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This is an area that has definitely changed since Modern Warfare 2, which had a noticeably faster time to kill, but many people have been wondering just how slow it is. What does it compare to? So today we're going to be focusing on the two primary weapon categories: assault rifles and SMGs. And, of course. I want to make it crystal clear up front that these are super early tests, with just a couple weapons from each category because I haven't pre-ordered The Vault Edition, so I don't have access to the other ones, and while I have been able to find some exact damage values because they give us some damage values when you end up being killed by weapons, at this stage I'm not 100% confident on different body multipliers, although I have figured out the headshot multiplier for at least most of these guns, and that's another thing that's definitely changed for Modern Warfare 2.

Assault rifle rate of fire & ttk

Assault rifle rate of fire & ttk

And let's just dive right into it with our assault rifles, and the two that I was able to test here are the MTZ 556 as well as the MCW, and you can see that with the MTZ, our rate of fire is 833 rounds per minute. The closest comparable assault rifle to this in Modern Warfare 2 is actually the Razer Back; it has an identical rate of fire, whereas with the MCW, the closest you're going to get in Modern Warfare 2 is actually the Lochman 556.

Now, with both of these guns within their maximum damage range, which is all we're going to be looking at today since it is very inconsistent testing at really long ranges without a controlled environment with private matches, within their maximum damage range, both of these are actually a reasonably consistent five-shot kill to the body, and it's worth noting that their counterparts in Modern Warfare 2 will both be killing in four shots to the body up close, so it is going to take us one extra shot to kill to the body with both of these, and we can see with the MTZ our time to kill is 288, milliseconds whereas with the MCW this is noticeably slower at 336 milliseconds.

And we will be looking at the average of these and comparing them to previous Call of Duty games in a little bit, but the next thing I wanted to point out here is headshots. I managed to calculate the headshot multiplier for both of these, and it appears to be 1.2, so you deal 20% more damage for a head shot, and what this means is that with the MTZ 556, it looks like you need to land two head shots mixed in with body shots if you want to cut that down to a four-shot kill for a time to kill of 216 milliseconds, whereas with the MCW, which actually excels with head shots, you only need one head shot mixed in with body shots as far as I can tell for a four-shot kill at 252 milliseconds, so while the MCW is killing noticeably slower by default compared to the MTZ, it's got a high enough base damage that those head shots allow it to excel over the MTZ.

Smg rate of fire & ttk

Smg rate of fire & ttk

So those are the assault rifles I tested. Now let's move on to the next most popular category that you'll see people using this is the SMGs, the Rival 9 has a rate of fire of 909 rounds per minute this is identical to the pdsw in Modern Warfare 2 whereas with the striker our rate of fire is 645, rounds per minute and the closest comparable to this is going to be the mini from Modern Warfare 2 and once again with both of these compared to their Modern Warfare 2 counterparts it is going to require one extra shot kill to the body so the Rival 9 right up close in personal can kill in five shots to the body whereas the striker is a very consistent four-shot kill even out to a decent range.

I've noticed, and what this means is that our rival N9 time to kill is 264 milliseconds, whereas the striker time to kill is 279 milliseconds, so you can see noticeably better than the base time to kill of the assault rifles, which is expected for SMGs in close quarter situations. However, both of these headshots are not very viable with the Rival 9.

I actually think head shots may be completely useless, like even if you hit every bullet to the head. I believe it's still a five-shot kill, whereas with the striker, you need to hit all three shots to the head if you want to be able to get a three-shot kill, which is not super practical, especially with the increased movement in this game, so you're better off just aiming for the body for that consistent four-shot kill potential.

So there we go. Those are the basics that I was able to calculate with these two categories of weapons, and I decided to just keep it to two since these are the weapons that the vast majority of the player base are going to be using.

Mwiii beta ttk vs older cods

Mwiii beta ttk vs older cods

Now let's have a look at the time to kill graph compared to older Call of Duty games, keeping in mind that we're looking at the average time to kill within the maximum damage range, and obviously we're looking at a very limited subset of weapons for Modern Warfare 3 Beta.

And as we can see here for assault rifles, it is noticeably slower than most Call of Duty games that we've ever experienced, and that's to be expected since it is taking us an extra shot to kill for the most part, and it actually seems to be hovering right around that Cold War range for our assault rifle time to kill, and that's right around what I expected to be seeing after my play time at the Call of Duty next event, and it was a very similar trend here with SMGs.

Again, we're right around that range of Cold War when it comes to our SMG average time to kill up close.

Is the ttk too slow?

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Now, as for whether or not this time to kill is too slow. Well, that is going to be a highly subjective answer some people like a really fast time to kill, and some people like a really fast time to kill some people like somewhere in between, for me I have no problem adapting to either style of time to kill I think they each have their own pros and cons, however so far it is quite refreshing to have a slower time to kill game again because I do think this allows for a lot more skill expression when it comes to the mechanical, skill Gap in the game so your ability to not only hit your first shot but subsequent shots after that and also it leaves more room for potential evasion.

One big change from Modern Warfare II to Modern Warfare III is the general Time to Kill as well as the Headshot damage multiplier so today, I wanted to take a good look at the numbers and compare them directly with older Call of Duty games to see where the MWIII Beta lands.
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