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I'm going to show you guys the best nuke skin glitches for Almaza, Nuke Skin, and the Vond Del Nuke Reward. The Haunting event is over, and while the Haunting event was on, you could not get the nuke skin or nuke rewards, but since the Haunting event is over, you can now officially get the nuke rewards and nuke skin right now.

At this moment, get the nuke skin before MW3. MW3 comes out in 2 days, and your boy already has glitches prepared, ready to go for day one. Yes, the camo glitch is in XP. We're going to be going into Almaza first, then Von Del. All you need to do is find yourself a deployable shield, which you can find out by looting, and then you want to head into the bottom part of the observatory.

Now you need to head to a certain part of the bottom part, which is basically in the middle of the bottom part of the observatory, and now you will see this vehicle. If you want to jump on this vehicle, then you need to place your deployable shield right below this crack in the ceiling. Now you want to jump on top of your deployable shield, and you will see that your head is going to pop right through the ceiling.

insane nuke skin glitch in easy nuke skinnuke rewards unlock glitches in

Now you guys can jump on top of the ceiling, and you'll be able to chill up here. What's awesome about this? The reason why this is a nuke skin glitch is because you don't only have to stay in this middle area. You guys can jump off and then go to the water, swim around, stay at the edge of the water, and basically just follow the circle until the very end.

That is so OP because you guys won't be able to be spotted because you're going to be underneath the map, which is easy peasy nuke skins, so let's go right ahead and move on to the next glitch for Elzra. So this one is a way to be underwater forever and literally drive around underwater, and you want to get yourself this certain vehicle.

I haven't seen it work with any other vehicle, but I did try the ATV, and it didn't work, but this one worked 100%, and all you want to do is go to where the fortress is, like right next to it right here, then you want to drive off of this into the water, and you will be underneath the water, so your vehicle won't get damaged.

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And won't break you will be able to drive underneath the water and just chill you can drive to where the circle is it is very cool now you guys can exit and enter this vehicle at any point and it will still be underneath the water and if you want to leave and just get back onto, land with the vehicle simply just drive up a slope kind of like a beach and just drive up and you'll see that you will go right above the water and get out now here's another thing if you guys want to get unlimited, stems This right here is perfect because all you want to do is do this glitch at the end of the game when it's like the last storm and stock up on as many stems on the ground as possible, and you'll be able to pop the stems over and over and over and just outlast the person that's in the map you know while you're in the storm and you'll get the win, but this is all you do if you want to have a munition.

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Box, then a sex throw the setex throw the ammunition box right after you should get down while throwing the munition box now you want your buy to revive you will see that there will be a munition box on the ground but on the bottom right you will still have a munition box you have duplicated the munition box and you can do this forever and get unlimited stems Stack up on stems at, like, the final circle, and then just stay in the storm and chill.

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Make sure you have a gas mask and make sure you guys have self-revive, and you guys should be able to outlast the last person you know on the actual map. You should be chilling in the storm and getting that easy, peasy win. Now let's move on to Von Del. Those are all of the elzra. Glitches that will help you guys get the nuke skin and in Von Del in order to get the nuke skin easier all you need to do is head to the water then you want to find a bridge or you can just go in a tunnel, and you want to start from underneath the water swim above the water and just as you hit the above the water part you want to jump then move against a wall and just keep on moving and hold the button to jump what's going to happen is your character should swim in the air but then do a mantle up through the ceiling, this right here is going to be perfect for getting that n reward and outlasting, people so very very, very good and that is really about it for all of the nuke skin glitches and nuke reward glitches Now keep in mind that the stim glitch does work in Vondel.

The one day I showed you guys, you know, like just a bit ago It works in Vonell, is super easy, and that would be useful as well to outlast people and get that win. Now make sure you're always pushing towards the wall when you guys are in the breach through the ceiling. That should make it so you stay in the ceiling if you do push towards the wall, but in some places, when you do this glitch, you do fall from the ceiling.

nuke skin glitch in

Even if you push towards the wall, sometimes it's just that some places are better than others. You know, just test us out, go to some places, and breach through ceilings, and you'll be able to see people. You know, above you, which is crazy now. That's really about it for all of the glitches. Stay tuned like I said, MW3 comes out in 2 days, and I already have three glitches planned for you guys on day one: four camos and 4 XP.

Don't worry, it's not just multiplayer stuff; we're doing zombie stuff as well. So in every single aspect of the game, I'm going to be grinding out glitches for you, and this is going to be a big year. I'm going to be kind of switching it up, still doing glitching, but I'm going to be doing every aspect of glitching, not just zombies, not just multiplayer, every little thing that I can do to help you guys get Camos XP and help you guys just get a ton of stuff easier, faster, and all that cool stuff.

So anyway, that's it.

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