News - Is Warzone 2i Just A "70 Dlc" To Warzone 2


Well, the short answer is no. This has been a very popular thing I've been seeing on Twitter and YouTube, where a bunch of people keep saying that the new Modern Warfare 3 ever since the beta's dropped they've been saying that it is basically just a $70 DLC for Modern Warfare 2. And I want to kind of just fully debunk that because I think a lot of the people who are saying this either have not even tried the game yet because they just haven't played it and they've just watched gameplay, or it's people who have played it but don't really fully, understand the fundamentals of what makes a article game unique, first of all let's just go over the few reasons as to why people think this in the first place and honestly I don't blame them there's a lot of people who think that this basically is just a DLC and that's what it should have been, and there's some pretty reasonable reasons as to why people think this so first of all the HUD and UI look the exact same they do they're kind of different in some ways there's definitely differences but yes it is a very similar HUD and UI.

To the original or not the original, but the mod Warfare 2 that just came out last year, and I'm not very happy about that. I've definitely voiced my opinion on that. I wish they kind of went with a different look, but I guess they just wanted to feel more connected to last year's Call of Duty, especially because a lot of the stuff from last year's Call of Duty is coming over to this, including the operator bundles.

And the guns and stuff like that, so it makes sense why they wanted to keep it kind of similar, but I could see why that looks kind of fishy to some people who are expecting this to be a completely unique and original game, but then they end up looking at the HUD, and it looks just like Modern Warfare 2 from last year.


Another reason is the setting being very similar; obviously, they are both modern games; they're modern warfare games, so they're going to look kind of similar. There's similar weaponry; you know, weapons being used in general equipment. And a big another reason for that is the fact that this is coming just a year after, already having a game in that exact same setting we've actually never had that happen before other than if you go all the way back to the OG.

Call of Duties like Call of Duty 1 2 and 3—of course, we got you know. World War II Call of Duties again and again—but once you start with Cod 4 and Beyond, every year was a very different setting. Each year, even with the futuristic Call of Duty, a lot of people have this thing mixed up where they assume just because the game is in the future that it has to be in the same setting as other games in the future, but there is no way you can convince me that Black Ops 3 is in the same setting as Infinite Warfare.

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Those games are very different in terms of their settings; they're just in the future, but one is more sci-fi. Like you know, technology, based on the other one, is just space warfare. That's literally what the other one is; they're very different things, and advanced warfare was also quite different.

Although they might have some similar looks in some places, I would still argue the settings for those games are very distinct and unique in their art style. They're very different, but this is the first time in Call of Duty's history where literally just a year later we are getting the exact same setting, very similar art style, and of course the HUD.

The UI is the same as well; it's just that it makes sense why people are running to this conclusion. I don't really blame them for it, and then the cherry on top is the fact that this was originally supposed to be a $70 DLC; that's what the whole leak was. Now we don't exactly know exactly what that leak entails because, of course, leaks are just leaks.

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Activision never once came out and said that this was going to originally be a $7 DLC; they never said that, so anybody saying Activision lied? No, they never stated that whatsoever; it was all leaked information. And I do believe it probably was the original plan, but sometime down the road, maybe they decided, Okay, let's actually just turn this into a full game, and I do think it was a while ago.

I don't think this was a recent decision; it was probably way before we even heard the leak itself about the game just being a DLC. And originally, that's what it was going to be; it was just going to be the Mono Warfare 2 maps thrown into MW2, maybe some new guns, but that's pretty much it. But what do we get now?

It's pretty much an entirely new game. It's very difficult to describe to someone who hasn't actually tried the game for themselves, but I do think this is a very unique feeling. Call of Duty When I play Modern Warfare 3, I do not feel like this is another Call of Duty that I've already played; I just can't think of a single one, like usually.


I have some sort of prior Call of Duty to kind of like reference I could be like it kind of feels like a mix between this and this; this one, I really can't put my finger on it. I really don't feel like it has any sort of connection to prior Call of Duty games, especially not Modern Warfare 2 from last year.

It does not play like that game, whatsoever. It does not feel like that game is the only similarity. Of course there's a couple things, like the animations, and in terms of the movement, obviously you have the same, like, you know, sliding and jumping or not jumping. What was it? dolphin diving, you have the same sort of buttons that you press to do those things, but they feel very different.

The mechanics are completely different for those things, and in terms of just overall spawns, they're very different. Obviously, you know your maps are different, but the design of the maps is very different too. Of course, you have a completely new class system as well, which a lot of people don't really understand how much vests change classes in this game, but to me, it does.


I think it makes a big difference. The overall attachment systems are very different. They have to rework a lot to make this game work, especially when it comes to adding the mod Warfare 2 Guns to Mon War 3. They have to rework all of them. It's going to be pretty crazy to see, but it is entirely new.

That's how you know it's new. Of course, the time to kill is probably the biggest difference, and personally. I think time to kill makes a huge difference for any Call of Duty game, like if you have a slower or faster time to kill, it will make or break that game, and just having the slower time to kill here.

Talking about how a lot of people have been claiming Call of Duty MWIII MW3 to just be an MW2 DLC.
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