no matter what map you're on, but especially in vondell, ey Falcon's been kind of hurting for plates this whole time and unfortunately that is going to be it for your boy honestly not a bad fight for him only having one plate and able to crack the enemy before dying he put up a nice little fight right there it's unfortunate but again the plate situation kind of hurt him in the long run I would have liked to have seen him maybe chase that fight down over by The Bu station earlier, get the M possibly get the wins on that one and on top of that buy plates and, scattle but here we are with Burk [ __ ] and look if you and your boys have a team that's capable to ey Falcon level and he's not a goat by any means but he's definitely not a [ __ ] if you have a team that plays like this again Rock together roll together and just blow through squads you guys can go on win streak after win streak if we just play each other's.

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Hands, all that movement for what? I want you guys to look at that real quick and if you guys have ever seen my live streams you know that's how I kind of play too especially when we're when we're down bad but he's got to pop his reload and he sees an enemy over here so instantly looks down throws the smoke that way it pops near him instead of just throwing it at the enemy, and then bails away but instead of just running away from the enemy he's playing inside of his smoke which is why he's going back and forth while he's doing that of course, picking up the looy needs because look at his plate count he definitely needs more plates and maybe even a gas mask now this is a hard spot nonetheless I love the fact that he pre-fire is anticipating the enmed to Peak but this is a rough spot so now that we've now that we've well he hasn't reloaded at all which is unfortunate for him I definitely would have reload in that.

Smoke, I mean I mean come on, act the [ __ What are you doing? What is this dumbass? [__] Come on, man, they do this [__] on purpose. I refuse to believe they're that oblivious and ignorant, that they make these skins not, knowing the color, palet, and see-through parts of them make him, basically, originally, very curious, on why they were all playing The Edge and camped up, but your boy MC is actually not doing too shabby, rocking eight kills.

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Going for a UI, he seems to have it, just a really slow start, which, you know what, man. Start how you guys want, but if your skills are lacking and you need to practice them reps you better you better start landing for some kills. There's no reason why anybody is feeling insecure about their game play.

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AKA, you just can't hit your shots, you can't aim, you can't find enemies, and you can't win games. Whatever the case is, you guys are feeling some way about it. Y'all should not be playing slow and on the edge. M clearly doesn't have to do that but if you guys are feeling insecure by gameplay get active with it fight who gives a [ __ ] about your stats guess what when the next CoD comes out well not this next one but the 2025 one 2024 41 whatever hell it is your stats are going away stats don't stay forever all right you get three years of them and then they're gone forever peace and I say this from experience because what worked for me, was when I first started playing Call of Duty all I chased was kill death ratio that was it the reason why I hate on it so much cuz I used to be that guy I need a high KD on my camp and get that three four five in Modern Warfare 1, all the Call of Duties I've had like seven eight.

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